‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Gravik Is Defeated, but What Next?

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Welcome to Recap & Ending Explained for the sixth and final episode of Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion,’ titled “Home.” The previous five episodes have shown us every step Gravik took in his master plan to initiate World War 3 between the most powerful nations, which would lead to the annihilation of the human race, leaving Earth as a new home planet for the remaining Skrulls.

Gravik’s rebel Skrulls kidnapped and shape-shifted into many important people and government officials around the world, including the UK Prime Minister, the Commander of NATO, and Colonel James Rhodes. Thanks to the infiltration, Gravik always seemed like he was two steps ahead while Nick Fury and his little group of allies tried to stop.

This fight has already cost Fury two of his closest friends; agent Maria Hill and Talos. After attacking the US president’s motorcade in England under Russian disguise, Gravik threatened Fury to give him the Harvest, a vial that consists DNA of Captain Marvel and many other superheroes that fought in the final battle against Thanos. Seeing that he needs to end this once and for all, Fury accepts Gravik’s invitation, leading to their final showdown in the series finale.

Fury is ready to confront Gravik face-to-face!

After the previous episode’s recap, the series finale starts with Fury’s wife, Priscilla, coming back to her house, where she and G’iah had fought off against the intruders who tried to kill her after she refused to kill Fury. She receives a call from Fury, who had wanted to hear her again before the final stand against Gravik. After telling her to take care of herself, Fury hangs up and goes into the final battle.

After the opening sequence, US President Ritson is being briefed by fake James Rhodes and the US admiral. While Rhodes is persistent that the USA needs to attack Russia and start a war, the admiral isn’t fully convinced that Russians are indeed responsible for the previous attack.


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In the meantime, Fury arrives in Russia at the nuclear power plant which Gravik and his rebel Skrulls use as a shelter (since Skrulls are immune to the radiation). Upon arriving, Fury starts to cough hard, and although he can barely walk, he meets Gravik in the room where there’s also Gravik’s machine for turning Skrulls into Super Skrulls.

While that’s happening, Sonya Falshworth calls Rhodes and tells him that Fury is coming for the president. Rhodes assembles security agents who want to move the president to safety. However, their effort proves to be insignificant when all the security agents are taken out, and Sonya points a gun to Rhodes’ head.

After a long conversation about their history and motives at the nuclear power plant, Fury gives Gravik the Harvest, which Gravik decides to use immediately while both of them are inside the machine. After getting all the powers he wanted, Gravik decides to kill Fury, but then he realizes that Fury was the shape-shifted G’iah all along, and since she was inside the machine, she now got the same powers as him.

While G’iah is fighting Gravik, the real Fury arrives at the hospital, wanting to explain everything to the president. While the president isn’t sure who to trust between Fury and Rhodes, the truth comes out when Rhodes attacks Sonya and Fury shoots him in the head. After dying, fake Rhodes turns back into his Skrull form, which convinces the president to call off the air strike against Russia.

The battle against G’iah and Gravik is really something we haven’t seen in the MCU before. Only two fighters and so many different powers were used. It’s easy to notice how both of them absorbed powers from Captain Marvel, Hulk, Mantis, the Black Order, and many others. Although they seem equally strong for some time, G’iah eventually manages to defeat Gravik and kill him.

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After killing Gravik, G’iah frees all the real people that the rebel Skrulls kidnapped, including the real James Rhodes, Everett Ross, the UK Prime Minister, and others. However, after realizing the truth, Ritson issues a statement in which he blames all the Skrulls on Earth, vowing to kill all of them.

Fury comes home to Priscilla, where he tells her that he loves her and that he needs to go away again. Meanwhile, G’iah is approached by Sonya Falshworth, who offers her to work together to protect both humans and Skrulls on Earth, but without repeating Fury and Talos’ mistakes.

Fury calls Ritson and tells him that his hate speech against the Skrulls only worsened the bad situation since hateful humans now decided to hunt and kill innocent Skrulls. Fury tells Ritson that what he did has ensured that he’ll only be a one-term president. Ritson replies to Fury that if he cares so much about the Skrulls, then he should find a way to get all of them off the Earth.

In the end, Fury is ready to return to SABER. However, before leaving, he’s met with Priscilla once again, who decides to drop her human persona and just be Varra. Varra asks Fury if he would love her if she didn’t adopt a human face and name, and Fury replies that he loves only as she really is. Together, they leave the Earth and go to SABER.

The series finale leads right into the events of the next MCU movie!

The ‘Secret Invasion’ series finale featured Gravik’s defeat, G’iah getting a whole new set of superpowers, and Fury leaving for SABER, although this MCU’s story arc with Skrulls is definitely far from done.

We mentioned in some previous articles how we don’t suspect that Ritson will stay the US president for long since we know that Harrison Ford’s Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross will be the president in ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ and ‘Thunderbolts,’ and we can only assume this speech of his will lead to Ritson’s downfall.

The first day of working together proved prolific for G’iah and Sonya since they discovered some other shelter with kidnapped humans who were hibernated the same way they were at Gravik’s shelter. It’s hard to say what this discovery sets up for the future, but we expect to see G’iah again. With this whole set of superpowers, she will certainly be a useful ally in the upcoming ‘Avengers’ movies.


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The ‘Secret Invasion’ series finale features no post-credit scene, but it’s obvious that the last scene, in which Fury and Varra go back to SABER, leads right into the events of ‘The Marvels,’ the upcoming MCU movie, which is set to be released in November. Marvel Studios has already entangled their stories from the movies, and Disney+ shows so much that they hope the fans follow both.

‘WandaVision’ has led to the events of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,’ while Loki led to the events of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.’ The events of ‘The Marvels’ have already been set up with Monica Rambeau’s character arc from ‘WandaVision’ and Kamala Khan’s story from ‘Ms. Marvel.’ When you add Nick Fury’s story from ‘Secret Invasion’ and Carol Danvers’ story from her previous movies, it’s absolutely not wrong to say that ‘The Marvels’ is a crossover movie.

Samuel L. Jackson will return as Nick Fury in ‘The Marvels.’ The movie is set to be released on November 10, 2023.

All six episodes of ‘Secret Invasion’ are now ‘streaming’ on Disney+.

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