DC’s ‘Titans’: 12 Best Quotes from All 4 Seasons


Not only that the show Titans is filled with some decent battle scenes and character developments, but it also provided the fans with some deep and meaningful statements. From powerful individual beliefs to general words of wisdom all of us can learn from, the show has it all. In that regard, we’ve collected some of the best quotes from all four seasons of DC’s ‘Titans,’ so feel free to check them out!

1. May Bennett (to Lex Luthor): ”Soon the Gods will know your name.” Lex Luthor: ”I can assure you, Miss Bennett, the Gods already know me.”

Lex Luthor spent his whole life reaching for supremacy. On many occasions, his endeavors went too far as he never really cared for things such as morals or other people but rather for his personal gain. Lex never embraced that he is only human and would not settle for mortality. Upon realization that he is dying of Kryptonite poisoning, he goes to great lengths to obtain supernatural power by subjecting himself to an ancient ritual in the temple of Azarath.

After the ritual’s completion, his powers would be great, and all the Gods would know his name. Lex is not impressed with that as he has already spent a lifetime opposing many creatures considered Gods, most notably Superman, over whom he tried to prevail more times than he could count.

2. ”Please, understand that I realized many years ago that I, myself, could never become Superman. So, I went about achieving my personal dream the way man has since the beginning of humanity – I had a son. And my dream was that my child would succeed where I am not – to be both man and Superman.” – Lex Luthor

Lex is a power-hungry narcissist but also a genius. He made his life mission to either kill Superman or to become greater than him. His plans failed over the years, which resulted in him resenting Superman even more. There are many reasons why Luthor considers Superman to be his greatest enemy, and his desire to become better than Man of Steel ultimately caused him to be mortally ill due to Kryptonite poisoning.

However, the meaning of this quote goes beyond Lex and his personal aspirations. Sure, he created Conner so he could take pride in his son’s achievements, and as he wanted him to be better than Superman, he gave Conner Superman’s abilities and his own intellect.


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Basically, Lex did what many parents do when their dreams don’t work out as they planned them to. Through Conner, Lex wanted to feel that power, supremacy, and public adoration he could never get. He poured his frustrations and dreams into Conner, but Super Boy never fully lived up to those expectations (not yet, at least) due to all the pressure. And isn’t that what usually happens in situations like this?

3. ”The world is a brutal place. It’s cruel. Yeah. People all – all smashed up, against each other, millions of miles apart. We don’t share anything. We’re all so alone. But, I am gonna change the world.” – Sebastian

Sebastian was a socially awkward and introverted person who believed that the world always turned its back on him. Nevertheless, he was determined that his intellect and ideas would have meaning and that people would become more compassionate toward each other and not profit oriented. However, that did not happen, as the investors never approved his idea.

Still, it’s hard not to notice where Sebastian’s aspirations truly lay. After spending all his life pleasing others and being scolded for his talent instead of praised, he wanted to be seen and valued. Over the years, all his frustrations piled up, which resulted in his desire to change the world to be greater than anything. And eventually, he does not care in what way he will do that as long as he has that kind of power.

4. ”When other people hurt you that’s a tragedy. But if you take up the cudgel and do it for them, that’s a sin.” – Mother Mayhem

Mother Mayhem was the one who made Sebastian realize that he had led a different life than he was supposed to. So many memories from Sebastian’s past were buried deep inside him because they were too painful to remember. On many occasions, Sebastian allowed others to exploit his strengths and intellect without standing up for himself.

Eventually, Sebastian started to expect bad things to happen to him even before they did. He never trusted people because of it and pushed them away before they could hurt him. In that way, he was basically harming himself but blaming others for it. We can all learn from this: we can’t blame other people for hurting us if we give them the tool for that in advance and act like we want them to use it.

5. ”My whole life, I’ve always wanted a family. Someone to protect me from the world, from myself. But I never felt as though I belonged. Until I came here. Now I finally know who I am supposed to be.” – Sebastian

When Sebastian learned that he was the Son of the Trigon and what all that meant, he had a hard time processing it all. Initially, he was reluctant to go through with the Blood Moon ritual as he wasn’t prepared for all the bloodshed and sacrifices but eventually came to terms with his fate.


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After the ritual was complete and he came to Caul’s Folley to obtain the Horn, he was praised as a savior and was worshiped. All his deepest desires came true. With a small army of followers by his side, he felt more powerful and seen than ever.

6. ”I takes a while to sort out who you are, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. It’s a long story someone else is writing.” – Jinx

Jinx is an unpredictable character, and the chances are that, if given a chance, she will turn any situation in her own favor. Nevertheless, she is powerful and possesses true wisdom when it comes to providing valuable advice.

