Who Is Peacemaker’s Brother & What Happened to Him?

peacemaker brother death

Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker, is one of the few DCEU characters that will actually ‘survive’ the shift from the DCEU to DCU and continue his story in Season 2 of his own standalone show. In the first season, we learned a lot about Peacemaker, his dysfunctional family, and what made him into the person he is. But, we only met his father in real-time. But who was Peacemaker’s brother, and why haven’t we met him alongside Chris, Vigilante, and the rest of the crew? What happened to him? It’s time to find out.

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  • Peacemaker had an older brother named Keith Smith. He was a role model to Chris, and they were very close, although their horrible white supremacist father, Auggie, pitted them against each other for his amusement.
  • One day, Auggie forced the boys to fight in front of him and his Aryans, pushing them to escalate the fight. Chris punched Keith in the head, causing him to have a seizure and die.
  • The emotional trauma packed with Auggie’s awful treatment made Chris the dysfunctional killer he is today.

Did Peacemaker have a brother?

Throughout ‘The Suicide Squad,’ and then the ‘Peacemaker’ TV series, we learned a lot about Peacemaker, aka Christopher Smith, and his terrifyingly terrible life growing up with his father, Auggie Smith. Auggie was not just a racist and a white supremacist – he was a violent, degenerate supervillain known as the White Dragon.

We see how strained the relationship between Chris and his father was, and despite all the years that he put up with Auggie’s bullying and torment, Chris still seems to seek his father’s approval. He never gets any emotion out of him, though, other than hatred. In Episode 4 of ‘Peacemaker’ Season 1, titled ‘The Choad Less Traveled,’ Auggie even tells Christopher:

“I never had any feelings for you, not like your brother. Him, I fucking loved. But you? You were just a blob of flesh I felt nothing for.”

peacemaker father

Now, there’s mention of a brother – but we never met Chris’ brother in any capacity. Little by little, we find out that Peacemaker doesn’t have a brother – he had a brother, and his brother died tragically when they were very young.

As the episodes go further, we indirectly find out from Harcourt that Peacemaker was somehow involved in the tragic death of his older brother, Keith Smith. 

It was a huge detriment to Christopher’s psychological state, especially considering that their father, Auggie, always blamed Chris for what happened and tortured him because of it. As a result, Chris always sought his father’s approval despite the fact that Auggie was, in fact, the worst human being in existence – a total piece of garbage.

Throughout all that muscle, violence, and murder, we witness Peacemaker break down in tears when he is alone multiple times throughout the show. Then we see him perform a highly emotional piano version of Motley Crue’s song, Home Sweet Home.

And then, in Episode 7 of the show, we finally learn what really happened to Keith.


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What happened to Peacemaker’s brother?

Keith adored his younger brother, Chris, despite their toxic father always pitting them against each other and forcing them to fight. The fighting became a normal thing to them – something that they did with a smile on their face and no animosity between them whatsoever.

Keith always did what all older brothers do – he stood up for Chris but also taught him all kinds of silly stuff that poor young Chris thought was real. In Episode 3, called ‘Better Goff Dead,’ Peacemaker shares one particular thing that his brother told him, and he believed until he was 14 years old:

“My older brother told me there’s two types of babies. One that comes out of a woman’s vagina, normal, and then butt babies, worse in every way. They come out of a woman’s butt.”

peacemaker brother 2

Despite the fact that Chris believed he was a butt baby until he was 14 years old, the brothers shared a unique bond. In fact, they shared a beautiful bonding moment just before Keith’s death, rocking out on Motley Crue’s ‘Home Sweet Home,’ agreeing it’s not the band’s best song, but it still rocks.

Keith taught Chris how to do the rock horns with his fingers, and Chris asked if it was a symbol of white supremacy – obviously poisoned by his father’s horrible influence. Keith negates it, however, tossing aside what their dad was saying and teaching Chris that it’s a symbol of the rock and roll lifestyle with drugs and sex in unlimited amounts.


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I’m telling you this because it explains so much about Chris in the future. It explains why ‘Home Sweet Home’ was such an emotional song for him playing on the piano, and it also shows that had Keith not died, perhaps he could have been a positive influence on Chris, neutralizing the negative influence Auggie had on him. 

Maybe he’d never even become the violent Peacemaker had it not happened. And by it, I mean what happened moments after this precious moment between the brothers.

peacemaker keith death

Auggie called the boys outside to fight each other in a pit in their trailer park – something they regularly had to do to the amusement of their father and his Aryan friends. As the brothers fought with smiles on their faces, their father kept pushing them to go harder.

Chris does so and smacks Keith hard over his head, causing his older brother to have a seizure, foam out of his mouth, and die shortly after. Instead of taking responsibility, Auggie blamed Chris for Keith’s death and resented him forever after that.

Chris felt guilty as well, despite the fact that it was an accident and that it simply wasn’t his fault but rather his father’s.

Did Peacemaker avenge his brother’s death?

Years – even decades – after Keith’s death, Chris blamed himself for what happened and sought forgiveness and approval from his toxic, aggressive, racist bully of a father. But then, as time went on, Peacemaker finally realized that it wasn’t his fault – everything horrible in his life, every single thing he did, stemmed from the diabolical, twisted influence of his father.

In the moment when Chris finally accepts the fact that he doesn’t need Auggie’s approval and that it was his fault that Keith died, he finally breaks the chains and shoots his father in the head, killing him on the spot. It liberated him on the one hand, but on the other hand, it just gave him another reason to grieve.


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It makes us, as viewers, think – what if Keith hadn’t died that day? Would he manage to be enough of a positive influence on Chris for him not to become the violent anti-hero he became? Would they manage to deal with Auggie together? Would Chris’ life look completely different?

It probably would, but he, unfortunately, will never get that chance to prove so. He might’ve avenged his brother’s death when he shot their dad in the head after all those years – but it could never erase the trauma inflicted onto him, changing him and his mental state forever.

We still don’t know when exactly ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2 will come out, but James Gunn suggested he’ll start actively working on it after ‘Superman: Legacy’ which is scheduled for a mid-2026 release. Therefore, Season 2 of ‘Peacemaker’ will likely arrive in the second half of 2026 or early 2027.

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