‘Titans’ Season 4 Episode 11: Recap & Ending Explained


Welcome to recap and ending explained for Titans season 4, episode 11. In the previous episode, we’ve seen Sebastian teaming up with Superboy, launching his game globally, and infecting people. Episode 11 is titled ”Project Starfire,” where Tim becomes the new Robin, Titans learn about the ”Starfire Project”, and Sebastian becomes more powerful than ever. Let’s see how it all went down.

Tim goes on a mission to Gotham, and Conner and Sebastian devise a plan

The episode starts with Starfire in the lab trying to locate Sebastian, but he is nowhere to be seen. She dozed off momentarily and saw a giant blue ball of blue light. She then meets with Dick to inform him that Sebastian must have gone underground, and he states that Conner also must be with him. They briefly discuss how life must be simple for ordinary humans as they have no idea about threats like Trigon, Horns, etc. In a brief moment, they point out that they enjoy each other’s company and would gladly spend the rest of their time together in the place they were at that moment.

Back in the lab, Tim is concerned about Bernard’s condition, who is still in a coma after playing Sebastian’s game. Dick has a mission for him and sends him back to Gotham to meet with Venta, who has some information about Mother Mayhem. But before Tim went to Gotham, Dick presented him with a briefcase. You can probably imagine what’s inside, but more about that later.

Sebastian is furious about everything. His game is destroyed, and he is left with no powers. He blames the Titans for all of it, but Conner disagrees. The way he sees it, Mother Mayhem was the one who took Sebastian’s powers because he opposed her and did not summon Trigon. So, Conner suggests to Sebastian that they need to kill Mother Mayhem, and his powers will be restored then.


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Mother Mayhem is back in the Temple of Azarath, seemingly persuading Sebastian’s ex-girlfriend to find Sebastian, become intimate with him, and give him her heart. She gladly accepts that task as she always considers Sebastian to be special. However, it turns out that’s not what May had in mind, and she rips the heart out of the delusional girl’s body. She then smashes the heart with her hand and creates a jewel.

Tim becomes Robin and has an unexpected teacher

Tim arrives in Gotham, and Batman’s famous Bat Signal is in the sky. And here it is revealed what was in the suitcase. You probably guessed it right-it was the Robin suit. Tim confronts two thieves when he gets to Gotham and wears a Robin suit on him. He finally got what he wanted. Tim wanted to know where Venta was, but when the thieves heard who he was and that he was a friend of Dick, the fight arose. Tim fought well but would lose if he did not get unexpected help. I must admit that I was surprised that the guy who came to Tim’s rescue was Jason Todd. Tim then introduces himself as Robin.

Rachel is concerned about whether Tim is ready to be sent alone to Gotham on a mission, but Gar assures her that he must be because Dick thought so. The of them talk about Gar’s situation, and he explains to her that he spends a lot of time in The Red now, and do more he does that, he is less sure where he is supposed to be. Rachel thinks that Gar should devote himself to The Red. Dick interprets them because he can’t find Kory, and no one knows where she is. It is later revealed that Kory got a tip about Conner’s whereabouts, so she went looking by herself.

Mother Mayhem finds Sebastian, and she wants him to summon Trigon. Sebastian will do it only if he gets something as well – power, of course. May promises him he’ll get everything he ever wanted if he returns his father. She gave Sebastian the jewel she made from a heart, and they scheduled a meeting later that night in the Temple.

Sebastian informs Conner that he decided to help his mother, and Conner is not glad to hear that. Sebastian thinks his mother means no harm, and Conner uses him to avenge his father. To convince Sebastian that he’s telling the truth, he brought Confessor to Sebastian to speak his mind. The Confessor told Sebastian that once he summons Trigon, he would be nothing, which left Sebastian furious.

Tim proposes to Jason that they should work together, but Jason states he no longer does team-ups. Nevertheless, Tim helps Jason to solve the clue he’s been trying to figure out. The two decide to spar a bit, and Jason teaches Tim a few tricks.

Titans learn about ”Project Starfire,” and Conner asks Titans for forgiveness

Starfire located Mercy Graves and wanted to find where Conner was from her. Mercy thinks that if Starfire wants to kill Brother Blood, she might also need to kill Conner, who seemingly switched sides. The Titans tracked Starfire. Dick is not pleased that Kory wants to do it all by herself, but she is determined that everything ends with her. However, the Titans found another way.

Before he passed, Lex designed ”Project Starfire,” a weapon to replicate Starfire’s blue light. Lex knew that Kory had the power to stop Brother Blood. He wanted that power for himself, so he attempted to replicate it. He not only attempted but succeeded, but the main problem was that no one knew where the location of the lab and the weapon were. The location is in encrypted files – the Titans took them from Mercy, and Conner has them too.

Sebastian drank The Confessor’s blood as it contained May’s magic, so Sebastian got his powers back. He had Conner to thank for that idea.

Jason deliberately lets Tim deal with Shimmer’s gang alone because he wants Tim to experience the real danger. It is then revealed that was the plan the whole time. Dick instructed Jason to teach Tim new skills- there was never any Venta to locate. Jason also got Tim a bike, and Tim was now ready to fully embrace the identity of the new Robin.


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Dick and Starfire located the lab where the ”Starfire Project” was hidden. But they ran into a problem – Conner was already there. However, Conner assures them he is on their side. He thought he could stop Sebastian and May by himself and needed to prove to everyone that he could. But he only made things worse. Superboy apologized for all the mistakes he made, and for Dick, that was enough. Conner is back on Titan’s side.

Titans activate the ”Starfire Project” sphere, and Sebastian trumpets the Horn

Starfire, Dick, and Conner found the ”Starfire Project” sphere. The object was complete but lacked an energy source to fully activate. That energy source was Starfire’s blue light. So, the Titans decided that Kory would blast the orb with her energy, and it would take the effort of the whole team to stabilize the process.

Kory infused the orb with her powers, but the transmission was unstable and highly dangerous, so Dick cut the power off before it got out of hand. The process was incomplete, and the orb remained at 98,6% functionality. The Titans’ best hope is that would suffice.


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Conner brought the orb to the Temple of Azarath, where Sebastian and May met. Sebastian took Conner’s side, and the two confronted Mother Mayhem. In May’s final attempt to manipulate Sebastian, he took the Horn of Trigon and stabbed May. Mother Mayhem dies, this time for good, and Sebastian absorbs her powers.

Then Conner threw the orb into Sebastian, but it was not successful. Sebastian rose more powerful than ever. The episode ends with Sebastian trumpeting the Horn and summoning Trigon. Starfire realizes she is the only one who can end all that, and that’s exactly what she’ll do. Everything ends in the next week’s season finale, and we can’t wait!

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