Who Is Galacta? Meet Galactus’ Estranged Daughter


Familiar relationships are nothing new and nothing strange in Marvel comics, as plenty of superheroes and villains alike have children who often decide to follow in their footsteps. Despite being a cosmic being, Galactus is no exception to this rule. Even though he is supremely powerful and holds the balance of the Universe at his fingertips, he has a daughter who seemingly wants nothing to do with him. Due to their strained and, quite frankly, bizarre relationship, we decided to explore Galacta in a bit more detail. Let’s see who Gali is and whether she is as powerful as he father.

Galacta, also known as Gali, is Galactus’ non-canon daughter that spawned within his body due to spontaneous generation. Galacta shares quite a portion of Galactus’ powers and, due to that, also suffers from everlasting hunger. She decided to live among humans undercover and use her powers and technology to help them. Galacta and Galactus aren’t quite on speaking terms due to his nature. Along with Galacta, Galactus has one canon son called Tyrant, who is not connected to Galacta.

Now that we’ve covered who Galacta is, it’s time to explore it in a bit more detail. If you want to know about a slightly smaller, younger, and more humorous version of Devourer of Worlds, stay with us and keep reading!

Gali, also known as Galacta is a non-canon character

Galactus has been around for quite some time up to this point. He is a supposed survivor of the sixth incarnation of the Universe, meaning that he actually predates the current incarnation of the Universe.

He wasn’t always what he is today, as he used to be a humanoid alien under the name Galan, originating from a distant planet called Taa. As you can see, he has a long history, but his family is largely unknown. We’ve met his mother and his canon son, but Galactus also has one lesser-known daughter called Gali or Galacta.

Galacta is not a canon character, meaning that she doesn’t appear in the mainline Marvel Universe. She made several appearances in ‘Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular’ #2 and got her own solo issue ‘Galacta: Daughter of Galactus’ in 2010.


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Considering her canon status, it’s also not surprising that her origin story is highly veiled in mystery.

We know that Galan of Earth-616 was married before his Universe was destroyed by the Black Winter, and his wife was pregnant with their child at that moment. However, considering that he is the only survivor of his Universe, it’s highly unlikely that his wife and child survived, and even more unlikely that they are connected to Galacta in this different reality.

Who is Galacta’s mother?

Galacta’s mother is Galactus himself. I know that this sounds weird, but it’s true. According to Galacta, she spawned within Galactus as a parasitic metaorganism that spontaneously generated within his body’s Power-Cosmic fieldwave. It means absolutely nothing in real-world science, but within Marvel comics, it means that Galactus gave birth to Galacta and is her sole parent.

Galacta shares her father’s powers but has a different personality

Galacta was like her father, fascinated by planet Earth, and decided to live here in disguise. Just like her cosmic father, Galacta inherited Power Cosmic as well as the terrific hunger that comes with it. She is, however, doing everything in her power to keep it under reins.

Galacta still has to devour biomass to survive, but she did find an answer to this issue. She uses her powers as well as technology to devour various extraterrestrial threats that find themselves on Earth. Galacta has a vastly different personality than what we’ve seen Galactus manifesting, and this is why the two of them clashed for a long time, not speaking to each other. They are estranged more often than not, while Galacta tries to live her life as much as humans would as possible.

She is avidly into blogging. She likewise has a real X (formerly Twitter) account under the name Gali_girl, where she used to post about troubles with her father, her “food problems,” and her various hobbies.

In ‘Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular’ #2, we learn that Galacta recently started having trouble controlling her hunger. Considering her vast array of powers, she was able to perform an examination upon herself and discovered that she was infected with Tapeworm Cosmic, which supposedly originated from the same incarnation of the Universe where Galactus also hails from.

She sought assistance from her father, but he initially refused to help her. Gali then wanted to acquire the Ultimate Nullifier, one of the most powerful weapons in Marvel Comics and likely the only weapon capable of destroying the parasite, but it would come with a pretty high price. Galacta would likely destroy herself in the process as well.

Luckily, Galactus stopped her in time and revealed that she didn’t have an extraterrestrial parasite. Instead, she is pregnant.


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How powerful is Galacta?

Considering that Galacta inherited Galactus’ hunger and has the means to devour biomass and energy, she also has Power Cosmic, which, from the start, puts her among the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics.

It’s likely that Galacta did not inherit the full scope of Galactus’ powers, however, and is much weaker than him. Still, she did display some interesting abilities like cloaking, which allows her to live among humans undiscovered. She has cosmic awareness, just like her father, which makes their arguments truly intense.

She can use teleportation to traverse vast cosmic distances. She is a skilled energy manipulator and can levitate if needed. Like Galactus, Galacta has one extremely powerful ability to restructure the molecules of various living and non-living objects.

It’s unknown whether Galacta inherited all Galactus’ physical aspects, such as his size. Still, we do know that she has rectangular irises and often uses special glasses to hide her unique eyes.

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