What Race & Ethnicity Is Lois Lane in ‘My Adventures With Superman’?


‘My Adventures with Superman’ is filled with many interesting characters, but on top of the list are Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen, and Louis Lane. They try their best to succeed as journalists in the Daily Planet, but with Superman‘s appearance in the city alongside the villains that threaten Metropolis, these three have to join forces to find out who is behind all of that. Since the first episode, we have liked Louis, but we noticed she looks a bit different than usual in DC. So, let’s see what race and ethnicity she is in this animated series.

Loius Lane is Korean in ‘My Adventures with Superman,’ which approaches this iconic character differently than her previous iterations over the years. The executive producer of this animated series, Josie Campbell, stated that they wanted to portray Louis as of Korean heritage, the same as the actress who voiced the character, Alice Lee.

The change in Louis’ ethnicity brought freshness and a new approach to this Daily Planet reporter, making the show even more interesting. And the fun fact is she is not the only one whose race has been changed. If you want to learn more about it, keep reading until the end!

Louis Lane is one of the central characters in this animated series

‘My Adventures with Superman’ is an animated television series that is not solely centered on Clark Kent and his identity as Superman but also around his two friends, Jimmy Olsen, and Louis Lane. These three interns at Daily Planet are eager to prove themselves to their boss, and the primary way to do that is by scoring a successful interview with Superman.

Of course, Clark is unhappy with that since he has to juggle his life as a human and superhero, and Louis won’t stop until she gets a statement from Man of Steel. From the very beginning, Louis and Clark have great chemistry, and even though they are just friends, it is clear that they are in love. Gradually, Louis discovers that Clark is Superman, which complicates things between them, but not so much.

Louis is one of the most interesting characters in the show, and that has to do everything with personality. She is brave, determined, unafraid to speak her mind, and caring toward her friends. Her appearance is also pleasing, as she has short dark hair, big brown eyes, and a small head with a pointy cheekbone. She is physically much smaller than Clark, which leaves the impression of Superman’s might even more.


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This is nothing unusual, as we’ve seen many Louis Lane iterations in various media throughout history, and she was always appealing and had a significant impact on the Man of Steel. With the release of ‘My Adventures with Superman,’ fans have noticed that the show changed Louis’s race and ethnicity, so let’s see what it is all about.

Louis Lane’s ethnicity was confirmed in the fourth episode, titled ‘Let’s Go to Ivo Tower, You Say’

For decades Louis Lane was portrayed as a Caucasian woman, so it is no wonder that is our first impression when we think of her. However, this animated series changed that, and Louis is Korean in the series. This theory was confirmed in the fourth episode when Clark and Louis attended a gala hosted by one of the villains, Dr. Ivo.

Louis wore a handbok on the gala, a traditional clothing of Korean people. After that, all suspicions and questions about Louis’s ethnicity were answered. The show’s executive producer also confirmed that Louis’s outfit on the gala demonstrated her ethnicity.

Louis is voiced by Alice Lee, an actress and producer known for Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (2020), Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019), and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018). She is of Korean descent, so her Korean character is also a tribute to her and her native culture.

Louis is not the only character whose race and ethnicity have been changed in the series. There is also Jimmy Olsen, Clark’s roommate and best friend. We are used to seeing Jimmy as a Caucasian American in almost every iteration of Superman’s story, but not this time. The show’s producers decided to depict him as a black man, just like the actor who voices him, Ishmel Sahid.


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The change in the main character’s ethnicity and race was a fine refreshment compared to everything we’ve seen in other versions of Superman’s stories. Regardless of race and ethnicity, Clark, Louis, and Jimmy are great trios carrying this series on their backs. Their chemistry is great, and the atmosphere of real friendship they leave behind is admirable.

Now that it is out in the open that both Louis and Jimmy know that Clark is Superman, their relationships will only get stronger, and Clark finally won’t have to hide his true self from his friends.

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