Who Is Responsible for Kamala Khan Becoming Mutant in the Comics? Latest Reports Offer 2 Conflicting Stories

Kamala khan

When the MCU started back in 2008 with the release of the first ‘Iron Man,’ no one could imagine that it was going to snowball into the biggest, most popular, and most profitable cinematic universe imaginable.

For decades, the main point of reference regarding everything related to comic books were naturally – the comic books themselves, but as soon as the movies, and later, TV shows became more widely consumed than the source material itself, live-action adaptations started affecting comics to a big extent, some stories even being rewritten, which older fans, fans of the comics, criticized to no end.

The most infamous case of MCU affecting comics is Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel. For most of her existence as the character she was known as Inhuman, being exposed to Terrigen Mist this is how she acquired her powers. Then came along her Disney+ show which decided to give her a mutant origin. Her Inhuman origin was put aside and it was revealed that her powers were in fact a product of genetic mutation.

Kamala Khan is only one of six so-far confirmed mutants in the MCU, but for some reason, her inclusion pissed off fans to no end. The outcry was even bigger when in last year’s ‘Spider-Man’ #26, Kamala Khan was killed off by the villain Emissary and subsequently resurrected – once again as a mutant. The fans immediately began to protest that MCU shouldn’t affect the source material, it should be vice versa, especially in recent times when MCU mostly just goes along with their own stories, only taking character names and loose inspiration to make movies and shows.

Things start to get even more outrageous, because the order to kill Kamala and make her a mutant came from Feige himself. During an episode of the Amazing Spider Talk podcast, Ziglar shared a story from Wells, who revealed that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was the one who requested to kill off Kamala and then bring her back as a mutant.

[Wells] had told me months before the plan, which was, [Kevin] Feige was like, ‘Hey, I don’t do this very often but, can you please do this to make things in line with Marvel because we have some stuff we want to do with Kamala. So [Wells] was like, ‘Fuck, I’m the guy that drew the short straw? People are going to be very mad that I have to kill Ms. Marvel.

And boy were people mad… to reference what Feige allegedly said about Kamala, that part at least is true, the studio does seemingly have massive plans for the character. There is a ‘Young Avengers’ movie in development, which we know is an initiative that Kamala herself started in ‘The Marvels.’ Iman Vellani also stated recently that she would like to join the X-Men.

But, before you lock yourself to the idea that Feige really did impact the comics to such an extent, a Marvel spokesperson flat-out denied that anything like that happened.

The decision to transform Kamala into a mutant character was described as an editorial decision, planned before the events of ‘Amazing Spider-Man #26.’ Marvel Studios denied Feige’s involvement in this decision, stating it was purely an editorial choice. Kamala’s mutant storyline will continue as part of the ‘X-Men’ line’s 2024 relaunch, “From the Ashes.”

Somehow, I think that there is a bit of truth in both statements, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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