When & Where Does ‘The Batman’ Take Place?

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Even though we know more or less what to expect when discussing any movie regarding the Dark Knight, ‘The Batman‘ provided us with some originality that was never depicted in live-action. The combination of technological advancement with the overall depression that followed Gotham’s citizens for years, this movie showcased some spectacular scenes worth talking about. In that regard, let’s see when and where ‘The Batman’ movie takes place.

As it usually goes with the storyline regarding The Caped Crusader, ‘The Batman’ movie also took place in the city of Gotham, and the year is 2019. The movie is not a part of the new DC Universe but rather one of the multiple Elseworlds projects. Even though the movie’s storyline is set in the modern era, Gotham is depicted as a city from earlier decades, which can be attributed to the corruption and all-high crime situation the city faced for years.

Now that we’ve pinpointed the movie’s location and timeframe let’s see in more detail what we know about the era the movie is set in and how Gotham is depicted in the movie. So, keep reading to find out more about it.

Where does ‘The Batman’ fit in the timeline?

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Even though ‘The Batman’ was initially planned to star Ben Affleck again as Batman and continue his standalone journey after ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ that did not happen. Robbert Pattinson got his standalone movie portraying Batman instead. That means you don’t have to watch any other DC movie before ‘The Batman’ as they are in no way connected.

This movie is not part of the DCEU and will, in the future, be a part of DC Comics’ Elseworlds story adaptations into movies. According to James Gunn, a few projects are currently in the making, and even though there was some speculation that Robert Pattinson’s Batman may join the new DCU, James Gunn stated that the sequel ‘The Batman: Part II,’ and ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’ will be a part of Elseworlds.

As for the ‘The Batman’ storyline, the movie is set in 2019, eighteen years after Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered. Bruce is still a young and inexperienced Batman, as he has been roaming the streets of Gotham for only two years and is led by the need for revenge for the crime in the city. Two competing politicians are running for mayor at the time, and the movie is set in a few days around Halloween.


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The main villain in the movie is the Riddler, and thanks to the footage of Thomas Wayne’s mayoral campaign, we know for sure what year it is. The footage shows that Thomas ran for Mayor in 2001, and it was before that revealed that the actual mayor of Gotham, Donald Mitchell, was murdered on the 18th anniversary of Wayne’s murder.

Even though the movie is set in the modern era, the city of Gotham clearly suffers from years of corruption and criminal lords running its streets. If it weren’t for the modern technology used by its citizens, one could easily think that the year the movie is set is decades before the actual era it is set in.

What is ‘The Batman’ about, and where it takes place?

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As for the place where the movie takes place, there are no surprises. Batman’s home city is Gotham, and all the storyline in the movie takes place there. Gotham was always depicted as a gloomy city with high criminal rates and apparent social differences. Any effort for the city to prosper is sabotaged by the mighty gangs and mafia bosses whose main objective is to have personal gain, no matter the cost.

‘The Batman’ shows Gotham in 2019; the city has been in turmoil for 20 years. When Thomas Wayne was running for mayor, a part of his campaign was the Renewal Project which showed high promises and hopes for the city’s betterment. Many hoped the project could make Gotham worthy of living in and suitable for raising families.

Thomas Wayne believed in Gotham and its people. He knew the city’s potential and that too many less fortunate people were being left behind. So Thomas made a promise via his Gotham Reneval fund- regardless if he wins or loses in his mayoral run, The Wayne Foundation would place one billion dollars in different projects that are needed in the city, and he would see that the money is also distributed to the people that need it the most. It was all about renewing Gotham and making it a better place.

However, when Thomas was killed, all the hopes for renewing Gotham died with him. His money was misused by the corrupted city officials and landed in the hands of crime lords, causing further social discontent and deterioration.


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Gotham was always depicted in a gothic atmosphere; the same is true in ‘The Batman.’ We get to see a mixture of modern technology, inevitable in the modern era, but also dark themes of poverty, destruction, and abandoned facilities all over. The city streets are unsafe, and the people are either moody or scared, always on the lookout. We are used to seeing that in other Batman movies, also. But ‘The Batman’ movie managed to create a touch of originality nevertheless.

The movie ended with the Riddler’s movement being successfully stopped. Batman decided to become a symbol of hope for the people of Gotham, and there was a new political current promising to make the city better. People seemed to gain hope once again. However, the dark side of the city never sleeps. With the Riddler incarcerated and Carmine Falcone dead, new criminal lords were leaving their shadows, now ready to make their move.

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