Will Gamora and Peter Quill Get Together in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’?

Will Gamora and Peter Quill Get Together in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Gamora’s and Star-Lord’s love story is one of the most tragic in the MCU, as the relationship was cut short because she was sacrificed for Thanos’ acquisition of Soul Stone at Vormir. The two got a second chance when a younger variant of Gamora resurfaced from an alternate timeline, but this Gamora was significantly different than the deceased Gamora, who Peter Quill loved. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was the last chance to make things right between Gamora and Star-Lord since the movie is bound to be the last installment in the franchise, and due to that, fans have been wondering whether Gamora and Peter got together in GotG 3? 

Gamora and Peter don’t end up together at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. The new Gamora doesn’t have the memories of the older Gamora and thus doesn’t have her attachments. Even though Peter and Gamora don’t end up together in a romantic relationship in the end, the two reconcile and make peace with the past before Gamora returns to Ravagers and Star-Lord returns to Earth to be with his grandfather. 

Even though fans were rooting that the pair would ultimately find a way to settle their differences, it didn’t happen. The ending we got wasn’t perhaps what most of the fanbase wanted, but it was the right thing to do. If you’re interested in why, stay with us and keep reading!

Star-Lord was devastated after Gamora’s death 

One of the most heartbreaking moments in the Avengers franchise was when Thanos decided to sacrifice Gamora to acquire the Soul Stone at Vormir. Soul Stone required the sacrifice of the thing “you love the most,” which was the ultimate confirmation that Thanos ultimately loved Gamora. But Thanos wasn’t the only one who formed an emotional attachment to the green-skinned Zehoberei assassin. She was at the time romantically involved with Star-Lord, aka Peter Quill. 

thanos gamora sacrifice

When Thanos returned, and Mantis sensed great sadness within him, Nebula figured out that he killed Gamora to get the Soul Stone. Star-Lord lost his cool and single-handedly almost doomed the Universe. It was one of the most irrational moments we’ve seen in the MCU overall, but his reaction was completely human and understandable. 


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Star-Lord & Gamora got a second chance at love due to her younger variant 

During the Time Heist performed by Avengers in order to restore the lives annihilated during the Snap, a younger version of Gamora resurfaced and got stuck in the prime timeline. This version of Gamora was biologically identical to older Gamora but with some significant differences in memories and behavior. Younger Gamora never joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and never formed attachments with the group; quite frankly, she was annoyed by them, which is understandable. 

Star-Lord got so lost in searching for old Gamora and desperately trying to hold onto any scrap of hope that his relationship would be restored that he lost the most important thing from sight. And for a time, the two seemed to get a second chance at love while nothing could be farther from the truth. 

What happened between Star-Lord and Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3? 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 begins with Peter Quill being alcoholized. He grieves the fact that Gamora left them. However, this version of Gamora was never a team member in the first place. Despite the Guardians telling him that he needs to move on, he still holds onto his memories of his good time with the old Gamora. 

In the meantime, Adam Warlock attacks Knowhere to get Rocket Raccoon. To save Rocket’s life, the Guardians need to infiltrate OrgoCorp and to do that, they are going to need professional help. 

Nebula contacts Gamora behind Star-Lord’s back and hires her to get them into OrgoCorp, and this is where the trouble starts. Before they manage to infiltrate the “ship,” Star-Lord takes another shot at convincing Gamora that they belong together; she is visibly annoyed by him, and he keeps telling her that she “doesn’t remember” their good time together, but this is wrong. It’s not that she doesn’t remember; she never lived through those events, and Quill is a total stranger to her, despite what he likes to believe.

It seems like Quill is convinced that if he is annoying enough and persistent enough, Gamora will magically gain the memories of the old Gamora and her feelings. 

Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3

Still, he was persistent and tried until he started seeing things the way they were. During the heist of OrgoCorp, the new version of Gamora showed her violent personality and how different her approach to work was compared to what he was used to with the old Gamora. 

She was willing to take hostages. She was willing to take lives. She was ruthless. On several instances Star-Lord commented that “the old Gamora would never do something like that,” and yes, that’s the point; the old Gamora wouldn’t. Too bad this Gamora standing in front of you is NOT the old Gamora.

Luckily Gamora and Star-Lord resolved their differences at the end of the movie. She better understood his motives, and Star-Lord started figuring out her frustration. The two decided to part ways, with Star-Lord heading to Earth to be with his Grandfather and Gamora returning to her new family, the Ravagers

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 gave a fitting conclusion to their relationship 

I do not doubt that the hopeless romantics in the audience hoped the pair would end up together against all odds, but this wasn’t the right way to end the franchise. The new version of Gamora deserves better than being constantly compared to a version of her that no longer exists. The new Gamora is not just the placeholder for the old Gamora so that her former friends and lovers can avoid the truth and reality. 


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New Gamora deserved to live her own life, away from the shadow of her variant that she had never even met. So no, Star-Lord and Gamora don’t end up together after all, they go on their own separate paths, and this was the best possible way that it could have happened. 

Do Gamora and Peter get together in the comics?

Gamora and Peter did have a romantic relationship in the comics, but it was quite different from what we’ve seen in the MCU. Before she was with Peter Quill, Gamora was in love with Richard Rider, aka Nova. But following Cancerverse, Gamora didn’t end up with Nova, and her relationship with Peter Quill also got a lot more complicated.

Gamora killed Peter during ‘Infinity Wars,’ and when he was resurrected, she tried her best to make it up to him, but alas, the tragedy would strike again. During the mission to defeat the mad gods Olympus, Star-Lord sacrifices his life to save the Nova Corps and the Guardians of the Galaxy, perishing in the Kree bomb explosion.

Guardians of the Galaxy were convinced that Peter died in the blast, but he was stranded in a completely different dimension on Morinus, an extra-dimensional world on the other side of Reality-616.  His life was originally saved by a pair of nomads Mors and Aradia. After-Star lord spent a year in their company, both Mors and Aradia offered that he joins them in their open, polyamorous marriage. However, Peter refused. He was still quite attached to Gamora, who was his girlfriend at the time.

Aradia first appearance Star Lords wife

Twelve years into his exile on Morinus, Peter Quill decided that his life was over and he was likely never leaving Morinus. He decided to join Mors and Aradia’s marriage, and the three of them lived in contentment for the following several decades. 143 years later, they even had a child together.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, Peter was forced to return to his native reality and abandon his family. After Star-Lord returned to his home dimension, he realized that while several lifetimes passed on Morinus, only a few months passed back in 616 reality. He eventually admitted that he had a son, but albeit he had trouble remembering exactly what happened while he was stranded there.


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The relationship between him and Gamora goes cold, and she gets closer to Richard Rider yet again, so there’s a possibility that Gamora, Richard, and Peter get into a relationship. So, to be more precise, the current status of Peter’s and Gamora’s relationship in the comics is “confusing as hell.”

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