‘Loki’ Season 2: What Is the Temporal Loom?

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Season 2 of ‘Loki’ introduced a lot of different concepts that are going to be very important to the future of the series and even the MCU as a whole. Of course, the concept of time and the things that are happening after the events of season 1 are still the main subjects in season 2. Episode 1 of season 2 introduced the concept of the Temporal Loom, which is set to play a big role in the development of the storyline. So, what is the Temporal Loom?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Temporal Loom is said to be the heart of the TVA because it is what’s responsible for transforming raw time into physical timelines.
  • What happens is that the Temporal Loom converts cosmic energy and then transforms it into different realities around the greater multiverse.
  • It is very important because it is what’s responsible for regulating the creation of timelines within the MCU.

The Temporal Loom’s function explained

Episode 1 of season 2 of ‘Loki’ allowed us to see how the show was going to progress and how it was going to focus on something that’s very important—the branching off of different timelines after the death of He Who Remains. Of course, the initial problem that Loki had was the fact that he was slipping between the past and the present due to something that’s called time slipping.

The fact that Loki was slipping through different periods of time uncontrollably was what necessitated a visit to Repairs and Advancements, which was a department hidden deep in the TVA. That was when they visited Ouroboros, who was the solitary worker working in R&A. And for some reason, Ouroboros was the only one who could remember Loki from the past whenever he slipped back into the past.

ob loki 2

Nicknamed OB, Ouroboros told Loki and Mobius that using a Temporal Aura Extractor was the only way to fix Loki’s problem. Of course, they needed to use this device on the Temporal Loom. As they were about to do so, OB found out that there were power surges and outages were happening because something had happened to the Sacred Timeline. That was when OB was clearly aware of what that meant as he, Loki, and Mobius rushed to the control center of the Temporal Loom to see what was wrong.

That was when they saw that power was surging through the Temporal Loom. As OB said, the Temporal Loom is the heart of the TVA because it is what’s responsible for transforming raw time into the physical time that makes up the Sacred Timeline.


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What happens here is that the Temporal Loom uses cosmic energy as its fuel so that it can create the different realities that are present in the multiverse. In that regard, it is an important part of regulating the MCU’s multiverse.

Who created the Temporal Loom?

The Temporal Loom seems to be a very powerful device that’s capable of creating entire timelines. This means that it is essentially what governs the different events happening in the Sacred Timeline that the TVA was supposed to protect. But who created the Temporal Loom?

Of course, He Who Remains is the first person anyone would ever think of when it comes to something like this. Back in season 1, He Who Remains said that he created the TVA to preserve the single timeline that created him and to make sure that the other variants of himself (Kang) would never appear. And that’s because the different Kang variants caused a huge multiversal war that resulted in He Who Remains as the last Kang standing.

Sylvie killing he who remains

He also revealed that he was the one who created the Sacred Timeline as a collection of different realities that he isolated because they have the same baseline, which is the creation of He Who Remains instead of the creation of the worse versions of himself, namely Kang the Conqueror, Rama Tut, and Immortus, among others. While He Who Remains isn’t a good person, he seems to be a far better choice than the other variants of Kang, as the Conqueror said in ‘Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania’ that he destroyed multiple universes.


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With that said, He Who Remains was likely the one who created the Temporal Loom as a way for him to make sure that the Sacred Timeline is preserved. This machine feeds off cosmic energy to transform it into the reality of the Sacred Timeline. But while that may be true, this machine also creates other realities that can branch off from the Sacred Timeline.

What happened to the Temporal Loom?

As mentioned, OB took Loki and Mobius to see the Temporal Loom. OB realized that it had become overloaded because of the many different timelines branching off the Scared Timeline. Essentially, the machine could not handle so many different timelines all at once. As such, OB said they needed to close the blast doors to keep the TVA from being harmed by the Temporal Loom.

But he also only gave Loki and Mobius five minutes to fix Loki’s time-skipping problems. The energy coming from the Temporal Loom seemed so great that Mobius needed to wear a protective suit to use the Temporal Aura Extractor on it. While OB thought that Mobius and Loki failed, they came through in the clutch when a mysterious person pruned Loki and allowed him to return to the present timeline via the Temporal Loom.

mobius suit

After Mobius and Loki were able to re-enter the TVA, the blast doors were sealed to protect everyone in the TVA. Nevertheless, the Temporal Loom was still overloaded, which means there is still a problem they need to fix.

The next chapter in this storyline may involve finding a way to fix the problem regarding the Temporal Loom because all of the energy it is giving off could be too harmful to Loki and his allies. This is probably why, at the end of ‘Quantumania,’ we saw Loki and Mobius going back in time to find Victor Timely (a Kang variant), who could help them with their problems.

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