‘What If…?’ Season 2: Who is Atahraks & How Did He End Up in the Sky World?

who is Atahraks

‘What If…?’ Episode 6 of Season 2 introduced a completely original superhero to the MCU, Kahhori, but it also introduced a wonderful supporting cast, that shares at least a portion of her powers. One of them is Atahraks, who found himself in the Sky World a long time before Kahhori and served as her guide on her journey of self-discovery. Considering that Atahraks is a completely new character, there’s a lot about his past to discover. Let’s start with how did he end up in the Sky World in the first place.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Atahraks is a Mohawk tribesman who found himself transported to the Sky World after he fell into Tesseract Lake.
  • Once in the Sky World, Atahraks discovered that his people lived in peace and tranquility, and they were seemingly immortal and blessed by the incredible powers of this new world.
  • Despite being blessed with amazing powers, Atahraks was reluctant to join Kahhori’s fight; he believed that their people were meant to live in peace in the Sky World, far away from the mortal affairs in the wars.
  • Atahraks ultimately joined Kahhori’s peace talks with Queen Isabella, willing to pick up the fight of his ancestors.

Atahraks ended up in the Sky World much in the same way Kahhori did

Due to the fact that Sky World apparently granted immortality, it’s difficult to piece together how old Atahraks exactly is. He mentioned that he fell into the lake after he witnessed plenty of people from the tribe disappearing when he was young, including his own cousin. Considering that Kahhori did not recognize him, he most likely fell in before her time. Atahraks also mentioned that he was made from the clay of the Turtle.

ataharaks and kahhori

Atahraks served as Kahhori’s guide but was reluctant to leave the Sky World

As soon as Kahhori woke up and started having questions about this strange new place, Atahraks was more than glad to help her out. He showed her the portal that led to their own world, and he showed her how to utilize her powers and abilities in the best way possible.


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He was also the one to show Kahhori the hunt, during which they hunted strange animals with crystalline scales that infused them with even more Tesseract powers. Atahraks was also quick to praise Kahhori when she did something right and offer guidance when she did something wrong, but there was one thing that he did not agree on with her, and that was the matter of the Sky World.

Atahraks believe that they were brought to the Sky World for a reason, and Kahhori believes this too, but for a completely opposite reason. Atahraks believed that they were blessed with powers and immortality to escape the wars of the mundane world, while Kahhori believed that they were brought here to get powers to join the fight against outsiders and Conquistadors. Kahhori asked Atahraks whether he would like to join the fight with her, but initially, he declined.

Atahraks joined Kahhori in her fight against the Spanish crown

Atahraks ultimately did Joim Kahhori and the rest of the Mohawk tribe. He was seen in the fight against Rodrigo’s conquistador, and he was later seen in the Spanish court during the peace negotiations with Queen Isabella. Due to his powers and abilities and his tendency to look at things rationally, he would prove to be quite the help, and we’re looking forward to seeing him in future projects.

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