The Budget of ‘Loki’ Season 2 Turns Out To Be Much Smaller Than the Budget of ‘Secret Invasion’

loki season 2

The latest Disney+ series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ‘Secret Invasion,’ recently finished its run after six episodes. Before the series premiere, there was no Disney+ Marvel series for eight months, which is the longest hiatus Marvel Studios had since they started expanding the franchise’s canon in Phase 4, starting with ‘WandaVision,’ the first Disney+ series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series finished its run with rather mixed and negative reviews due to the disappointing and rushed final episode.

Almost immediately after ‘Secret Invasion’ finished its run, Marvel Studios started preparing the fans for the next series, the second season of ‘Loki,’ by releasing the first official trailer. ‘Loki’ is currently the only live-action Disney+ MCU series that was renewed for Season 2, and it is expected that the second season will have a large role in building up the stage for the next crossover event in which Kang the Conqueror will serve as the ultimate antagonist, especially because the ending of the first season unlocked the doors of the Multiverse.

The budget of ‘Loki’ Season 2 has been revealed, and it’s much smaller than the budget of ‘Secret Invasion’!

We still remember when Marvel Studios first uncovered the plan to expand the franchise with TV shows on Disney+ in 2019. Back then, we were living in an era where it seemed that Marvel could hardly make a bad project since almost all the movies at that time were positively or at least decently reviewed.

The studio promised TV shows that would be made with movie budgets, which is pretty rare even today when television production has come a long way in terms of budgets and visual effects.

However, even though we’re sure the studio invested a lot of money into these shows, some of them were still criticized for their visual effects, particularly ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ and ‘Secret Invasion.’ While it’s harder to check the budget of TV shows compared to movies, Disney recently revealed that the second season of ‘Loki,’ which will consist of six episodes, was produced for $141.3 million dollars (via Forbes), which is a pretty small budget the six-episode season in a time when movies cost $200-250 million to make. For comparison, Secret Invasion, which also consisted of six episodes, had a reported budget of $212 million.


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Judging by the first season and the trailer for the second one, the ‘Loki’ series surely needed more work on the computer-generated graphic and the visual effects compared to ‘Secret Invasion,’ since the latter was set in a realistic setting and the most obvious usage of visual effects were on de-aging Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, shapeshifting of the Skrulls, and that final fight between G’iah and Gravik in the series finale. ‘Loki,’ on the other hand, takes the audience and the titular character on a journey through space and time, and we bet a lot of scenes were filmed in front of a green screen or the StageCraft.

Since ‘Loki’ is the only live-action Disney+ MCU series that’s been renewed for Season 2 so far, there’s no doubt that God of Mischief and his adventures will have a large role in this phase of the franchise.

We’ll need to wait for the series premiere to see how much the budget will affect the final product. From our experience, half-decent visual effects won’t be a problem if the writing is on a good level, but we can’t know anything about that before the series premieres on the streamer on October 6, 2023.

Are you looking forward to ‘Loki’ Season 2? Let us know in the comments.

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