Who Is Baylan Skoll in ‘Ahsoka’? Meet Late Ray Stevenson’s Character

Baylan Skoll

The new Star Wars series, ‘Ahsoka,’ has brought back some fan-favorite characters and introduced us to some brand new ones. One of these is Baylan Skoll, played by the late Ray Stevenson. Skoll is set to be one of the main villains in the series, and while not much is known about the character’s backstory, some hints have been dropped in the first two episodes. Here’s who we think Baylan Skoll might be! 

Not much is known about the Baylan Skoll, but it is safe to assume that he was a Jedi Knight before the events of Order 66. Due to his skills with a lightsaber and the force,  it is clear that he has had Jedi training in the past. We know he is a mercenary as he has been hired by the people looking for Thrawn. As the series continues, we will learn more about what he has been up to before ‘Ahsoka’ takes place and his backstory. 

Now that we’ve covered who Baylan Skoll is, it’s time to analyze the character in more detail, especially in the context of the late actor who played him, Ray Stevenson. If you want to find out more about it, stay with us and keep reading!

Did Ray Stevenson finish filming ‘Ahsoka?’

Ray Stevenson sadly passed away at 58 on the 21st of May, 2023, after ‘Ahsoka’ had finished shooting.  This wasn’t Stevenson’s first time in the Star Wars universe, as he was the voice of Gar Saxon in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ and ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’  At the end of the first episode, we got a tribute dedicated to the actor to show how much he meant to the people behind the scenes and the Star Wars fans. 

Was Baylan Skoll a Jedi?

Due to his skills in the force and with a lightsaber, Baylan Skoll was likely a Jedi. When we first meet Baylan in episode 1, he and his apprentice, Shin Hati, both free Morgan Elsbeth from the New Republic to bring back Thrawn. We find out that Baylan is actually a mercenary as he reveals that he was paid to free Elsbeth.

Skoll has a line later in the show that shows he still has some attachment to the Jedi Order. When asked about killing Ahsoka, he said it would be sad to kill her as there are not many Jedi left, showing he still has some attachment to the order. 


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Baylan Skoll lacks some crucial Sith characteristics

While Baylan Skoll is a dark-side user, he is certainly no Sith Lord. Earlier in the series, we find out that he is a mercenary for hire. He may have an apprentice, but both of them are far from being members of the Sith.

The main thing that separates them from regular Sith is the fact that they are out for money. The Sith may be selfish, but they are far more ambitious and tend to want to rule the galaxy instead of just making extra credits.

He is most likely a “Dark Jedi”

Baylan Skoll 2

While a Dark Jedi isn’t something that’s been confirmed canon, it is possible that we could get introduced to some. In the ‘Darth Bane’ trilogy, a Dark Jedi is described as someone who hasn’t necessarily fallen to the dark side completely but is someone who uses the force for their own needs. Since Baylan is a mercenary, he is out for money, which is not ambitious enough for the Sith but far too selfish for the Jedi.

The Darth Bane books are considered part of the legend lore, but Dave Filoni has been known to bring in lore and characters from legends like Thrawn. It would be no surprise if we had force users who follow their rules instead of just being a Jedi or Sith. 

What happened to Baylon Skoll after Order 66?

While we do not have an official answer, it’s likely that Baylon just went into hiding and became the mercenary we see him as now. He clearly knows how to use the dark side with him being seen to force choke someone at the start of episode 1, so he would have also used the time to learn more about the force and hone his skills.


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Was Baylan Skoll an Inquisitor?

Even though he is dressed in all black and is a former Jedi, Baylan never became an inquisitor. We had never seen him in any other Star Wars media with the prominent inquisitors in the recent games and ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ Just because he wasn’t an inquisitor doesn’t mean he has no history with the Empire. He clearly knows of Thrawn, which could mean he had previously worked with the Empire.

What lies ahead for Baylan Skoll?

Baylan Skoll 3

With the actor Ray Stevenson sadly passing away, the character’s future is uncertain. It seems very unlikely that he was only intended for one season of a TV show, and they may recast the character for any upcoming projects. With him showing attachment to the Jedi Order, we may see him join Ahsoka, but due to him murdering innocents at the start, it would be hard for the heroes to see him as an ally. 

Who do you think Baylan Skoll is? Let us know in the comments! 

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