Who Is Nightwing’s & Starfire’s Daughter? Meet Nightstar

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Nightwing and Starfire were one of the most iconic comic love couples in the ’80s and ’90s. After that, their relationship was portrayed in animated series, in DC Animated Universe, and most recently in the TV show Titans. After Nightwing and Starfire had a vision of a little girl with a red balloon in the show, the fans immediately hoped it might be a young Nightstar. And they were right, Nightwings’s and Starfire’s daughter is Nightstar, so let’s meet her!

Nightwing’s and Starfire’s daughter is Mar’i Grayson, a.k.a. Nightstar. She comes from an alternate future where many of the villains are dead or of unknown whereabouts, but some of the superheroes are at odds with each other. Nightstar is from Earth-22 but was brought in the past and to the alternate Earth due to a massive explosion.

Nightstar has been known to the fans for decades, but ever since the show Titans hinted that Dick and Kory would have a baby in the future, the interest in Nightstar’s character grew. DC Universe is known to be a vast place with many alternate realities and Earth, and Nightstar is an interesting character who emerged from it all. So, if you want to learn more about her, read on!

Nightstar is from the alternate future


Nightstar was first introduced in Kingdom Come #1 comic issue in 1996. Her real name is Mar’i Grayson, and she is depicted as Tamarean/Human Hybrid. This does not come as a surprise as her mother, Kory, is Tamarean, and Dick Grayson is human. The adult version of Nightstar is around 23 years old.

Mar’i is much like her mother, as she inherited her personality and her powers. She has super-human strength, can fly through space, and absorbs and blasts stellar energy. As for her personality, she is known for fighting for the cause she believes is right. She wishes to leave a legacy behind her, something she will be remembered for when she’s gone.

Mar’i is from the future, and Kingdom Come depicts that alternate future as a place where villains are either dead or no longer operate, but superheroes who once fought for the same cause are on opposite sides since their agenda’s changed. Nightstar always admired Batman and considered him to ber adoptive grandfather, so she sided with him and became a member of The Outsiders.

As for her early childhood days, there is not much to know. Basically, Dick and Kory had a relationship in which Mar’i was born. A few years later, the couple separated, and soon after, Starfire died. Mar’i always struggled to find a balance between her dual heritage which often caused her to have some minor rage issues. Nightstar and Nightwing were never that close because they were on opposite sides- Mar’i chose to back Batman, and Dick was a part of Superman’s reformed Justice League.


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So, Mar’i and her father fought on opposite sides but eventually put their differences aside. When Nightwing was seriously injured in a battle, Nightstar saved him and took him to a hospital. Moments later, atomic bombs fell and devastated the battlefield and anyone who remained there. Eventually, Nightwing is brought to Bruce Wayne’s house for treatment, so Batman and Nightwing reconcile.

During her time with the Outsiders, Nightstar met Ibn al Xu’ffasch, Batman, and Talia al Ghul’s son, with whom she became romantically involved. Nightwing never really approved of that relationship, but I guess that’s what fathers do. Later, Rip Hunter formed a new group of Titans with Nightstar, Ibn al Xu’ffasch, Kid Flash, and Offspring.

What do we know about Nightstar in the show Titans so far?

nightstar titans

The show Titans hinted on a few occasions now that Dick and Kory will have a daughter, and the chances are high that daughter will be none other but Nightstar. This theory was born when Dick had a vision. After being killed, he was brought to Lazarus Pit in Gotham City, where his visions occurred. After a brief encounter with his father in that vision, he also sees a little girl holding a red balloon who calls him ”daddy”.

While all of that was too brief to give some concrete conclusions, Kory had a similar vision which continued where Dick’s stopped. This time it’s clear that Kory is the little girl’s mother, and the Titans are all gathered for her birthday.

While Nightwing does not believe in visions and prophecies and chooses to create his own destiny instead, this vision is hard to ignore. He and Kory never really got the chance to explore what all that meant in detail, and they probably won’t since the show is gradually closing in what appears to be its final season.


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In the comics, an unexpected explosion caused Nightstar to travel back into an alternate past where all the superheroes were still at the peak of their strengths. For anyone who might have hoped that would happen in Titans, it probably won’t due to the show’s cancellation, but it did set a nice premise for potential future projects.

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