‘The Flash’ Season 9 Episode 9 Trailer Breakdown: Stephen Amell Is Back as Arrow!

'The Flash' Season 9 Episode 9 Trailer Breakdown: Stephen Amell is back as Arrow!

The final season of The Flash is currently airing on CW, and we are bringing you weekly our episode recaps and discussions on Comic Basics. The season was interesting, with the Red Death storyline that brought a great villain from the comics and Team Flash settling their lives after a huge storyline and event in season eight known as Armageddon. Of course, the Red Death storyline featured Ryan Wilder/Batwoman while following episodes followed with a few more “calming” storylines where Barry wasn’t at the forefront of the episode, with Becky Sharpe and Nia Nal making a cameo.

However, the trailer for season nine, episode nine, titled “It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To,” teases the guest appearance of Oliver Queen, known as Arrow, portrayed by Stephen Amell. In the Arrowverse, Oliver Queen died after sacrificing himself to create Earth-Prime as Spectre during the Anti-Monitor Crisis.

Besides Stephen Amell, other returning notable Arrowverse characters are David Ramsey as John Diggle and Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West. From the trailer, we could see another great crisis for Team Flash and the return of Ramsey Rosso, known as Bloodwork, the villain of Team Flash, during the sixth, seventh, and ninth seasons. Bloodwork is a meta-human whose powers include feeding on others’ adrenaline-infused blood and prolonging his life. In The Flash series, Bloodwork abandoned the human part of himself in favor of self-preservation.

The storyline seems promising, and the cameo of some original Arrowverse character that marked the universe makes the last season of The Flash more interesting.

If you are interested in the new episodes of Flash, check out the trailer for It’s My Party, and I’ll Die If I Want To” episode.

‘The Flash’ Season 9 Episode 9 trailer breakdown

Barry’s birthday turns into a nightmare

In The Flash series, specifically, season nine, Barry and Iris prepare for family life, especially after Iris was confirmed pregnant a few episodes ago. Of course, the West-Allen family is still keeping their relations with the rest of the superheroes, and seeing John Diggle and Wally West as part of the surprise birthday party for Barry is cool to see.


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Nevertheless, the trailer shows Barry and Iris being surprised by Team Flash and other guests, but the night takes a bad turn when Iris and the rest of the party drink something and collapse. It’s also worth mentioning that Diggle gifts Barry Oliver’s bow, which he used as Arrow, and Green Arrow.

Oliver Queen returns to Arrowverse!

'The Flash' Season 9 Episode 9 Trailer Breakdown: Stephen Amell is back as Arrow!

If the bow wasn’t enough of a hint, the next scene sees Oliver Queen greeting Flash in what seems to be an alternate world. Nevertheless, Earth-Prime Oliver Queen greets Barry as an old friend in his usual style, “Barry, Barry, what have you done this time?”

The place is the same where Gorilla Grodd was in episode five of the season, but it could also be Lian-Yu, the island where the legend of Arrow was born all those years ago. Oliver will definitely help Barry against the new foe of the world, including the usage of the Green Arrow bow and his classic suit from the first seasons.

Bloodwork is the main villain of the episode

Ramsey Rosso, also known as Bloodwork, is the episode’s main villain (or more, we still don’t know), and he seemingly uses his powers of feeding from others’ fears to make himself stronger but also makes Flash’s allies evil.


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We see Central City police officers, Allegra, and most notably, Kid Flash under Bloodwork’s influence, which will be an absolute “nightmare” for our superheroes. Bloodwork’s whereabouts were unknown; this episode will give us some information.

Wally West fights Barry Allen

'The Flash' Season 9 Episode 9 Trailer Breakdown: Stephen Amell is back as Arrow!

We mentioned that Wally West would attend Barry’s birthday party and be influenced by Bloodwork, causing chaos and danger for Earth-Prime and the whole Multiverse.

Kid Flash is more than capable of time travel, and if used dangerously, the speedster could cause insane problems for everyone. Of course, we don’t know the details of the episode, so we don’t know exactly what will happen, but we will most certainly see Barry fighting Wally, which will probably be the episode’s highlight.

In what direction is The Flash season nine going?

'The Flash' Season 9 Episode 9 Trailer Breakdown: Stephen Amell is back as Arrow!

As someone who watched all episodes of this season, The Flash had an interesting continuity, to say the least. The showrunners are obviously trying to wrap up the story of Barry Allen in the best possible way and celebrate the Arrowverse for what it was in the last eleven years.

At the beginning of the season, we saw Ryan Wilder/Batwoman making a cameo, Dreamer/Nia Nal helping Iris find herself, and old Flash foes turned good, who reminded us of the beginnings of Barry’s journey. Iris and Barry are at the forefront of the season, but Team Flash is as well, and we saw the supporting cast being given more space for them to shine.


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However, the Red Death storyline was promising but fell a bit flat in the end, probably because showrunners wanted to include more content into thirteen episodes. Oliver Queen’s cameo in The Flash is significant since Arrow was the superhero and show that kickstarted Arrowverse and dozens of other spin-off shows.

The Flash first appeared in Arrow’s second season all those years ago, and it is symbolic seeing Oliver, who sacrificed himself for the Multiverse, being in The Flash series. We will probably see the likes of Supergirl and Superman in the last episodes of the season, who will create a great farewell to the longest-standing Arrowverse show in the TV Universe.

In the end, Season Nine of The Flash is all about family and togetherness, which will signify the importance of Barry Allen on television. Hopefully, Oliver Queen’s arrival to the show will kickstart the great series of episodes until the end.

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