Where Did Supergirl Come From in ‘The Flash’ Movie?


One of the things that we saw in ‘The Flash’ was that Superman was not on Earth in the alternate timeline that Barry Allen accidentally created when he traveled to the past to save his mom from death. As such, in this alternate timeline, the Kryptonian on Earth was Supergirl instead of Superman. In that regard, there was a big change in the entire history of this timeline because Superman was almost always the Kryptonian savior of Earth instead of Supergirl. So, where did Supergirl come from?

Born Kara-Zor-El, Supergirl also came from the planet of Krypton, just like her cousin, Kal-El. She was the daughter of Kal-El’s uncle and aunt in Argo City. However, before Krypton’s destruction, Kara and Kal were placed in escape pods sent to Earth. Kara was supposed to be the infant Kal’s protector.

Considering that Supergirl was initially older than Superman, she was supposed to be the one to guide him in the new world where they were about to live. But things didn’t work out as planned, as Supergirl’s arrival on Earth was delayed in almost every DC universe. That wasn’t the case in ‘The Flash.’ Now, let’s look at where Supergirl came from.

Supergirl is also from Krypton

Fans were already aware years ago that ‘The Flash’ movie was supposedly inspired by the ‘Flashpoint’ storyline in the comics. In ‘Flashpoint,’ Barry Allen returns to the past to save his mother from death. However, what happened was that Barry turned Earth into a darker one because the effects of his actions rippled across the universe. In the timeline that he accidentally created, Superman was captured and isolated by the government. That is why fans thought ‘The Flash’ would also feature Superman in a similar role.

Of course, ‘The Flash’ was far from a 1:1 copy of ‘Flashpoint’ because it had its own story and premise. A few months ago, fans also said there would be no Superman in this timeline accidentally created by Barry Allen when he attempted to save his mother. Instead, the Kryptonian on Earth was Kara-Zor-El, who we all know as Supergirl.

In the original timeline of the DCEU, Supergirl was nowhere to be found. That’s probably because she was yet to arrive on Earth as she was still stuck in space. And this goes back to her origins as a character in the comics.

Born Kara-Zor-El, Supergirl was a normal teenager living in Argo City in Krypton. She was the daughter of Kal-El’s uncle and aunt. At that time, Kal had just been born and was simply an infant. That means that Kara was always supposedly older than Kal, as she was already a teenager when her cousin was still just a baby.

The destruction of Krypton was something that the House of El had anticipated, and that’s why escape pods were created for both Kara and Kal. They were both placed in those escape pods and sent to Earth just before the destruction of Krypton. However, in the comics, Kara’s pod was hit by space debris and was pushed out of its course. Kara was placed in stasis the entire time, so she didn’t age a single day before she arrived on Earth.


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Of course, in the DCEU, we know that Kal-El was sent to Earth by his parents to keep him safe from Zod and his followers. Kryptonians in the DCEU were sterile, but Kal was the first child in generations to be born naturally. Kal had no pre-ordained genetic traits, unlike the other Kryptonians with genetic sequences that dictated their specialties in life. And his genetics also contained the genetic code of all of the Kryptonians before he was sent to Earth.

We can assume that the DCEU was supposed to introduce Supergirl in the main timeline before James Gunn’s takeover reset the entire universe. As such, her supposed origin in the DCEU may be similar to the one in the comics because she was sent to Earth right around the same time as Kal-El.

This was further bolstered in the events of ‘The Flash’ when Kara told Barry and the others that she also came from Krypton. However, because she was older than Kal, she was sent to Earth together with her baby cousin so that she could protect him. In that regard, they were supposed to stick together on Earth had their pods landed simultaneously.

Alternate Supergirl came to Earth before Superman

As mentioned, Superman is nowhere to be found in the alternate timeline that Barry Allen accidentally created when he traveled back in time. Through research, he and Batman discovered that the Russians were holding a Kryptonian in Siberia. As such, she inherited Superman’s Flashpoint storyline in the comics.


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It is possible that she was kept in Siberia for decades while being isolated from the sun so that she wouldn’t get her powers. As such, it was only when Barry and the others could get her to the surface that she could obtain her powers. And the fact that she was well aware of her abilities suggests that, before the Russians captured her, she had time to learn all about a Kryptonian’s abilities when exposed to yellow sun.

Kara also told her story to Barry and the others when she was supposed to be on Earth to protect her baby cousin. But only when she confronted Zod, she discovered what happened to Kal-El.

General Zod revealed that Zod’s people found the alternate timeline version of Kal-El before he got to Earth. They intercepted his pod and proceeded to extract the genetic code of the Kryptonians from his body, only for Zod and his people to discover that Kal-El didn’t have the genetic sequence of all of the Kryptonians. He revealed that Kal did not survive the extraction process, as the same process also killed Kara many times in the movie when younger Barry kept returning to the past to try to save her.

This means that Kara’s pod wasn’t hit by debris upon escaping the destruction of Krypton. That is probably the reason why she was able to make it to Earth before her cousin did. And because Zod thought that Kal had the genetic material of all of the Kryptonians, he was the one that they targeted.

As such, Kal-El never even made it to Earth because he died as an infant when Zod intercepted his pod. That is why Kara-Zor-El was the only one of the two members of the House of El that landed on Earth in this alternate timeline that Barry Allen accidentally created.

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