As Gar struggled with his connection to The Red and what all that meant for him further on, Jinx told him that as long as he figured out who he truly was, he would be fine. As for whys and hows, it makes no sense to dwell on those questions because forces out there pull all the strings and are way out of the individual’s control.

7. ”Life isn’t about the individual. It’s not a single pool of water that evaporates. It’s a collective. It’s a river that flows forever. Our spirits mixing-healthy or not, as a whole- as one.” – Jinx

After Gar learns that he is connected to The Red, he does not understand how to control all that power and how to embrace all the voices and emotions he feels from so many souls and creatures at once. He felt like all the weight had fallen on his shoulders as Red’s protector.

Jinx explained to Gar that he should not have such a rigid viewpoint because it is never about the individual. Every person and soul is connected and merge together, eventually creating a cosmic force. That way, the end of one’s life is never truly an end, it’s all a part of the circle of life, which is ever-existent, and it should be treated as such.

8. ”I know it is painful to realize you are unlike anyone else in this world. That you are absolutely alone. But this is your path.” – Freedom Beast

Dominic, a.k.a. Freedom Beast, was The Red’s protector for centuries now and wanted Beast Boy to take his place. Gaining all that power and connection with The Red has consequences. Dominic firmly believes when a person becomes one with The Red, all individual relationship lose their meaning, and protectors are above things like that.


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Freedom Beast believes that Gar needs to lead the same life he led as The Red’s protector. That means fighting alone, being alone, and placing his duties above family and friends. However, Gar refuses to believe that is how it should be. He accepts his role as a protector but refuses to abandon his family, the Titans.

9. ”People in your life are never who you think them to be.” – Freedom Beast

After Gar lost his parents, his life turned upside down, and he decided to stick to groups that gave him some sense of meaning. When the Chief took him in and made him a part of Doom Patrol, Gar resented him, but part of him considered that the transformation saved his life. Dominic reveals that the Chief only used Gar as he was his surviving test subject in his attempt to obtain eternal life.

After that, Gar became a part of the Titans and was happy being part of the group, but Dominic is determined that Gar is meant to be so much more than Titan’s Beast Boy. Everything in life which separates an individual from his true purpose is either destructive like Niles Caulder was for Gar, or a distraction like Titans, who restricted Gar and his powers.

10. Dick Grayson: I never got to chance to tell you why I left. I wasn’t exactly on great terms.” Bruce Wayne: ”In my experience, when people part, it rarely is.”

Dick and Bruce’s relationship was a complicated one. As Batman’s protegee, Dick became Robin and fought alongside the Dark Knight for years, protecting Gotham City. Even though the two of them made a great team, eventually, they parted ways. After that, Dick moved to Detroit and tried to make peace with his past. Dick blamed Bruce for weaponizing his darkness for some time instead of helping him eliminate it.

Eventually, Nightwing realized that Batman always had his back and that he wanted to distract him from all the anger and darkness from the past. But, to move on, Dick had to let go of all that darkness to see all the good things Batman did for him. This conversation was much needed between two old friends as it enabled them to resolve their differences and strengthened their bond even more.


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11. ”You’re gonna find friends. You’re gonna find family, and they’re going to love you as much as you love them. Okay? You are never, ever going to be alone again. I promise.”

Part of Gar’s spiritual journey included facing some troubled memories from the past. At some point in his youth, Beast Boy got lost in a zoo and did not know where his parents were. He was scared and sad as he did not want to be alone and have no one. Unfortunately, Gar later lost his parents and was left an orphan until Niles Caulder took him in.

But the real family and friends Gar met in life were the Titans, and as grown-up Gar was visiting his echoes from the past, he also comforted his little self, providing him with love and hope he then much needed. No matter what anyone said, Titans always had Gar’s back, and he knew that. That’s why he was never going to abandon them completely. There is also a message here for everyone reading, no matter how life may seem tough sometimes, soon the sun will shine, and there is always the calm before the storm.

12. “You’re just as bad as the Joker. You and he have been poisoning this city together.” – Dick Grayson

After realizing that Batman is looking for new recruits to be his sidekick, Nightwing snaps at him, resulting in a tense fight between them. Dick accused Bruce of not caring for anyone and blamed him for messing with people’s heads as he did with his.

At this point, we see Batman more vulnerable than ever, offering Dick the position of Robin again and admitting that he can no longer fight all the crime alone. Dick furiously declined that offer stating that maybe it was time for Bruce to step down as Batman. Nightwing and Batman had respect for each other but were also never shy to speak some hard truths to each other.

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