‘What If…?’ Season 2: Is Kahhori Worthy? How Did She Manage to Lift Mjolnir?

kahhori lifting mjolnir

‘What If…?’ Season 2 Finale presented plenty of appearances of Marvel’s greatest villains, but it also presented plenty of powerful weapons and artifacts that Kahhori and Peggy could utilize in their fight against the demonic Strange Supreme. At one moment, Thor threw Mjolnir to Kahhori and Peggy, and despite Mjolnir having a special enchantment of worthiness, Kahhori did successfully utilize it in the fight. Does this mean that Kahhori is worthy? How did she manage to lift the hammer in the first place?

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  • Kahhori was not “worthy,” and she didn’t lift Mjolnir directly; she utilized her powers to manipulate the space around it.
  • Since Kahhori’s powers are derived from Space Stone, she can float and manipulate objects of various sizes and densities, and apparently, she is powerful enough to manipulate Mjolnir.

Mjolnir has a special worthiness enchantment, so it’s nearly impossible for Kahhori to lift it

Let me preface this by saying that Kahhori, due to her noble intentions and supposedly pure spirit and courageous deeds, could be considered worthy, but the finale of ‘What If…?’ Season 2 clearly didn’t mean for the story to go in that direction. Mjolnir has worthiness enchantment, meaning that anybody deemed worthy can lift it and wield it, as well as summon it.

We’ve seen several characters other than Thor in the MCU being deemed worthy, Captain America and Jane Foster come to mind immediately. At one point during the fight against demonic Strange, Kahhori was clearly seen with Mjolnir by her side, but she wasn’t physically touching it; she was merely manipulating the space around the hammer to be able to lift it as it can be seen from blue aura emanating from Space-stone based powers around the hammer.

Kahhori and peggy fight against strange supreme 1

Kahhori also successfully launched the hammer at Demonic Strange, using the same principle. Since Kahhori got her powers from the Tesseract, she has more or less the same powers that the Space Stone provides. She can teleport and create portals, but also bend space around the objects and levitate objects of different masses and densities.


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Magic and other powers aren’t supposed to affect Mjolnir

In theory, Odin’s worthiness enchantment is not supposed to be affected by such “technicalities” as lifting the hammer with magic or other similar powers, but still, it did happen both in the comics and in the MCU. Magneto was seen manipulating Mjolnir on several occasions, and in the MCU, Thanos was seen “lifting” Mjolnir by supporting Cap’s arm.

The established Mjolnir canon was broken in the past, so it doesn’t mean that it can’t be broken in the ‘What If…?’ as well; besides, we don’t know what kind of rules plentiful ‘What If…?’ Universe has regarding Mjolnir and technicalities of wielding it.

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