‘The Flash’ Star Sasha Calle Hopes to Continue Playing Supergirl in the DCU

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The upcoming DC movie ‘The Flash’ is one of those movies that can either be a big success or a grand failure. There’s so much going on about this movie, both front and the behind the scenes. We already know that this movie should serve as the breaking point for DCEU, which will officially end at the end of this year, and after that, Peter Safran and James Gunn’s DCU will take over as the mainstream cinematic universe based on DC characters.

But of course, let’s not forget that this movie has been in development hell since it was first announced in 2014, and just when the filming was completed, and we thought the movie entered calm waters, the main star Ezra Miller found themselves in a bunch of legal problems, out of which some of them still aren’t resolved. However, there’s no going back now. WB and DC invested a lot of money into this movie; it was too late for any recast or additional changes, and now WB and DC can only release the movie and hope for the best.

Still, despite all the problems, this movie is anticipated among DC fans for a number of reasons. The main reason, of course, is the return of Michael Keaton, who plays Batman again for the first time after more than three decades, and the movie will also feature a debut of Sasha Calle as the new live-action Kara Zor-El, also known as Supergirl. Calle never hid her excitement to play this role, and she hopes she’ll get a chance to do it again in the future.


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Sasha Calle hopes to stay Supergirl after DCEU concludes!

As we all know, DCEU is counting down its last months of existence, and James Gunn is actively developing DCU, a new cinematic universe that will replace DCEU. That new universe will serve as the soft reboot that will keep some characters and storylines from DCEU, but most of it will be built from the ground up. It was already announced that new actors for Superman and Batman would be picked, but what about Supergirl?

In a recent interview for Entertainment Weekly, Sasha Calle shared her excitement for playing Supergirl in ‘The Flash,’ and she also shared her wish to continue to play the character in DCU.

“I hope to continue playing Supergirl. I love her deeply! And I think that [The Flash] is really a runway to a bigger story for her. We don’t really get to experience a lot. I feel like this is a runway to a bigger story. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, by Tom King, is an incredible comic. I love it. I think it’s so cool. So yeah, I would hope to continue. I hope to continue playing Supergirl for sure.”

Sasha Calle for Entertainment Weekly

Calle was first cast as Supergirl when we didn’t know that DCEU would be rebooted. Last February, James Gunn announced that one of the first five movies in DCU would be ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow,’ but given that DCU won’t keep DCEU’s Superman, who Henry Cavill played, there’s a question if Gunn has planned this movie for Calle’s Supergirl, or some other actress.

The premise of ‘The Flash’ is built on the idea of time traveling and alternate realities, which opened the way for Michael Keaton’s return but also made this movie a perfect breaking point between DCEU and DCU. We don’t know what James Gunn planned, but the filmmaker has been defending the movie all along and claims that ‘The Flash’ is important for his DCU. We’re looking forward to seeing how true that is.

Starring Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon, Ron Livingston, Maribel Verdú, Kiersey Clemons, Antje Traue, Michael Keaton, and Ben Affleck, ‘The Flash’ is set to be released worldwide on June 16, 2023.

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