Who Is the Lost One? Meet Marvel’s New Omnipotent Villain

Who Is the Lost One Meet Marvels New Omnipotent Being
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Marvel Universe is home to some of the most overpowered villains in comics in general, most of them being of divine and cosmic origin, but in the Avengers Beyond series, it seems that our heroes will face something from outside of their native Universe, something that has been lurking and stalking in the darkness for eons. We’re talking about The Lost One, of course, a character that appears to be a new threat that the Avengers will have to overcome, and it seems like The Lost One is the toughest one yet, due to his overwhelming and seemingly omnipotent abilities. Let’s take a look at the origin of The Lost One and what he’s after.

The Lost One is a being of cosmic origin outside of space and time. He hails from outside of the Omniverse and is, in a direct way, the progenitor of Beyonders. Beyonders, after some time, stole his remaining powers and imprisoned him, fearing retribution on a desolate moon outside of the Omniverse. A single design flaw in his prison allowed The Lost One to escape, and now he is hunting the Beyonders, looking to reclaim his powers. The Lost One debuted in All-Out Avengers #4 in 2022, but his story is set to be continued in Avengers Beyond. 

The Lost One is a highly complicated being with vast powers, unlike everything we’ve seen in Marvel so far. If you want more about him, stay with us and keep reading!

The Lost One seems to be the most deadly threat yet 

The story with the Lost One began in All-Out Avengers #4 began in December 2022. The Avengers were stranded on an unnamed planet somewhere in the Milky Way when they were ambushed by hunters native to the planet and something else. Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, and Hawkeye are looking for a wormhole that is set to be their last chance to leave the planet when they are attacked by an emissary of an unknown entity who she refers to as simply the master. 

The Lost One Serrvant 1300x779 1

After a quick brawl with Captain Marvel, the emissary claims that her master is only after revenge and retribution, and after that cryptic message, the Avengers are not sure what to make out of it. Before the issue ends, we’re greeted with an image of the colossal being who can be non-other than the Lost One, the emissary’s master. 

The Lost One 1300x803 1

The story is then continued in Avengers Beyond #1. The Avengers figure out that someone or something is messing with the fabric of reality. The True purpose of this attack is unknown, but Black Panther and Iron Man, through their brilliant minds, figure out how to discover who is behind the attack. 


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It turns out that it’s Beyonder. As we know so far, the Beyonders are among the most powerful characters in the Marvel Comics universe. The reason for that is simple: their powers originate from beyond the current Universe; hence, they are not limited by the current reality. 

Beyonder explains powers

They have vast and unimaginable potential. However, the Beyonder that resurfaces in the Avengers Beyond is deathly afraid of something, and we’re about to figure out why. 

The Lost One created Beyonders, and then they turned on him and stole his powers 

As we learn from the Beyonder, he created the reality-messing virus to get the attention of the Avengers. And now he is ready to tell his story. He explains how the Beyonders were created by the being that originated and predated the Omniverse, simply The Lost One. He allegedly imbued the Beyonders with a fraction of his powers and monitored their overall advancement and evolution.

Beyonders Origin

However, the Beyonders were jealous of the Lost One’s powers. They wanted more of it and curious to see what would happen; The Lost One allowed them to strike against him. Even in his wildest dreams, The Lost One couldn’t anticipate that they would succeed in stealing the rest of his powers. 

We also learn that The Lost One cannot be killed since the Beyonders tried it and failed. They could only trap him outside of the Omniverse on a small and desolate moon. 

However, there was a fatal flaw in the design of The Lost One’s prison, and he managed to escape. Now he is back with a vengeance in his mind. He is hunting the Beyonders across the Universe to reclaim his powers. 

The Lost One Stalks Beyonders 1300x572 1

The Beyonders are ready to drag the Avengers into their war 

In the same issue, we likewise learn that Beyonder was preparing the Earth to be the final stand in this conflict of cosmic proportions. Beyonder warns the Avengers that every time he uses his powers, The Lost One is aware of it because the powers are his. The emissary of The Lost One once again attacks both the Avengers and the Beyonder. We finally learn that her name is Tiamok Rath. 


Tiamok explains that The Lost One has been siphoning the Beyonders’ powers for a while now, transferring them to both himself and granting some of them to her. She quickly demonstrates those powers by gobsmacking Thor, who we all know is one of the most powerful Avengers

Tiamok gobsmacks Thor

After dealing with Tiamok, the Avengers start putting together a plan to deal with this danger of the highest order, but in the end, we figure they will not be batling only The Lost One, as the Black Order is likewise working against them.

The Black Order Avengers Beyond

How powerful is the Lost One? 

Little is known about the Lost One’s powers at this stage, but we’ve learned the following. The Lost One is immortal. The Beyonder claimed as much when he said that the Beyonder failed to kill him and had to trap him outside the Omniverse. The Lost One cannot by any means be killed through normal means. 

The Lost One is extremely powerful, having nigh-omnipotence. He cannot be harmed by anything that the Beyonders can throw at him because it’s his own powers that they are attempting to use against him. 

We’ve also learned that he can track down Beyonders every time they use “their powers.”

The Lost One can likewise travel between different universes, as he escaped his prison outside of the Omniverse and made his way to Earth-616 with little to no effort. 


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How does The Lost One affects already established Beyonders origin? 

We know that recently, the Beyonders’ origin was explained in detail in Defenders: Beyond #5, and with everything that has come to light with the introduction of the Lost One, it seems that part is getting retconned. This is not the case. As Derek Randy explained in his tweet, all the loose ends will be tied in the final issue of The Avengers: Beyond. 

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