Why and When Did Ahsoka Leave Anakin & Jedi Order?

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Ahsoka Tano’s entire storyline in the Star Wars mythos is one of the most interesting tales that have captivated fans. Of course, we all know that her story is yet to conclude because she is set to appear in the ‘Ahsoka’ series on Disney+. But fans know that the biggest turning point in her life happened when the Jedi Order expelled her and subsequently reinstated her, only for her to leave on her own accord. So, why and when did Ahsoka leave the Jedi Order?

The reason why Ahsoka left the Jedi Order was that she felt betrayed by the Jedi Council. This led her to believe that she had to follow her own path instead of staying with the Jedi Order when she felt that the Jedi Order wasn’t on her side. Ahsoka left in the twentieth and final episode of ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ season 5.

It was the fact that Ahsoka wasn’t with the Jedi Order during the final part of the Clone Wars that allowed fans to understand why she wasn’t with Anakin and Obi-Wan during the events of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Of course, there were a lot of things that went into Ahsoka’s eventual departure from the Jedi Order. And that’s something that we are here to discuss.

Why does Ahsoka get kicked out of the Jedi Order?

One of the most promising characters introduced during the events of ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ was Ahsoka Tano, who was introduced as Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan. Throughout the Clone Wars, she accompanied Anakin and Obi-Wan on numerous missions and went on her own missions. She was loyal to the Jedi Order but wasn’t blind to the different things happening to different people while a war for power was waging.

Ahsoka was also witness to the many different political moves that different Republic and Separatist politicians were making. She also got to see how the poorest of the poor and the simple people were affected by the war being waged throughout the galaxy. She also heard from different people what they felt about the Jedi and their involvement in the Clone Wars.


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But while Ahsoka may have been sympathetic to the plight of normal people and was well aware of the different perspectives of various people throughout the galaxy, she remained loyal to the cause of the Jedi Order and the Republic because it was clear that the actions of the Separatists could not be ignored. Nevertheless, she learned that her loyalty wouldn’t be rewarded.

During the latter portion of the Clone War, Anakin and Ahsoka were called back to the Jedi Temple because an unknown assailant bombed it. The two of them investigated the matter and found out that a worker in the temple was fed explosive nanobots by his own wife so that he could act as a bomb. They arrested the wife, who wanted to talk to Ahsoka about someone who set her up as the fall guy within the Jedi Order.

But before she could tell Ahsoka who the true perpetrator was, she was mysteriously killed using Force by the true mastermind of the bombing. Ahsoka had to run from the premises because she was the one that was being framed for the murder of the Jedi Temple bombing incident.

She met a rogue Asajj Ventress while on the run, as the former Sith assassin was eager enough to help Ahsoka for a price. With the help of Barriss Offee, Ahsoka could get to the venue where the nanobot bombs were traced, only for her to get attacked by a masked assailant that wielded Ventress’ lightsabers.

The unknown assailant left Ahsoka alone in the venue with incriminating evidence. Anakin and the authorities arrived to see that the evidence pointed to the possibility that Ahsoka was the mastermind behind the Jedi Temple bombing. That was when she was arrested and taken to the Jedi High Council.

Even though this was an internal affair that the Republic shouldn’t have had any involvement in, Chancellor Palpatine wanted to intervene in the trial of Ahsoka because her actions killed clones that were “properties” of the Republic.


Because the Chancellor thought that the Jedi Council would be biased toward Ahsoka, he pressured them to oust her from the Order so that she would be tried and judged using the process of the Republic. That was why Ahsoka was expelled and kicked out of the Jedi Order while being stripped of all of her benefits as a Jedi.

When did Ahsoka leave the Jedi Order?

Ahsoka Tano, of course, was innocent of the crime she was being charged with. Before and during her trial, Anakin worked hard to find the true perpetrator and the one that set his Padawan up. This led him to Ventress, who told him she was attacked by an unknown Force user who stole her lightsabers. When Ventress told Anakin that Ahsoka had been in contact with Barriss, he became suspicious of the Jedi that called his Padawan a friend.

Anakin interrogated Barriss and found out that she had Ventress’ red lightsabers. As such, Anakin forced her to confess her crime and promptly defeated her in a duel so that he could present her to the trial as the true perpetrator. Barriss confessed in front of the Chancellor and the Jedi High Council and told them that she thought that the Jedi Order was the true evil in the galaxy because they were fighting an oppressive war. Her confession absolved Ahsoka of the crimes she was charged with.


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The Council believed that this experience was Ahsoka’s true Jedi Trial and that she was now ready to become a true Jedi Knight. However, Ahsoka declined the chance to get reinstated as a member of the Jedi Order because she thought that the Council didn’t trust her enough when its members voted in favor of her expulsion without even listening to her side.

In that regard, Ahsoka believed she had to walk her own path in life instead of staying loyal to a group of people who didn’t have her back. To some extent, Ahsoka realized that the Jedi Order was flawed in its own way. But instead of going against the Jedi, Ahsoka simply left the order to try to live an entirely new life away from the Clone War and the Jedi. She left in the 20th episode of season 5 of ‘Clone Wars.’

Why did Anakin not leave the Jedi Order with Ahsoka?

Anakin tried to convince his Padawan to stay with the Jedi Order because this was the only life she knew. Ahsoka was taken to the Jedi Temple at a very young age when her sensitivity to the Force became apparent when she was still just a baby. As such, she hardly knew anything outside of being a Jedi.

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Ahsoka, of course, still decided to follow her own path in life. This was when it was clear that Anakin was not about to join his Padawan despite their bond. That’s because Anakin was still loyal to the Republic even though he didn’t totally agree with what the Jedi Council was doing.

Like Ahsoka and even Count Dooku, Anakin disagreed with the Jedi Order. However, he was loyal to the Republic and the man leading it because he was close to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Anakin also wanted to bring true peace to the galaxy after witnessing the events of the Clone Wars from the very start. He thought that staying with the Jedi and fighting for the side of the Republic would bring true peace to the galaxy.

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