Who Is Nightwing’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

Who Is Nightwing’s Love Interest in the Comics Explained

Dick Grayson has been part of DC Comics since the 1940s, and his journey kickstarted with being a sidekick to Batman. He is truly an iconic character and a fan favorite who went through many stories and eras of DC Comics. Besides moving from Robin mantle to Nightwing, Dick Grayson met many people, was involved in many important comic book events, and changed a lot of women in his life. In this article, we will discuss Nightwing’s love interests in comics, at least pinpoint the most influential ones for his character.

Dick Grayson has been with many women in DC Comics. Huntress, Zatanna, Bridget Clancy, and others were with Nightwing at some point, but only two women really impacted his life – Batgirl and Starfire. Dick and Babs were together decades ago, but after their break up, Dick met his teammate on Teen Titans, Princess Koriand’r, known as Starfire, and started dating her. For decades this love triangle was the main topic of many discussions, but since Tom Taylor’s Nightwing comic book story, Nightwing and Batgirl are currently in a relationship.

Nightwing is a certified heartthrob of DC comics, but after decades, we finally see Nightwing in a seriously established relationship with Barbara Gordon, settling the decades-old love triangle. Let’s discuss Nightwing and his most important loves, and if you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

Nightwing and Starfire’s relationship

Who Is Nightwing’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained
Starfire and Nightwing pairing was quite popular in DCAMU.

This dynamic was always interesting in DC comics since Koriand’r, also known as Starfire, was an alien. Interestingly enough, their relationship was present in the comics, especially during the 1990s and 2000s, but various animated series made them a really popular couple.

In DC Comics, Dick and Starfire meet during DC Presents comic book run, specifically #26, where a mysterious alien named Starfire shows affection towards Dick Grayson, who was still carrying the mantle of Robin.

Who Is Nightwing’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained
After years of being in an “on and off relationship,” Dick and Kory broke up for good.

New Teen Titans comic book run from the 1980s, Kory and Dick, met officially for the first time, and it was rough for the alien at the beginning – she couldn’t speak English. However, that didn’t stop Starfire from kissing Robin, who liked the straightforwardness of the woman.

Of course, with Teen Titans growing stronger as time passed, Kory and Dick slowly but surely started growing closer. But even when Kory confesses to Dick and expresses her feelings for the Boy Wonder, Dick rejects Starfire’s advances. In the meantime, DC teased the couple multiple times in the alternate universe, where they even get a child, Nightstar – a bit on the nose, isn’t it?

Anyway, Kory and Dick’s relationship was on and off for years, until in 1986, in the New Titans issue #17, when Starfire married. The woman returned to her home planet Tamaran, where she was forced to be married to Prince Karras. Even though Kory and Dick loved each other, Dick couldn’t get over the fact that he would be with a married woman, prompting him to return to Earth heartbroken.

Once again, they reconcile after Starfire returns to Earth for good, and she even moves in with Dick and supports her boyfriend in the worst times of his life. In the 1990s, the relationship starts the crumble after Starfire expresses a desire to explore herself outside of the relationship with Nightwing.


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However, the pair rush things and get engaged, and their friends sense they did it in desperation. This whole situation happened during New Teen Titans run in the 1990s, which eventually led to them almost getting married before Raven ruined the ceremony.

Of course, this leads to Nightwing and Starfire breaking up, then coming back together years after, specifically in Titans run at the beginning of the 2000s. They try being together once again but ultimately break up for good at the end of the 2000s in Titans comic book run.

Nevertheless, Starfire and Nightwing had a turbulent relationship which over the years showcased they loved each other at some point, but that love faded away after years of rekindling and breaking up their relationship. Despite not being together in comics, Starfire and Nightwing’s relationship was heavily featured in DC Animated Original Movies universe, where Starfire and Nightwing are the leaders of Teen Titans.

In conclusion, they aren’t together in the main continuity of DC comics, which brings us to the next woman in Nightwing’s life.

Nightwing and Batgirl’s relationship

Who Is Nightwing’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon have been one of the most popular, if not the most popular pairing in DC comics. The 1960s presented us with Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, who was older than Dick Grayson, whom she met in 1975. Batgirl became the ally of Batman and Robin, but Barbara and Dick haven’t really hit it off in the beginning.

Robin was constantly picking on Batgirl, which led to confrontations and controversial kisses – Batgirl kissed Robin when she was much older than him. Overall, the 1970s saw Batgirl and Robin almost getting married, Boy Wonder catching feelings and begging older Babs to be with him, and finally, that led us to Crisis of Infinite Earths.


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This moment marked the “reset” of many characters and lore in DC Comics, one of them being Babs, who becomes a famous Oracle, and younger than her predecessor. We already mentioned that the 1990s saw Starfire and Nightwing being “on and off” official, but the end of the decade showcases Nightwing developing feelings for Oracle – he even kisses her in a 1999 comic book run titled Nightwing, in issue #38.

Devin Grayson’s Nightwing series sees Babs and Dick dating until they break up in issue #87, despite really loving each other. This period showcases Dick Grayson’s identity journey since he becomes more like his father and mentor, Batman.

Infinite Crisis happened in 2006; they got engaged, then they called off their engagement but got married in 2015, but once again, their relationship gets rebooted in DC’s Rebirth, making them “friends with benefits.”

Finally, in Dark Knight: Death Metal, a comic book run from 2020, we see Babs and Dick get married (because of fear they will not survive the dangerous mission) but stay friends after the whole ordeal.

Finally, we see them closer together again after Alfred dies at the hands of Bane in Batman vs. Robin in January of 2023. However, are they really together? Let’s find out.

Who’s Nightwing’s love interest?

Who Is Nightwing’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

After thorough research, we can establish that Nightwing is a ladies man. He’s been with many women since his first appearance in the 1940s, and those women were either aliens, enemies, or allies, but it seems that “a player” has settled down.

In current Tom Taylor’s Nightwing comic book run, we see Nightwing settled with Batgirl/Oracle, known as Barbara Gordon. This was a long-time coming for the couple, who were always regarded by the fans as the “endgame,” despite Dick being with many women before.

Nightwing and Starfire were also good for each other, but their baggage was much more for the couple to handle to be together forever. Babs and Dick just work together, and knowing that their relationship was teased a lot in the 1970s, only confirms that BatWing or DickBabs, are meant for each other.

They are together, helping each other on patrols across Gotham and Blüdhaven. Recently, they finally expressed love for each other, which was marked in the current Nightwing run by Tom Taylor, which is absolutely fantastic.

Nevertheless, the love triangle is more of a support group these days since Kory doesn’t mind Babs and Dick being together, which is refreshing to see, especially in the comic book media. Women supporting women is always welcome.

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