Who Is Alex in ‘My Adventures with Superman’ & What Happens to Him?


My Adventures with Superman‘ give us a look into Superman’s life and his early days as a superhero in Metropolis. And while Clark is trying his best to save as many people as possible, some people see him as a menace and a threat to humanity. In their eyes, he has the potential to bring doom to overall humanity. One of those people is Alex, who holds grudges against Superman. Let’s see what happens to him.

Alex is a former AmazoTech employee that lost his job after Ivo Tower was destroyed in a battle between Superman and Doctor Ivo. He thinks that Superman is a criminal and the greatest threat Metropolis face. Alex gave his statement in an interview with Vicky Vale, which resulted in a published story about Superman being a menace.

Even though Superman restlessly tries to save everyone in need in Metropolis, some people will never see him as a hero. Some fear his power, and some have personal grudges against him. Alex has both personal grudges and fears that Superman is uncontrollable. Let’s see in more detail what Alex had to say about Superman in an interview with Vicky Vale.

Alex was the perfect person for Vicky Vale’s interview

When Vicky Vale arrived at Daily Planet as a guest editorial writer, the main goal was to bring a star writer like that to work permanently to Daily Planet. That’s why Perry White assigned Louis Lane to keep her company and make her happy the whole day. Louis gladly accepted that task since she greatly admired Vicky and considered her one of the best journalists.

However, the initial excitement faded when Louis realized that Vicky wanted to publish a story that would make Superman look like a bad guy. Since Louis is in love with Clark, she knows how much damage this kind of story could create for him. That’s why she decided that she and Jimmy should find the people that would talk only good stuff about Superman during an interview, so Vicky would not have enough material to publish the harmful story.

Vicky was not pleased with the people Jimmy and Louis found for the interview, so she did her research. She only found one person, but that was enough for her to publish the story she wanted. Vicky interviewed Alex, an angry man that lost his job after Superman confronted Doctor Ivo in the AmazoTech Tower. Doctor Ivo invented a suit called Parasite that was so powerful that even Superman did not have an easy job defeating him.


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Their clash destroyed the whole building, and the company went bankrupt. Because of that, many people lost their jobs, and Alex blamed Superman for that. That’s why Vicky considered Alex, the perfect person to say as much bad things about Superman as possible. And he did exactly that.

Alex thinks that Superman is dangerous and could easily destroy humanity

Alex claimed that Superman is the greatest danger the Metropolis’s citizens face. For him, Man of Steel is not only dangerous but a criminal as well. Superman left AmazoTech Tower in ruins after defeating Doctor Ivo there, and he wasn’t held accountable for those actions. And it was not just material damage; thousands of people suffered and lost their jobs.

Alex also thinks that Superman operates uncontrolled and is not bound by any laws. So if Man of Steel decided not to respect human laws one day, there is nothing anyone could do about it. With how powerful Superman is, all it takes for him to have one bad day, and everything and everyone is in danger. This reminded Louis of what she’d seen in an orb where Clark from other Earth turned bad and destroyed the whole city.

And even though she believed that her Clark was good, doubt in her existed. Jimmy was on Superman’s side and claimed that Superman was a hero who did nothing but help people in Metropolis. But not everyone shared his opinion. After the interview, Vicky Vale said her goodbyes to Alex, and they parted ways. Louis tried to stop Vicky from publishing that story, stating that Alex was biased, but Vicky did not care because all the people Louis called for an interview were biased too.


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Alex’s statement was exactly what Vicky needed to present Superman as a threat and a danger to Metropolis. She published her story, calling Superman a menace, and that story got her a promotion in Gotham Gazette, where she became Editor-in-Chief.

This proves that Superman is not a hero in everyone’s eyes, and this story only made him more disliked. The General now has Clark hostage, and the overall public might even support the General’s idea that Superman needs to be put under control or worse. We’ll see what will happen in the next week’s episode.

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