Who Is Vicky Vale in ‘My Adventures with Superman’ & What Happens to Her?

Vicky Vale in my adventures with superman

We always knew that Louis Lane was a great reporter and that her main mission in ‘My Adventures with Superman‘ was to discover who the Man of Steel really was. Once that happened, she met her role model, Vicky Vale, and realized she was also after the same thing. In this article, we’ll focus on who Vicky Vale is in the series and what happens to her.

Vicky Vale was a guest editorial writer for Daily Planet. She is a renowned reporter with many awards won, and Louis Lane is very impressed by her. Vicky’s goal was to publish a story that would make Superman look like a menace and a danger to the people of Metropolis. Thanks to that story, she managed to do that and got promoted to Editor-in-Chief at Gotham Gazette.

Louis was fascinated that she would work with her role model. However, their opinion regarding Superman led them to disagree about what people to interview and what story to publish. So, let’s see how it all went down and learn more about Vicky Vale.

Vicky Vale was a guest writer that Perry White wanted to hire permanently in Daily Planet

vicky vale

The eighth episode of the series introduced us to Vicky Vale. It all started when Perry White assigned Louis Lane to help Vicky with whatever she needed as a guest editorial writer in Daily Planet. As soon as Vicky realized whom she’ll be assisting, her excitement went through the roof.

Vicky Vale worked for Gotham Gazette and won many awards for her work. She broke the Queen Inheritance scandal, and her story took down the Falcone. She was a big thing in the journalism world, and everyone knew that. Perry White and Vicky had known each other since college, and they were rivals then but also the best of their class. Vicky ran number one newspapers back then, and Perry’s newspapers were second to her.

Vicky’s personality was a bit much to handle, but since the word was she was leaving the Gotham Gazette, Perry wanted her to come work for Daily Planet and win the awards for them. But first, Louis Lane needed to keep her happy the whole day.


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Things became a little complicated when Jimmy and Louis realized that Vicky considered Superman the greatest threat Metropolis faces, and that was the story they’d be working on. Vicky considered Superman an overpowered vigilante who does not answer to anyone, and her goal was to dig some dirt on him to show the world who he really was.

Louis and Jimmy knew how damaging this could be for Clark, so they urged Vicky that they should be the ones to set up an interview between Superman and Vicky. The famous journalist agreed. However, many people they interviewed had nothing but good words to say about Superman, and that was something Vicky was annoyed by.

Vicky Vale interviewed Alex to get the perfect story she wanted

Ultimately, Vicky found one person who did not consider Superman a hero, and she gladly recorded every word he had to say about Man of Steel. This man’s name was Alex. He considered Superman not only dangerous but also a criminal. According to Alex, Superman destroyed the Tower where AmazoTech once operated, leaving thousands of people without work.

Vicky encourages Alex’s dissatisfaction with Superman’s deeds and states that it is only a matter of time before Man of Steel destroys the Metropolis. The main question was what would happen to Metropolis when Superman decides he is not obligated to follow human laws and rules. If one day, Man of Steel decided to harm people, humans would not stand a chance in defending themselves.

So, are humans really safer with Superman flying over their heads, or not? That was the question that even Louis was hesitant to answer. She could not keep her mind off the orb where she’d seen how Superman from another Earth destroyed everything in his path. However, she still believed that her Clark wouldn’t become that.

After the interview was over, Louis tried to prevent Vicky from publishing that. But Vicky taught Louis that if she wants to be the best, she can’t sugarcoat anything and always go for blood. Vicky also used her time at Daily Planet to publish a story about Superman and him being a menace because she wanted to get promoted at Gotham Gazette.


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Her plan worked as she was promoted to Gotham Gazette’s Editor-in-Chief. Vicky’s story about how Clark is a danger to society was just the tip of the iceberg and everything bad that happened to Clark in this episode. After he caused a traffic accident when trying to save an Invisible Man from being hit by a truck, the public started to view him not as a hero but as a dangerous individual who could have harmed many people.

General gathered many villains and ultimately managed to detain Clark, so it will be interesting to see what is in store next for the Man of Steel.

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