‘The Batman — Part II’ Will Start Filming This Year (If the Strikes Are Resolved Until Then)

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This year was probably one of the worst years for Warner Bros. and their division, DC Studios. Three movies have been released so far, and all three were commercial failures. There’s only one movie left to be released this year, but honestly, it looks like the companies are already prepared for another box-office flop.

The whole reason behind all of it is the fact that DC Extended Universe has run its course, and while we’re waiting and hoping that the upcoming DCU can make things better regarding DC’s cinematic universes, the movies that were separated from DCEU were highly successful, although there have been only two of those movies in the last ten years.

2019’s ‘Joker’ and 2022’s ‘The Batman’ were adept at avoiding the trap that many DCEU movies fell in. Both of them received praise and were successful at the box office. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Warner Bros. decided to move forward with their sequels. Regardless of DCU starting soon as the mainstream universe of DC movies, these upcoming sequels will be known as Elseworlds projects.

‘The Batman — Part II’ receives production start update, but there’s a catch

According to the FTIA (Film & Television Industry Alliance) Production List, ‘The Batman — Part II’ is set to start filming on November 6, 2023, in less than two months. Of course, the production will commence only if the ongoing strikes are resolved until then. Both SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes are still ongoing. Therefore, many film and television productions are on hold, and for how long that will last is anyone’s guess.


When & Where Does ‘The Batman’ Take Place?

Previous rumors indicated that the upcoming sequel to ‘The Batman’ was set to start filming in March 2024. The movie is currently set to be released in October 2025.

Matt Reeves was initially hired to develop a solo Batman movie starring Ben Affleck, which would be set in DCEU. After Affleck abandoned the project, Reeves wrote a new script from scratch, removing all DCEU connections and focusing on younger Bruce Wayne and his detective skills as Caped Crusader. Robert Pattinson was cast as the newest cinematic Batman. Although some poorly received that casting choice, the movie was still highly successful.

Although separated from DCEU and DCU, ‘The Batman’ started a new shared universe called Batverse, which will also spawn ‘The Penguin’ spin-off series starring Colin Farrell. The series is expected to premiere on Max next year, although the production is also currently on hold.

Mattson Tomlin and Matt Reeves started working on the script for ‘The Batman — Part II,’ but it’s unknown if they managed to finish it before the strikes began. Directed by Reeves, ‘The Batman — Part II’ is scheduled to be released on October 3, 2025.

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