‘Titans’ Season 4 Episode 10: Recap & Ending Explained

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‘Titans’ Season 4 Episode 10 leads us back to reality (mostly) after Gar’s spiritual journey in the previous episode. In this episode, Gar gets to hang out with his old friends, Conner and Sebastian team up, and Dick tries breaking the bond between Rachel and Sebastian. It was a slow-paced episode, but it did its purpose. So, let’s see how it all went down.

Gar meets with some old friends, and Sebastian annihilates May

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The episode starts with Gar waking up in the house where Doom Patrol resides, with Robotman and Negative Man excited to see him again. They introduce Gar to Vic, a.k.a. Cyborg, who found Beast Boy unconscious in front of the house.

Gar has slept for three days, and strange things have happened during that time. The house started to bloom with all kinds of vegetative life, and the house they were in did not belong to Doom Patrol. They had no idea where they were and could not get out.

Back in Metropolis, Superboy and Sebastian talk about working together from now on. Conner is taking over LexCorp and wants Sebastian to join him. As Sebastian’s dream was to create games, Conner assures him that he can make that dream a reality, but Sebastian must first break free from May’s influence. Sebastian is unsure what to do, so Conner leaves, leaving a card behind it with his contact on it.


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After that, Sebastian returns to Mother Mayhem. She plans to trumpet the Horn that night and bring Trigon to life, with Metropolis his first victim. Sebastian stands his ground and wants to know what she never asks what he wants. He thinks bringing Trigon is unnecessary because he’s got enough power even without him. May laughs him off, stating that he is nothing without Trigon.

Their dispute continues, with May calling Sebastian weak, a coward, and pathetic. She slaps him and commands that he has to summon Trigon with the Horn that night. Outraged with May’s behavior, Sebastian used the powers the Blood Moon ritual gave him and burned May alive. Even though he did not mean to kill her, the act was done, so he fled, leaving May disappearing in ashes.

Conner takes over LexCorp, and Starfire finds Beast Boy

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Conner is giving his public announcement stating that he is taking over LexCorp as the new CEO and promises to lead the company into a new direction across the globe with technical advancement, which brings the world together instead of tearing it apart. Sebastian is by his side, gladly hearing those words.

The Titans are watching the press release and discussing what Conner is up to. The only way to find that out is to go to LexCorp and ask Conner what angle he plays. They leave Rachel behind to protect her from Sebastian, at least until they find a way to break the connection Sebastian and she share.

Kory opens the door to the lab, and instead of entering the other room, she finds herself in a house where Doom Patrol, including Gar, is. They bring her up to speed about their weird situation, and she is not glad to hear that they have no idea where they are and how to get out of the house.

Rachel undergoes ”The Clavis Noctem” ritual

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Dick calls his friend in London, who informs him about ”The Clavis Noctem/The Key of Night.” It’s a black magic ritual that might help break Rachel’s tie with Sebastian. The ritual finds inner evil and gives him a physical form so that it can be destroyed in that way. Rachel agrees to be a part of it, but on one condition- no one apart from her and Dick can know about it.

Conner provides Sebastian with all the technology and resources needed to make Sebastian’s game become a reality. Even so, Sebastian fears failure and ridicule if no one plays the game. So, to ensure that won’t happen, he uses his dark powers to infect the game’s programming code. In the meantime, Conner tries to destroy the Horn using his powers but is unsuccessful.

Back in Doom Patrol’s house, Gar explains to Kory that they are in The Red. She wants to know why they are in the house, but Gar states that he does not know because The Red has a will of its own, and they have to figure out why they are in Doom Patrol’s house out of all places.

However, Gar is not telling the truth because he demands that The Red take him to his family. He never explicitly told which family he is referring to, but The Red can sense his deepest desires, so could that mean Gar thinks that Doom Patrol is his real family and not the Titans?


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Dick and Rachel meet with Helena, who will perform ”The Clavis Noctem”. Dick needed to summon the physical form of Rachel’s darkness and use the invisible blade to kill the monster. Until he does that, the darkness will consume Rachel’s life force.

Sebastian releases his game, while Kory and Gar find their way out of ”The Red”

Sebastian released his game, Abraxus, which became a global phenomenon in just eight hours. People worldwide were hooked, and Sebastian got what he wanted. It is revealed that the only reason Conner keeps Sebastian close is so he can destroy the Horn. However, the Horn seems to be indestructible, but there might be a way to destroy it.

The game infects all the people playing it, and they become a part of the game, connected with Sebastian, and whoever loses the game falls into a coma. Sebastian gets the god-like power he always desired, and Conner realizes what monster he has enabled.

Kory and Gar found their way out of The Red and met Tim in the lab. He informs them about what Sebastian and Conner are doing, and they need to find a way to stop Sebastian’s spell from hurting people playing the game. Tim decides to use the S.T.A.R. Labs system to hack into LexCorp and corrupt their servers.

The Titans manage to destroy the game, and May return from the dead

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Conner and Sebastian realized their servers had been attacked and blocked the attempt. The only way to corrupt their servers is by using some back door. Tim has little faith that it will work, but Gar and Kory are sure it will work because The Red showed them a room with the sign ”Back Door” earlier.

Superboy used his speed to authorize server access without Sebastian’s noticing. The Titans were in and started with the deleting process. The game was gone when the process was complete, and Sebastian’s powers were with it. He could no longer feel Rachel, but that was because Dick killed the demon. ”The Calvis Noctem” was also complete.

Destroying the game meant saving millions of people, but Tim was devastated because the aftermath left Bernard in a coma. Dick was pleased to see Gar back with the team. Even though the Titans still did not know what was happening in LexCorp, Dick realized that Conner had provided them access to the server, meaning he was on their side. Plus, Superboy has found a way how to destroy the Horn.


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The episode ends with burnt Mother Mayhem coming alive, furious about Sebastian’s actions. Sebastian realizes that maybe he is nobody without Trigon, and his only way to achieve greatness is to use the Horn and summon Trigon.

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