10 Reasons Why Batman Is the Greatest Superhero of All Time

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Every superhero has something unique to them, something that separates them from the rest – something that makes them your favorite superhero. However, none of them is even remotely similar to the character of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. Despite not having superpowers of his own, there’s nobody in the world that Batman couldn’t defeat given the right circumstances.

There’s a specific depth to the character and a certain relatability to him being only human that makes Batman an instant fan favorite. So, without further ado, here are ten reasons why Batman should be on top of your list as the greatest superhero of all time.

Bruce Wayne is a super-genius

Bruce Wayne is smart – that we know. However, did you know just how smart he is? In DC Comics, Batman was cited to have an IQ score of 192. That doesn’t put him in the genius range – it puts him beyond that.

Bruce has vast intelligence and capacity and is also a willing learner, knowledgeable in countless areas, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, history, psychology, linguistics… You name it.

Batman’s mental capacity allows him to store information incredibly fast, and Wayne makes sure to put that ability to good use. That itself makes him an incredibly dangerous enemy to anyone. Give Bruce Wayne enough prep time and resources, and he’ll figure out a way to single-handedly defeat absolutely anyone.

Batman has nearly unlimited resources

After Bruce’s parents were both murdered in a petty theft on the streets of Gotham City, young Bruce inherited the massive fortune made by his father with Wayne Enterprises. The number keeps changing from iteration to iteration, but Bruce Wayne is usually in the high billions.

Of course, Batman puts those vast resources to good use both as Bruce Wayne and the Caped Crusader. With such wealth, his resources are nearly unlimited, allowing Wayne to go beyond what was thought possible – and he usually succeeds at it.


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Batman’s technology is top-class

That leads us to the next big reason Batman is the greatest superhero ever. Thanks to the aforementioned unlimited resources, Batman’s technology is absolutely top-class. Combined with his profound knowledge in all scientific fields – and some friends in high places – there’s nothing that Batman can’t create.

He created armored suits capable of fighting Superman. His vehicles can sometimes defy gravity, and he has probably the greatest computing network in the world. There’s nothing his technology can’t overcome, which often serves as Batman’s counter to superpowers.

That technology advantage often involves amazing gadgets and weaponry, but they’re usually focused on neutralizing the enemy, not killing them – ever.

Batman is a complex superhero

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With a lot of superheroes – like, for instance, Captain America – there’s not a lot of wavering or complexity regarding their status as a superhero. I mean that in a sense that Cap is always Cap – you never question his morals, and you never doubt he’s a superhero to his core.

With Batman, however, there’s a certain darkness to what he does that kind of makes you ponder at times – is he a superhero or a vigilante? There’s a reason why he’s known as the Dark Knight – the name itself is supposed to instill fear in the bones of criminals.

He is, in fact, a complex and polarizing superhero. He is flawed, and, you know what – that’s what makes him so incredible. He has depth, flaws; he wavers but never stops fighting for what he believes in.


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Batman is one of the world’s greatest martial artists

Batman might not have literal superpowers, but he’s insanely strong for a human. In fact, he trained so much that he brought himself to peak physical condition in almost every way imaginable. That includes quickness, strength, agility, balance, reflexes, and durability – all in peak human condition.

Now, you pair that with a dude that’s an expert in over 100 martial arts. That might not be the same as shooting lasers out of your eyes, but it damn well is a superpower.

Batman is one of the greatest martial artists in the world, which puts him at an advantage in close combat against nearly anybody you can pit against him – human or metahuman. You don’t need superpowers to be skilled or a badass.

Bruce has seen pain in life but persisted

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Bruce witnessed the death of his parents at a very young age. They were savagely shot and murdered right before him, leaving Bruce an orphan to be taken care of by Sir Alfred, their butler.

He’s lost a lot in life and has seen more pain than most people – especially superheroes. People usually become villains after such pain, but instead, Bruce vowed to always fight for justice and never to falter. Despite everything, he always persists.

Even if it meant destroying his own reputation, and even if it meant taking the fall when he was not responsible, Bruce persisted. That makes him a unique brand of superhero.

Even with his life on the line, Batman doesn’t kill

Through all the talk about Batman being dark, violent, and even scary, people seem to forget one crucial detail that makes this dude so much more awesome. Bruce never kills. His code is his bond; even if it means putting his life on the line, Batman does not kill. He inflicts pain, knocks out, incapacitates, but never, ever does he kill.


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Of course, there are storylines in the comics revolving around exactly that predicament – Batman being forced to deliberately or inadvertently break his code and kill someone and the repercussions that have on him as a person and as a hero. But those storylines are exceptions that prove the rule.

No matter how dark he is or how dangerous the situation is for him – Batman won’t kill, making him that much more of a superhero.

Batman is a symbol

While most superheroes are there to fight evil and save the world, Batman isn’t just that. He first wants to save the people of his town, Gotham, from the crime, terror, and corruption it fell into. Batman is not just a guy who beats up the bad guys.

Batman is a symbol. He wants every criminal and every villain to know that he’s out there, in the shadows. He wants to instill fear in the bones of those who do evil and hope in those who do good.

He is also a symbol of overcoming your own personal fears. When Bruce was a kid, bats were his biggest fear. But now, he took the bat to be his symbol – a symbol of overcoming your fears and fighting for what you believe is right. As long as there’s Batman, there’s hope.

Best movie, best animated series

batman animated

We can talk about comics all day, but in the end, it’s hard to rank the best character or storyline among such a vast number of entries. However, in superhero movies and animated series, there’s no doubt that Batman dominates both.

2008’s ‘The Dark Knight,’ created by Cristopher Nolan, is widely regarded as the best superhero movie of all time, with a 9.0/10 IMDb score and a 94% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Christian Bale just killed it as Batman, and Heath Ledger delivered a once-in-a-generation performance as the Joker.

On the other hand, ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ is arguably even better. It’s hard to describe the sheer awesomeness of every episode of this groundbreaking animated series that aired from 1992 to 1995 for four seasons. It also has a 9.0/10 IMDb rating and is a masterpiece you must watch. I literally lived on it when I was a kid.


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Batman is just a human

Last but not least, the thing that makes Batman so compelling and so relatable is that he’s only human. And I mean that in two different ways.

Obviously, The first one is that Bruce Wayne has no particular superpowers. He’s just a human with a vast intellect that he puts into good use and an indomitable will to improve himself both physically and mentally. He’s the perfect human specimen in those aspects, without ever having superpowers to boost his abilities.

And yet, at the same time, he is imperfect. That’s the second way Bruce is only human. He is flawed. He makes mistakes, grieves gets angry, lashes out… Everything that every single human being does.

Despite all of his flaws and all the shortcomings he might have, Batman is always ready to face any threat, no matter how grand it is, and emerge victorious.

That, for me, is the main reason why Batman is, and always will be, the greatest superhero of all time. What about your reasons for why Batman is so great? Let us know in the comments!

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