What Is Galactus’ Cat & How Powerful Is It?


As one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, Galactus has unimaginable powers at his disposal, but this is not the only thing that allows him to affect the fabric of the Universe, as he has plenty of advanced technology as well. Galactus mostly utilizes his technology to eat planets, but there were times when he created powerful weapons of destruction, and this is where his Cat comes in. Galactus doesn’t seem to be the type to keep pets, and he really isn’t, as you will later see for yourself. So, let’s explain what exactly Galactus’ Cat is and how powerful it is.

Galactus’ Cat is really no cat at all; it’s actually a deadly robot created at some point in time by Galactus with the purpose of getting rid of the vermin. Galactus’ Cat made its first (and last appearance) during ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ #5 when Galactus sicced the thing to attack the Avengers, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four. The Cat was ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of superheroes, with the Human Torch being the one to deal the deadly “blow.”

Now that we’ve summarized the most important things about Galactus’ Cat, it’s time to analyze the thing in more detail. If you’re interested in what happened with his “pet” and how the superheroes managed to deal with it, stay with us and keep reading!

Galactus’ Cat was really just one more piece of powerful technology

Galactus has access to vast alien technology, which he often utilizes to get things done. He is mostly associated with Elemental Converter, Ultimate Nullifier, and his massive and otherwordly spaceship called Taa II. It’s also a pretty known fact that he created the armor he wears by utilizing unknown materials. He is also credited with creating Silver Surfer’s metallic skin and his iconic surfboard.

All of the above-mentioned pieces of technology are nearly indestructible and extremely powerful, but there are other, less-known technological inventions that Galactus created to “deal with vermin.”

One of them is Galactus’ Cat. Galactus never actually named the thing “Cat,” it’s just a nickname that Hawkeye gave it when the monster was almost upon them.

Galactus’ Cat was actually a powerful and deadly robot constructed by Galactus to deal with lesser vermin and perform tasks for him that are considered far too trivial for him to be bothered with.

Little is known about the Cat and its uses, except for the fact that it was sent to deal with the combined efforts of the Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four.


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What happened to Galactus’ Cat?

Galactus’ Cat appeared in only one issue in ‘Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars’ #5. Galactus was transported to Beyonder’s Battleworld and, seeing the chaos on the planet decided to take part in a fight. He landed and parked his ship on top of the mountain where Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four were camping out.

Both Xavier and Richards attempted to communicate with Galactus to talk him into taking their side or simply stop him from consuming the patchwork world. Xavier and Richards failed to connect with Galactus’ mind, so Magneto tried, but Galactus’ defenses were far too strong, and this caused a surge and explosion, which made Galactus aware that there were some contenders hiding underneath the mountain.

Figuring this out, Galactus unleashed the “Cat” to fight the heroes, likely believing that the robot would make quick work of them. Galactus’ Cat engaged the heroes in a fight and initially had the upper hand. However, Captain America thought of an attack that had to be perfectly coordinated in order to work.

Steve lodged his Vibranium shield in one of the robot’s eyesockets while The Thing held it subdued, using the moment of distraction. Human Torch then melted the robot from the inside while its mechanical jaws were opened.

The outside of the Cat wasn’t meltable, but its insides definitely were. Galactus’ Cat was killed in the same issues that it appeared in, after a brief fight. It’s unknown how Galactus reacted to its loss, but what is known is that Galactus used the distraction to lay plans for a device that would allow him to consume the Battleworld completely.

Doctor Doom’s villains waited for the heroes to disengage the Cat and used the opportunity and the fact that the heroes were weakened to attack them. While Doom’s villains were attacking heroes, Doom himself tried to attack Galactus.

How powerful was Galactus’ Cat?

Being Galactus’ construct, the Cat was extremely powerful both physically and in terms of its powers and abilities. It is known that the Cat was called Herald of Galactus. However, it’s highly unlikely that the beast actually performed this function and had Power Cosmic. It’s more likely that this was just a nickname and something that came from being associated with Galactus.


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Galactus’ Cat didn’t have fur. It instead had a hard and durable body created out of Silver metal, which was reflected in its skin. It’s unknown whether silvery skin is connected to the same substance that coated Silver Surfer. Besides its physical strength, the robot was capable of dispatching highly destructive energy blasts and firing goop that was able to make its victims paralyzed for a short amount of time.

The cat was strong enough to overpower Hulk, which is evidence enough of its strength. Despite being incredibly powerful, superheroes managed to find its weak points. Even though the outside of the cat was nearly indestructible, its internal wiring was vulnerable to energy-based and fire-based attacks. Captain America, The Thing, and Human Torch managed to subdue the thing by exploiting these weak points.

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