All Peacemaker’s Powers & Abilities, Ranked by Usefulness


Peacemaker is one of the most popular DC characters in recent times. He is a vigilante who “loves peace so much he is willing to kill for it.” And taking into account such a hardened personality, you would expect him to be among the most powerful superheroes in comics, except he’s not. Peacemaker doesn’t have any special superpowers or magical powers to speak of. Still, he is quite dangerous in close quarters and does have specialized powers and abilities that many superpowers lack, and today, we’re going to rank them by usefulness. Let’s see what is Peacemaker’s most powerful ability. 

9. Gadgetry

The past version of Peacemaker was a brilliant inventor, and he tried to achieve world peace partly through his inventions and technologies that were most of the time focused on combat technology. But Christopher Smith, the latest and most popular version of Peacemaker, inherited his vast repertoire of gadgets from his supremacist father, and he utilized those gadgets to achieve world peace. His signature helmets can produce a variety of effects, such as sonic blasts, bane voice, X-ray vision, and even force fields, and they have proved to be useful so far.

So why is this “ability” ranked so low? Well, while having a knowledge of gadgets is useful l, its importance might depend on the availability and necessity of gadgets in the given situation, or in other words, you can’t count on them always. 


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8. Aviation 

Peacemaker was likely, at one point in time, trained as a pilot and could fly various types of aircraft. This skill is valuable for missions that involve air travel or aerial reconnaissance. Given his military background and skill set, Peacemaker may also be proficient in aerial combat. Aviation is one of those skills and abilities that are highly situational, and the truth is, Peacemaker can’t often use it to its full extent. If Peacemaker is involved in covert missions, his aviation skills will allow for stealthy entrance, but this isn’t the case most of the time. 

7. Diplomacy

Before becoming a hardened vigilante, Peacemaker had a diplomacy career in Washington, DC. He tried his best to stop wars with his words, but eventually, he figured that, ironically, weapons are far more useful when it comes to getting your point across. So diplomacy can be a vital skill in some situations where the odds are clearly against you, but most of the time, especially when it comes to violent criminals and monsters, there’s really no use for it. 

6. Stealth

Even though not his strongest suit, Peacemaker is somewhat adept in stealth. As a part of the Suicide Squad, he was often sent on covert missions, with his gadgets being highly helpful in that aspect. The only reason stealth is so low on this list is that Peacemaker is not that proficient at it. 

5. Tactical Analysis

Due to his military training, he is skilled at quickly and accurately assessing the current situation. Peacemaker can analyze the tactics and strategies of his enemies, allowing him to formulate countermeasures on the spot. He knows how to use everything he has at his disposal, and he can coordinate with the team well. He is probably the best in Suicide Squad regarding setting and sticking with a clear goal. Tactical Analysis is more of a passive skill but affects everything Peacemaker does. 

4. Firearms (and weaponry in general)

Peacemaker is extremely skilled when it comes to utilizing weaponry. This is partially due to his military training and his ability to improvise. This is why you’ll see him using common household objects such as ashtrays as weapons or even orange juice. Still, he is most capable when he is using a gun or a stick. He is especially capable with ranged weapons due to his extensive marksmanship training. 

3. Military Protocol

This is a “skill” that affected most of Peacemaker’s previous abilities. Peacemaker is a highly skilled soldier with extensive experience in Special Operations. Over the years, he has been a part of various elite military units, including the US Army infantry, Army Rangers, Green Berets, Special Air Service, and Delta Force. This made him highly disciplined, versatile, adaptable, and ready to work in large teams and increased his physical fitness. 


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2. Martial Arts (Eskrima and Muay Thai)

Peacemaker is a well-rounded combatant proficient with both weapons and hand-to-hand combat. He is nowhere near the best fighter in DC Comics, but his knowledge of Eskrima and Muay Thai serves well to complement his other strengths. If Peacemaker can’t rely on his other skills with long-ranged weapons, such as if he is stuck in close-quarter combat, he can always take on his enemies via martial arts. His martial arts training is most likely again tied to his military background. 

1. Peak Human Condition

Peacemaker wouldn’t be able to keep up with most superpowered villains if he didn’t have an edge in terms of his physical abilities when compared to other humans. And it’s true, Peacemaker’s body operates in peak human condition, meaning that he always performs the best that he physically can, at a level beyond the Olympic performer. 

In that aspect, he is similar to Batman, one more character that doesn’t have superpowers, but he managed to hone his body enough that he borders on superhuman. A Peacemaker’s strength, speed, agility, durability, and stamina are beyond what’s possible for average humans due to his long years of training, military service, and fighting against superpowered threats.

At one point, Peacekamer was strong enough to knock a Superboy down on the ground, but consider that Superboy was suffering from the effects of Kryptonite. Still, it’s an impressive feat, however you look at it. This is the official Peacemaker’s most useful skill since he couldn’t stand up against big threats if he performed as an average human. 

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