What Happened to Sylvie Laufeydottir in ‘Loki Season 1’?

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One of the most interesting things we learned in ‘Loki‘ was the revelation that many Loki’s Variants are out there. Every one of them is special in their own way but with similar personality traits. They were all about that ‘glorious purpose.’ One Variant definitely stood out and made the show even more interesting. Her name was Sylvie Laufeydottir, and you can find out what happened to her in this article.

Sylvie Laufeydottir was an Asgardian Princess captured by the TVA for causing a Nexus Event when she was a little girl. She managed to escape from the TVA and spent years running and hiding. When she grew up, the only thing she had in mind was how to bring the TVA and its creator down and get her revenge. She is one of Loki’s Variants and a powerful enchantress.

Now that you know who Sylvie is and what happened to her, let’s talk more about everything there is to know about her. From her first experience with the TVA, her relationship with Loki, and their adventures – you can read about it all in the next few paragraphs!

Who is Sylvie Laufeydottir in ‘Loki’?


After Loki was captured by the TVA and sentenced to be pruned, the only reason why he was left alive was because Agent Mobius was determined that God of Mischief could be of great assistance in capturing one of his Variants that’s been killing Minutemen across the timeline. Things got interesting when it was revealed that the Variant is Sylvie Laufeydottir, formerly Loki Laufeydottir.

Sylvie was an Asgardian Princess. When she was a little girl, she created a Nexus Event that alarmed the TVA. Sylvie never found out what her Nexus Event was. All she knew was that one day, TVA showed up, erased her reality, and took her prisoner. Even though she was very young, she escaped from TVA by stealing a TemPad. She spent a long time on the run after that.

Following the escape, Sylvie’s sole existence threatened the Sacred Timeline, and she created Nexus Events anywhere she went. That’s why TVA never stopped chasing her. Over time, she learned how and where to hide. She grew up hiding at the ends of the worlds. This made Sylvie bitter, and wanted to bring down the TVA and Time Keepers.


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Where did Sylvie go in ‘Loki’?

After Sylvie refuses Loki’s offer to join him and overthrow the Time Keepers, she goes to the TVA’s headquarters, determined to destroy the Time Keepers. Loki followed her there. They ran into a trap, so Loki was forced to use TemPad to get them out of harm’s way. That deed was semi-successful since he beamed them to Lamentis-1, a moom facing destruction.


Even though their chances of surviving the apocalypse on Lamentis-1 one were slim, these two Lokis used their time together to get to know each other better. They even shared a brief romantic moment that created a Nexus Event so strong that TVA managed to find their location, imprison them, and save them from the sure deaths that awaited them on Lamentis.

Sylvie and Loki were back at TVA’s headquarters, waiting to be pruned. After Loki was pruned by Ravonna and sent to The Void, Sylvie decided to self-prune because she was determined that The Void was not a final destination but a hall pass to the person behind the creation of TVA and Sacred Timeline. Once she came to The Void, she figured out how to defeat Alioth, a powerful monster guarding The Void, and with the help of Loki and Classic Loki, she defeated Alioth and opened a portal Beyond the Void and learned who is behind the creation of the TVA.

Why did Sylvie leave Loki?

sylvie and loki

After going Beyond the Void, Sylvie and Loki found themselves at The Citadel at the End of Time. They met He Who Remains There, who created the Scred Timeline and the TVA. Eons ago, a Multiversal War broke down between his Variants, and he was the one who ended it. Now, he ensures the time flows properly and keeps the peace. However, he is tired and unambitious to continue his calling further and wants Loki and Sylvie to take his place as the rulers and leaders of the TVA.

Sylvie and Loki had different opinions on what to do. Loki wanted to take He Who Remains’s place and lead the TVA, while Sylvie wanted revenge for all the pruned innocent lives and was determined to kill He Who Remains. Because of it, the two Loki Variants fought but decided not to harm each other because they were in love. However, Sylvie decided to push Loki through a portal back to TVA. Deep inside, she knew that she and Loki were different and wanted different things.


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She then used her dagger and killed He Who Remains. This event caused the Sacred Timeline to break, creating many branches, and He Who Remains’s Variant was set loose. The consequences of Sylvie’s actions were far greater than just leaving Loki because she opened the doors for a potential Multiversal War again.

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