‘What If…?’ Season 2: What is Sky World & How It’s Connected To Tesseract?

what is spirit world and how its connected to Tesseract

‘What If…?’ Season 2 introduced us to Kahhori and Atahraks and their amazing powers derived from the Space Stone, but it also introduced us to a new magical world dubbed “Sky World” by the Mohawks. Sky World offers amazing powers, immortality, and tranquility, but as we soon learned, it was quite complicated to leave it. Let’s see what that curious place is and how it’s connected to Tesseract.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sky World is a different plane of existence that can be reached via the Tesseract portal situated at the bottom of the Forbidden Lake.
  • The place grants superpowers and immortality to its inhabitants, and it’s clearly not anywhere on Earth based on Celestial bodies that can be seen from its surface.
  • It’s possible that Sky World is a realm within the Space Stone, as numerous other Infinity Stones had their own realms within them.
  • It’s also possible that Sky World is derived from Giizhigong, a God Realm from Marvel Comics and a pocket dimension adjacent to Earth.

Sky World is not located on Earth, but its exact location remains mysterious

All inhabitants of the Sky World ended up in the place after they were sucked into a portal at the bottom of the lake that housed the Space Stone inside the Tesseract. The portal obviously led to some other reality where superpowers were commonplace, and everything was infused with the power of the Space Stone. Sky World had different types of flora and fauna, and different celestial bodies could be seen in the sky, which led us to conclude that this realm is separated from Earth completely.

Sky world

The only way to reach the Sky World was via the portal, but that was also the only way to leave the Sky World. The portal was previously situated in the sky, but Kahhori managed to manifest the portal behind her when she was desperate to leave “the prison.”

Sky World is possibly within the Space Stone itself

Our first theory is that Sky World is actually a realm within the Space Stone, as it’s common for Infinity Stones to have worlds within them that manifest all kinds of different phenomena. The primary evidence for this is the fact that everything within the Sky World seems to be infused with the powers of the Space Stone, while not everything in the vicinity of the Tesseract on Earth is infused with it despite the water having a blue glow.

tesseract fruit what if season 2 episode 6

The animals that the Mohawks were hunting had natural-grown scales that were infused with powers, and manifesting the powers of Space Stone seemed easy in Sky World. The fact that Mohawks were immortal and basically frozen in time led us to believe that time doesn’t exactly exist within the Sky World. In any case, this wasn’t confirmed, but it’s a solid theory until it is confirmed or debunked.


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Is Sky World actually Asgard?

Sky World is not Asgard, as Asgard was destroyed by Ragnarok even before Kahhori was born; this is how her story began, that is, the story of her people. Tesseract landed in the Mohawk territory and sunk to the bottom of the lake, and her people warred with different people over its powers, which eventually led to the creation of the Forbidden Lake legend.

It was a feared place, and Atahraks actually mentioned that plenty of tribe members disappeared over the years, including his cousin. They were all ultimately transported to Sky World, and since Asgard doesn’t exist within that Universe any longer, it can’t be it.

Sky World has some similarities to Giizhigong from the comics

All ‘What If…?’ Episodes draw inspiration from the comics in one way or another and it’s quite possible that Sky World was inspired by Giizhigong.Giizhigong is a God Realm within the Inner Planes, a spiritual dimension adjacent to Earth. It serves as the boundless home for the Manidoog beings, revered as gods by North America’s indigenous populations. The spiritual plane is the origin of mystic “Orenda” energies, harnessed by the Manidoog for various supernatural abilities. Nexus points, like Sipapu (“the Place of Emergence”), connect Giizhigong to Earth, with one located at the confluence of the Colorado River and Little Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Apart from the Manidoog, other entities such as Thunderbirds and Hobomokko inhabit this spiritual plane.

Giizhigong from Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme

Still, we have no official confirmation for this, so just like our previous theory, it remains a possibility until it is officially debunked or confirmed.

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