Taylor Swift Rumored To Appear in ‘Deadpool 3’ but Not as Dazzler


‘Deadpool 3’ is one of the most anticipated MCU movies, and it seems like half of the movie was spoiled already through different leaks and rumors that are commonplace on social media. Recently, it’s been rumored that Deadpool and Wolverine would be fighting against some of the former X-Men villains who made appearances in Fox’s ‘X-Men’ franchise. Then, a few days after that, a rumor appeared that one of such villains would be Toad, a mutant with frog-like qualities who appeared in two separate movies but mostly held a minor role. 

Recently, Shawn Levy, director of ‘Deadpool 3’ refused to comment on whether or not Taylor Swift will appear in the movie as Dazzler. 

Though there’s no official word on Taylor Swift joining the cast of ‘Deadpool 3,’ the rumor mill has been buzzing since 2022. Reynolds expressed his enthusiasm in an interview, saying, 

“Are you kidding me? I would do anything for that woman. She’s a genius.”

Reynolds himself dropped the first hints of Taylor and him collaborating on the movie in a teaser video released in September 2022. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the video was shot in the same location as Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well: The Short Film’ video. Given Reynolds’ status as a devoted Taylor Swift fan, the teaser wasn’t a huge surprise for Swifties.

Adding fuel to the fire, Disinsider confirmed the rumors, listing Taylor Swift as one of the names set to join the ‘Deadpool 3’ cast. The post mentioned that Swift, already associated with Dazzler by fans, would be teaming up with Hugh Jackman and other A-listers for the movie.


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The lack of Shawn Levy’s confirmation doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t have other sources. However as MyTimeToShine, a popular leaker on X, clarified that Taylor Swift will be making an appearance in the movie but not as Dazzler. 

This only led to more speculation as fans are now guessing whether the odds are bigger that Taylor Swift will appear as herself in a brief cameo or have a bigger role in the movie as one of the Deadpool variants, notably Lady Deadpool. A good part of fans are convinced that Swift’s movie was merely licensed for the movie. And it wouldn’t be the first time that the ‘Deadpool’ franchise has brought in a world-famous pop star for the movie’s purpose.

‘Deadpool 3 is expected to be released on May 3, 2024, and I guess we’re going to have to wait for the confirmation until then. What do you think? In what role will Taylor Swift appear? Let us know in the comments below!

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