‘Loki’: Here’s Why Sylvie Was Taken by the TVA

Why was sylvie captured by the TVA

If there’s a ‘Loki’ character many fans can connect with, it’s Sylvie. Her story revolves around seeking freedom from the TVA, having evaded them since childhood when they initially tried to capture her. The TVA brought in Loki because he was the only one who could understand how to capture Sylvie. But why did the TVA target Sylvie in the first place?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sylvie was captured by the TVA because she created a Nexus Event.
  • Her Nexus Event was likely the fact that she was a female Loki.
  • This deviation from the Sacred Timeline would have led to He Who Remains not winning the Multiversal War and time unraveling.

Sylvie unknowingly created Nexus Event, which caused her reality to be destroyed

In the earlier part of ‘Loki’ Season 1, we learned that the TVA didn’t prune Loki after a variant altered history by escaping SHIELD with the Tesseract. Instead of pruning Loki and his timeline, they took him in because he violated the correct course of history in the Sacred Timeline. Loki was spared to assist Mobius M. Mobius in dealing with a troublesome Loki variant causing chaos in the Sacred Timeline.

Mobius knew Loki was the only one capable of capturing this variant, who turned out to be Sylvie—an escapee from the TVA when they attempted to prune her years ago. Among all the Loki variants encountered, Sylvie was unique as the only female. Like President Loki, other variants deviated from the standard Loki in their actions.

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In Sylvie’s case, her gender likely flagged her for capture by the TVA. The Sacred Timeline’s Loki was always male, portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, and destined to die at the hands of Thanos in ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ Sylvie being born female raised suspicions that her existence would alter the Sacred Timeline, crucial for the TVA and its secret puppeteer.


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Season 1 revealed that Sylvie, like other Loki variants, caused a Nexus Event—an alteration from the “correct” path on the Sacred Timeline. The definition of “correct” was set by He Who Remains, a variant of Kang the Conqueror, who created the Sacred Timeline to ensure his rise and prevent multiverse chaos.

What was Sylvie’s Nexus Event?

The TVA aimed to take Sylvie because her existence triggered a Nexus Event, risking a divergent path in the Sacred Timeline. He Who Remains believed preserving this timeline was necessary to prevent a multiversal war.

Sylvie arrested as a child

While Sylvie’s Nexus Event remained undisclosed in Season 1, it marked her as a top priority for the TVA. Attempting to take her in led to Sylvie killing numerous TVA hunters. Unexpectedly, taking her in as a young girl changed the TVA; she escaped using a stolen Tempad, went on the run, and sought revenge.

Teaming up with Loki, Sylvie reached the End of Time and confronted He Who Remains. Unconvinced of the Sacred Timeline’s importance, Sylvie killed him, causing multiple timelines to branch off. Finally free, Sylvie lived independently, working in an Oklahoma McDonald’s branch during the ’80s in a different timeline.

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