Star Wars: Green Lightsaber Meaning & Most Famous Users

luke green lightsaber

While we often look at the color blue as the most iconic lightsaber color, there is another color that isn’t far behind in terms of its popularity. This is where the green lightsaber color comes in as one of the most popular lightsaber colors in the history of the Jedi Order because many strong Jedi have used this lightsaber color. So, what exactly does the green lightsaber color mean in Star Wars?

The green lightsaber color is said to represent peace, which is the thing that the Jedi Order values the most. However, the green lightsaber color also represents harmony, equality, and growth. That is why those who wield green lightsabers tend to be some of the wisest and strongest in the Force.

Even though there is a level of randomness when it comes to the color that a lightsaber crystal gives off, there is still a meaning behind the color, which means that there’s a meaning behind the green lightsaber color as well. Of course, this lightsaber has always been synonymous with some of the best Jedi in history. So, with that said, let’s look at what the green lightsaber means.

What does the green lightsaber color mean?

One of the things that we know about the world of Star Wars is that there are things that aren’t always explained. The color of the lightsaber is one of the things that don’t have a true explanation, as we all know that different Jedi have different lightsaber colors that tend to be different from time to time. That’s because the color of the lightsaber crystal, after a Jedi attunes to it, decides what the color of the lightsaber is.

luke lightsaber green

There are also instances wherein the lightsaber’s color can be changed at will by the Jedi. For instance, Cal Kestis is free to change the color of his lightsaber in the ‘Star Wars Jedi’ video games. Meanwhile, we also know that Anakin Skywalker once changed Ahsoka’s green lightsabers to blue.

Whatever the case may be, the point is that we know that there are a lot of different lightsaber colors that may be random or can be dependent on the user. And the thing is that the green lightsaber has always had a special place in the storyline of Star Wars.

The green lightsaber is the second most common in the Star Wars storyline. It is behind only blue in that regard. The green lightsaber color is also the second Jedi lightsaber introduced in the continuity as it debuted in ‘Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi’ when Luke Skywalker introduced his new lightsaber. And there the meaning of the color green also allows the green lightsaber color to be special.

When it comes to the green lightsaber color, it is most associated with the concept of peace, as most of the Jedi that use this lightsaber color value peace above everything else. Of course, because the Jedi are known to be the galaxy’s peacekeepers, peace is the most important thing that the Jedi Order values.

But another thing that makes the green lightsaber color stand out is that it also represents harmony. The color green has always been equated with nature, and that means that the Jedi are known to also value every living object in the galaxy due to how the Force resides in every living creature, regardless of whether they may be strong in the Force or not. And that is why most of the Jedi that wields a green lightsaber tend to be in harmony with the Force and are some of the wisest Jedi in the Jedi Order.


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Of course, let’s not forget that the color green also represents growth because how it is often associated with how nature grows around us. That means those who wield the green lightsaber also value learning and growing as they grow older and wiser. This is consistent with the fact that green lightsaber users are known to be very spiritual in nature and are often known more for their wisdom than their strength in battle.

That is also why the users of the green lightsaber are very adaptable to changes that are happening around them, as they are willing to grow and learn with the passage of time. They are also very quick to understand what is happening around them and can adapt through the use of the Force.

Many Jedi Knights and Masters that use green lightsabers tend to be very strong in the Force and are also known for being scholars in their own right. They excel in using their knowledge and connection with the Force but are also adept in fighting using their lightsabers. And that’s why some of the greatest leaders in the history of the Jedi Order used green lightsabers.

Most famous green lightsaber users

Just a quick disclaimer. We only include those who forged their own green lightsabers instead of those who inherited them. And that’s why some names may be omitted from this list.

Luke Skywalker

luke green lightsaber 1

The most notable out of all of the green lightsaber users is Luke Skywalker, who was the hero of the Rebellion during the events of the original trilogy and was the one that helped his father redeem himself to ultimately bring balance to the Force by defeating Emperor Palpatine. Although Luke initially used Anakin’s blue lightsaber, he eventually forged his own lightsaber after losing the Skywalker Lightsaber on Bespin. 


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Luke’s lightsaber came out green, meaning he was a wise and peaceful Jedi. The green lightsaber perfectly represented that he didn’t want to fight his father on the second Death Star but was forced to do so. On top of that, the green lightsaber color also represented Luke’s evolution and growth as a Jedi that needed to re-establish the Jedi Order under his leadership.


yoda saber

Aside from Luke, the greatest Jedi to ever wield a green lightsaber was Yoda, who served as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the final two centuries of the Jedi Order. He was exceptionally strong in the Force and was known as the greatest Jedi of the Jedi Order before its destruction due to Order 66. And his 800 years of experience as a Jedi allowed him to become one of the most powerful Force users of all time.

Yoda used a smaller green lightsaber that was more of a shoto lightsaber. But while he may have been small, he was certainly a very powerful fighter that could match Count Dooku’s and Emperor Palpatine’s prowess. After his death, Yoda’s lightsaber passed on to Luke, who wanted to pass the same weapon to Grogu.

Qui-Gon Jinn

qui gon

If there’s someone who represented the harmonious side of the Force better than anyone, it was Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Although he was a strong fighter, he was known more for his renegade ideas regarding the Living Force, which was the Force that resided in every living being in the galaxy. He was a scholar of the Living Force and was the first to truly understand the nature of this cosmic entity as he eventually taught its concepts to Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Qui-Gon wielded a green lightsaber in combat and excelled in using this weapon. However, it was his desire to learn more about the Living Force that made him perfect for the green lightsaber, which represents harmony and growth. And that’s why Qui-Gon perfectly represented the green lightsaber color as a Jedi.

Ahsoka Tano

ahsoka two sabers

Ahsoka Tano was the Padawan of Anakin Skywalker during the three-year galaxy-wide war known as the Clone Wars. She was an exceptionally gifted young Togruta with advanced skills for her age. And while she was headstrong and reckless, she was very wise, kind, and understanding despite being quite young during the events of the Clone Wars.


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Initially, Ahsoka wielded a single green lightsaber. She eventually took up Jar’Kai and started wielding a shoto lightsaber with a lighter green color. Ahsoka left her sabers with Anakin when she left the Jedi Order. But Anakin tinkered with them and turned them to blue lightsabers just before the Siege of Mandalore.

Ezra Bridger


Ezra Bridger was the Padawan of Kanan Jarrus during the events of ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ He was a rare case because he first started out with a blue lightsaber that symbolized how similar he was to Kanan and how he was still quite young and optimistic about being a strong and brave Jedi.

But after Ezra lost his first lightsaber, he found another Kyber crystal that he used to create a new lightsaber that now emitted a green blade. This new lightsaber color represented Ezra’s continuing growth as a Jedi and his desire to learn more about the nature of the Force.

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