Top 15 Marvel Characters Who Can Beat Galactus in a Fight

Top 15 Marvel Characters Who Can Beat Galactus in a Fight

Galactus is one of the most iconic Marvel Villains. He wields the mighty Power Cosmic, which gives him unimaginable power levels. He is part of the cosmic pantheon due to being a necessary force of the Universe, and as such, if he comes to die, reality itself might collapse.

Even with this, Galactus has been defeated several times in the past by notable and more obscure characters. We’re going to revisit some of Galactus’ notable defeats and analyze some additional characters that would be able to stop the Devourer of Worlds. Let’s see the 15 strongest Marvel characters who could defeat Galactus in a fight.

1. Logos


When Lord Chaos and Master Order realized that Galactus was at least on the same level of power as them, they had to fuse together and form one extremely potent cosmic entity, Logos. Not much is known about their powers, but they are at least cosmic-level in nature due to their role in the Cosmic Pantheon as necessary forces that result in the balance of the Universe. It is, therefore, natural to assume that Logos had both powers of Lord Chaos and Master Order.

Logos, as an entity, was powerful enough to submit Galactus to its rule, reverting him back from Lifebringer Galactus to Devourer of Worlds. It was later discovered that the First Firmament manipulated Logos.

2. Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards

Now Franklin Richards is currently depowered, but while he was a mutate, he had truly reality-breaking powers. He used to possess a vast array of powers, including telepathy, telekinesis, energy projection, reality warping, matter manipulation, time travel, psionics, precognitive dreams, and fundamental forces manipulation. He has demonstrated the ability to create pocket universes and is considered a “Universal Shaper” by the Celestials.

Franklin Richards was not only powerful enough to defeat Galactus but also powerful enough to proclaim Galactus to be his Herald.

3. One Above All

The One Above All

Putting One Above All is always cheating when he shows up on these types of lists, but considering that Galactus is in question, I don’t think the rule applies. Fully fed Galactus at the top of his powers is a force of nature to be reckoned with, and depending on his current form, might be unstoppable. This is where One Above All comes in.


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As the ultimate creator of the Marvel Universe, One Above All has the last word. And no matter Galactus’ form or his power level, One Above All can annihilate him with a mere thought.

4. Mad Jim Jaspers

Mad Jim Jaspers

Mad Jim Jaspers is not a cosmic being, technically, as he is an Omega-level mutant, but one of the most powerful ones, if I may add. Mad Jim Jaspers has vast powers of reality manipulation. He can warp matter and energy, form his own realities, and destroy them. But to some extent, Galactus can do that too, so what’s the catch?

One version of Mad Jim Jaspers messed up his reality so badly with his powers, which resulted in that whole reality being destroyed, or else the corruption could spread to other realities like cancers. It’s estimated that Mad Jim will eventually reach the state of godhood.

5. Living Tribunal

Living Tribunal

Again, Living Tribunal is an obvious and natural choice for a character that can stand up to Galactus due to its vast powers. Living Tribunal is the highest form of authority within the Multiverse since it represents One Above All and his powers.

Living Tribunal is omnipotent, and its powers are truly limitless in nature. The entity is powerful enough to negate the powers of all Infinity Stones at once, so I think that it would have no trouble dealing with Galactus, even with a well-fed Galactus.

6. Beyonder

beyonder 1

Beyonder belongs to a race of Beyonders, a powerful, strange species inhabiting the realms beyond the Multiverse. Since they live outside our Multiverse and come from the remnants of the second cosmos, our laws of space, time, power, and other phenomena don’t apply to them.

For all it counts, Beyonders are omnipotent while in our Multiverse. 3 members of their race managed to kill our Multiverse’s avatar of Living Tribunal, so I doubt that a single Beyonder would have trouble dealing with Galactus.

7. Celestials


Now Galactus is able to take on several Celestials at once and even defeat one of them, but the group will eventually take him down. It is also something that happened at one point, and Celestials merged in a single form to take him down.

This makes sense as Celestials are older than Galactus and pack slightly more cosmic power than he does.

8. Phoenix Force

phoenix force

The Phoenix Force is one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Universe, capable of creating and destroying almost anything. It is considered an Extinction-level threat and an Omega-level threat.

