How Fast Is Batman? Compared to Other Fast Superheroes

How Fast Is Batman Compared To Other Fast Superheroes

Batman is among the most iconic superheroes ever created. The fact that he doesn’t have any superpowers and holds himself to higher principles makes him extremely relatable. He is one of the rare cases where non-powered superheroes stand a chance among the most powerful villains. We know that Batman is at peak human excellency, and he showcased his potential to go far beyond what is possible for the human body, and due to that, we decided to see how fast Batman is. Especially compared to other speedsters from the DC comics. 

Batman can run at a peak of 40 miles per hour. This is the most cited number considering that he is supposed to “exceed” the level of Olympic athletes. Even though Batman is an “ordinary” human, he was faster than moving vehicles and bullets on several occasions. Although Batman is able to run relatively fast compared to humans, his reaction times and combat speeds is where he truly excels. Compared to other speedsters in DC Universe and in general, Batman is not that fast. 

Now that we’ve covered what Batman is capable of in terms of speed, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Batman is far faster than an average human 

Batman allegedly doesn’t have any superpowers, and I say allegedly because he is often seen performing superhuman feats in strength, speed, and durability. 

This is due to Batman’s discipline, years of training, and indomitable will. The combination of these factors truly transformed Batman into something that goes beyond what is capable of the human body. Batman can catch up to moving trains, catching up with cars, and outrunning bullets. This is because he operates at peak human level, even exceeding Olympic-level athletes by manyfold. 

Batman outrunning heat missiles

Although the exact numbers are not available to us as they have never been disclosed much in the same way that Marvel does it, based on his feats, Batman can run at 40 mph. The current world record is held by Usain Bolt, and it’s 27.33 miles per hour. And Batman does it with extremely heavy and bulky armor equipped. 

Even though 40 miles per hour is mind-boggling for a human without superpowers, Batman truly excels in his reaction times and movement speed in combats. While Batman is in combat, he is often fast enough that he is compared to a blur, his moves invisible.


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No doubt that years of training have paid off, but how fast would Batman be if we compared him to other speedsters from DC comics? 

Batman is slower than Superman


This one goes without saying, as Superman is probably among the fastest characters in the DC comics that isn’t powered by Speed Force. Superman can achieve speeds as fast as 186,000 miles per second and possibly even beyond that. When he is flying in outer space, he can easily reach speeds that go beyond the speed of light and then some.

I will admit that it’s not exactly a fair comparison considering that Superman is Kryptonian, and as long as he has access to yellow sun radiation, he just keeps getting more powerful. When we compare Batman’s 40 miles per hour with Superman’s numbers, it’s truly humbling how much faster Man of Steel is.

Wonder Woman outruns Batman easily 

Wonder Woman

Among Wonder Woman’s most impressive speed feats is certainly the fact that she can match Flash’s cruising speeds, and just like Superman, her speed is even greater while she is flying in outer space. This is due to Diana’s godly heritage. As you know, she is not your average Amazonian as she is the daughter of Zeus and has received the gifts of physical and magical enhancements from various Greek gods. 

Wonder Woman’s speed comes from her blessing of Mercury, and she is like Superman, known to be among the fastest characters in DC comics that has no connection to the Speed Force. Wonder Woman is like Batman, incredibly fast during combat as well but exceeds his speed by a thousandfold. 

How fast is Batman compared to Shazam?

shazam featured

Well, if you consider Billy Batson alone, Batman is faster, but transformed into Shazam, you get one incredible speedster capable of both flight and sprinting nearly at light speed

Like Wonder Woman, Shazam draws his speed from a god, a Roman god to be specific, Mercury. He can fly, run as fast as the wind, and move fast in combat. But, Batman still has one thing going for him, he is a much better hand-to-hand combatant, even if we take into account all Shazam’s enhancements. 

Batman comes nowhere near Flash

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Flash is the embodiment of speed in the DC universe, quite literally. His connection to Speed Force allows him to break the borders of time and space. He is so fast he is capable of bending time around him. He can siphon speed from others, and his molecules move so fast that he can phase through solid objects. 

So how does Batman compare to this? Not as good as you could guess, as Batman is much slower than Flash. Compared to Flash, Batman moves so slow he is barely even moving. It’s snail’s pace slow. Still, there’s no shame in losing a race against Flash. Superman lost to Flash several times and is generally regarded as the best at nearly everything. 


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To summarize everything, Batman might be much faster than the average human, but he comes nowhere near to classic speedsters in the DC comics, sure he does have a tendency to outrun moving vehicles, but this really can’t measure with lightspeed. 

What Batman has going for him, however, is the fact that he would beat almost everyone on this list in hand-to-hand combat, as Wonder Woman is the only one that comes near. So he has that going for him. 

How do you think Batman would fare against those speedsters? Let us know in the comments below!

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