’Venom 3’: Juno Temple Joins the Cast & Here Is Who She Could Play

Venom 3 Juno Temple Joins the Cast Here Is Who She Could Play

After some time, there are new developments about the third installment of Sony’s Venom franchise. The new addition to the Venom 3 cast is Juno Temple, the star of the popular TV series Ted Lasso, will join Tom Hardy in the new Sony project. There are very few details about the new Venom movie besides the new director, Kelly Marcel, and Tom Hardy co-writing the script. Now, with the addition of Juno Temple to the task, we can at least speculate which character a popular actress could possibly play.

Venom 3 was technically confirmed years ago when Hardy signed a three-movie deal with Sony. It helped that the first Venom movie had commercial success, and, despite the initial mixed reviews, fans started liking the movie after a few years.

The second movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage, from 2021, didn’t go well with the critics and fans like the first movie from the franchise, but that didn’t stop Sony from developing the movie’s third installment. Juno Temple joining Venom 3 cast indicates that the movie will acquire more talented actors, but Sony didn’t reveal anything about the movie’s plot.

Who is Juno Temple?

Before speculating about Juno Temple’s role in Venom 3, let’s introduce the actress first. Juno Temple is a 33-year-old English actress who started her career as a child actress in 1997’s Vigo: Passion for Life, but who came into prominence in the 2010s with smaller roles in Dark Knight Rises, Magic Magic, Afternoon Delight, Maleficent franchise, Black Mass and more.

Juno Temple

However, her big break came with Ted Lasso TV show in the role of quirky Keeley Jones, for which she received critical acclaim and nominations for notable Emmy Awards. Apart from Ted Lasso, Juno Temple worked on the mini-series The Offer and will feature in the fifth season’s notable black comedy TV drama Fargo.


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June Temple has a lot of projects in her repertoire, and Venom 3 is definitely one of them, as was officially confirmed. Besides Judo Temple, only Tom Hardy is confirmed to be in Venom 3, with co-writing gig alongside Kelly Mercer, who will also direct the movie.

As time passes, we will know more about the next Sony project that has been hinted at being in the same “realm” as MCU (at least Sony acknowledged MCU as an alternate universe). New projects like Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web are also in development, and they will probably be part of Venom 3, at least in some form.

Who could Juno Temple portray in the Venom 3 movie?

One of the biggest mysteries is the plot of Venom 3, and despite Tom Hardy posting the cover of the Venom 3 script that he is developing with the director Kelly Mercer, we still don’t know any details.

Juno Temple adds to the mystery of Venom 3, but that doesn’t mean we cannot speculate a bit on whom could Ted Lasso star portray. 

Scream/Donna Diego

ScreamDonna Diego

This character is probably the most notable member of the Symbiote family besides Carnage. Three versions of characters portrayed Scream in Marvel Comics, most notably, Donna Diego. Her story is really interesting because she was part of the institution that captured Venom to use his Symbiote to create the superpowered security force. Donna Diego was also one of the candidates of Life Foundation to merge with the parasite.

Donna Diego almost killed Eddie Brock, but when he reunited with Venom, the crazed woman didn’t have a chance. What’s really interesting is that her storyline could be easily implemented in Venom 3, and Juno Temple seems like a great casting choice for this role – she is expressive. She can showcase emotions well, and Donna Diego doesn’t lack that. Scream might actually be the role Juno Temple will play in Venom 3, but she isn’t the only possible option in this article.

Agony/Gemma Shin or Leslie Gesneria

Agony Gemma Shin

There are two versions of this character in Marvel Comics. First was Leslie Gesneria, and she was one of the siblings of Donna Diego and her Scream. She was killed by Eddie Brock when he decided to kill all symbiotes, but that wasn’t the end of the character in Marvel Comics.

Years later, Agony was resurrected, but this time with a new host, a woman named Gemma Shin. Now, she is also interesting since, in the comics; Gemma was a Deputy Communications Director of Senator Peter Krane, who merged with Agony symbiote when Knull sent a horde of symbiotes to Earth.


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The invasion caused a lot of human casualties, but Gemma bonded with Agony and is currently the representative of the symbiote in the comics. However, Gemma Shin is Asian, so maybe Leslie Gesneria’s character version is immortalized in the Venom 3 movie.

There are many possibilities Kelly Mercer and Tom Hardy can go with the various symbiotes, and after we saw Carnage, we can finally see the “extended family” of symbiotes on the big screen.

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