Its powers include near-omnipotence, the ability to tap into future life force, and control over cosmic energy and life and death. It can project concussive force blasts, traverse time and space, manipulate energy, control matter at a subatomic level, teleport across vast distances, and unleash disintegration waves. With a skill set like this, Phoenix Force can stand up to Galactus, no matter his energy levels.

9. Thor

Was thor ever a herald of Galactus thor herald of thunder

You might be surprised to see a mere Asgardian god on this list populated by Extinction-level threats and cosmic entities, but it’s true Thor does have enough juice to take down fully fed Galactus, as he proved recently during the ‘Devouer King’ arc.

Galactus made Thor into his Herald of Thunder so the two of them could take down Black Winter together. Thor assisted Galactus in devouring five energy-rich planets but eventually betrayed him when he devoured the last planet before Thor could evacuate the populace. The final straw came when Black Winter revealed that Galactus was formerly its Herald, and the only reason why he wants the entity gone is that it doesn’t have to serve it.


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Thor enraged, struck down fully fed Galactus with the combined might of lighting and Power Cosmic, killed him, and later used his body as a bomb to defeat Black Winter.

10. Abraxas

Abraxas is the counterpart to the creation that grew within the core of Eternity. When the original Galactus died, Abraxas emerged, causing havoc by killing multiple versions of Galactus across alternate realities.

Now as the embodiment of destruction, Abraxas’ powers are near-unlimited, and considering that he did multiple versions of Galactus, he proved that he does what it takes to take down Devourer of Worlds.

11. Black Winter

Black Winter

According to Galactus’ origin story, he was created by the Sentience of Cosmos amidst the destruction of the past Universe. Most recently, however, it was revealed that Galactus was actually created to be the Herald of the cosmic entity called the Black Winter. So what’s the deal with Black Winter, and why would it be able to destroy Galactus?

Black Winter does the exact same thing as Galactus but on a Multiversal scale. Black Winter devours entire Universes to feed itself, which is why it appointed Galactus as its Herald and packs enough juice to defeat him. Scaling is everything.

12. Eternity

Eternity Marvel comics

Eternity contains all entities in creation as well as their powers. It’s a container for Universe, and everything inside it is merely a thought generated within both Eternity and Infinity.

Galactus is not above Eternity. Since he is part of the natural order, the entity would have no trouble dealing with him.

13. Thanos

Thanos Kiledd Galactus

Thanos would have no problem defeating Galactus with Infinity Gauntlet, and he has already proved it several times. During the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ storyline, Thanos got rid of Galactus and the majority of cosmic entities by using the reality-breaking powers of Infinity Stones.

During the ‘Thanos Wins’ storyline, Thanos faced Galactus and his Herald Cosmic Ghost Rider as the two were looking for him to kill him for annihilating almost all life and all gods in existence. Thanos had no trouble dealing with Galactus and slew him relatively fast, while Cosmic Ghost Rider betrayed his former master and joined Thanos’ side.


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14. Exitar


Exitar, a Celestial from Earth-616 reality, is believed to be one aspect of the true Exitar, with Celestials’ counterparts across the Multiverse being interconnected aspects of themselves rather than separate beings.

This is why it possesses control over cosmic energy with an unknown limit and near-invulnerability. It could be in multiple places at once, purify galaxies, selectively destroy individuals or transform entire planets. Its power surpassed that of the entire Fourth Host combined, Galactus, In-Betweener, Odin & Zeus, and it could affect reality on a universal scale, easily overpowering Earth’s superhumans and destroying planets with its enormous size.

15. Hunger


Hunger was a Universal parasite that came from beyond the Earth-616 reality, and true to its name, Hunger “hungered” for vast energy deposits and had the ability to devour entire realities.

Hunger has the ability to eat any form or energy and matter. It is said that it can also eat the fabric of reality itself. Naturally, it sought to corrupt this reality through Galactus. Considering that Hunger does something similar to Galactus but on a much larger scale, it can certainly overpower Galactus through a direct confrontation.

Who would make it to your list of strongest characters who can defeat Galactus? Let us know in the comments!

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