Who Is God of Light Venom & How Powerful Is He?

God of Light Venom

Venom is a fan-favorite character with many versions with varying powers over the years. The recent King in Black storyline, however, unveiled an altogether new and incredibly mighty version of Venom, dubbed as “God of Light” Venom. God of Light Venom immediately acquired one incredible feat. He managed to get rid of Knull, seemingly forever. This led many fans to ask who exactly the God of Light Venom is and how powerful is he?

God of Light Venom is the version of Venom that debuted in King in Black #5, empowered by Enigma Force, the so-called “God of Light.” Following his death at the hands of Knull, Eddie Brock became the host for the Enigma Host, combining Thor’s Mjolnir and Silver Surfer’s Surfboard in one mighty weapon; he managed to kill the God of Symbiotes, Knull. God of Light Venom is incredibly powerful. In this form, Venom has access to the combined powers of Enigma Force and Uni-Power, making him one of the strongest characters in the Marvel comics.

Now that we’ve covered who the God of Light Venom is, it’s time to reveal the whole story of how he came to exist. If you’re interested in more details and an explanation of who the God of Light is and what his connection is to Knull, stay with us and keep reading!

Eddie Brock, aka Venom, was initially defeated and destroyed by Knull

At the beginning of The King in Black Storyline, in the first issue, we learn that Knull set his sights on Earth. Avengers and Venom are aware of this, but they are not sure how to proceed. Knull is planning an invasion, and Earth’s mightiest heroes appear to be inadequate when it comes to dealing with Knull.

Venom Knull Invasion

Eddie, however, has much more to lose than merely his planet. Now he has a son, and he is pushed into some desperate corners to protect him. After the initial plans fail, Eddie knows that he will have to do something drastic, and the Avengers likewise keep losing the ground battles. They, however, need Eddie since he has a better insight into the mind of the King of Symbiotes than they do.

Venom Son

Meanwhile, Knull has landed on Earth and is looking for Eddie Brock. The best feat that Knull has in this issue is the fact that he managed to deal with Sentry rather quickly, and we know that Sentry is among the most powerful Marvel characters created in the last few years.

Knull appears

After a brief fight, Knull manages to envelop Earth inside a black shroud, darkening the skies and blocking all sources of Light, including the sun and the stars.

Knull darkens sky

Eddie Brock knows there is no escape from the current situation, and he devises a plan. He stops hiding from Knull and decides to offer himself on a platter to serve Knull in exchange for Knull leaving the Earth alone. This is a desperate strategy since Knull has enough power to destroy Earth no matter what. Knull, however, is not in the mood to deal with Brock. He faces him and rips his symbiote from him, instantly killing him.

Knull killes Venom


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Eddie is resurrected once again to deal with Knull but sports an entirely new godlike form

Eddie’s story is then continued in King in Black #5. When The God of Light seemingly resurrects him, Knull’s polar opposite in terms of both powers and personality. This is the moment when we meet God of Light Venom, at that moment, the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe wielding the combined forces of symbiotes, Enigma Force, and the Uni-Power.

Venom resurrected

Eddie utilized the Enigma Force to fuse two of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe together, Thor’s Mjolnir and Silver Surfer’s Surfboard. With these two weapons, using the Silver Surfer’s Surfboard are the blade and Mjolnir’s handle as the, well, handle. God of Light Venom easily overpowered Knull. He destroyed his most iconic sword, the “All-Black,” and he likewise completely shattered the symbiote armor for which Knull is famous for.

God of Light Venom fused weapons

Then, utilizing the Uni-Power, the God of Light Venom tears Knull’s symbiote off of him and flings Knull into the sun, which proves lethal for the God of Darkness.

Venom rips symbiot of Knull

Following Knull’s defeat, Thor’s Mjolnir and Silver Surfer’s Surfboard returned to their original forms, but Eddie Brock kept his God of Light powers, and in addition, he became the nexus of the Symbiote Hive. God of Light has special powers in the context of symbiotes, and the powers provided by the Light allow the wielder to tear the symbiote from another without killing the being. This is what Eddie did for his son Dylan. He separates him from his symbiote half, so Knull would never be able to gain control over him again.

Eddibe Brock separates Dylan and the Symbiote

As the nexus of symbiotes, Eddie likewise felt that the carnage stirred again. He directed the group of newly-freed symbiotes and sent them to deal with him.

Who is the God of Light & how is he connected to Knull?

God of Light is Enigma Force, and it’s the polar opposite of Knull and his darkness. Enigma Force and the dark god Knull appeared at pretty much the same time, with Enigma Force appearing as a reaction to Knull. Like all polar opposites, Knull and the God of Light have opposite powers. And while Knull always used symbiotes to spread his darkness and evil influence, the Enigma Force was likewise able to select certain individuals to host its powers.

The God of Light can bond with individuals, bestowing upon them great powers. The hosts, in this case, are known as Captain Universe. So technically, Venom, empowered by Enigma Force, is not “God of Light Venom” but rather the Captain Universe version of Venom.


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When the Knull’s invasion on Earth started, Enigma Force searched for its appropriate host, which turned out to be Eddie Brock. Engima Force had great difficulties in penetrating the black shield that Knull has risen around the Earth.
Silver Surfer senses that Enigma Force cannot penetrate the darkness and goes to help it. He also discovered that Enigma Force is not looking for him but rather Eddie Brock as its chosen host.

God of Light Venom is incredibly powerful, having the combined might of Enigma Force and Uni-Power. He was strong enough to defeat Knull easily and destroy his physical body. The God of Light Venom also can “cleanse” individuals by separating their human forms from their symbiote forms.

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