The 10 Worst Superheroes Ever: The Weak, The Useless, and The Ugly


When we look at superheroes, we often see figures larger than life and with powers that allow them to become gods among men. Nevertheless, different superheroes tend to have different powers and abilities. That much is true. And while most of the heroes we’ve seen in the storyline of Marvel, DC, and other comic book universes tend to have incredible powers, some heroes are not exactly ideal.

That’s because some of these heroes are just downright weak or have useless powers. Some heroes tend to be quite ugly and have powers that make them even uglier in both the literal and metaphorical senses. So, with that said, let’s look at the worst superheroes of all time. 

10. Bailey Hoskins

While we do know that mutants don’t get to choose their powers, Baily Hoskins got the worst draw in the genetic pool. That’s because he can detonate his entire body. Of course, it would sound cool if he could return to normal and regenerate his body after detonating. But the worst part is that he doesn’t have any regenerative powers.


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This means that Bailey Hoskins’ powers are a one-off. He cannot regenerate his body after exploding, which means he is basically dead the moment he uses his powers. We don’t even know why or how he discovered he had this power. But the one sure thing is that he is basically a walking suicide bomber.

9. Zan

The Wonder Twins tend to be quite popular because they joined the Justice Friends in a TV show decades ago. But while Jayna, the female half of the Justice Twins, has powers that are quite reliable, Zan probably doesn’t. That’s because his power is hydrophysiology, which allows him to transform into any form of water.

In most cases, this should be a good power to have. The bad part is that Zan can’t even move whenever he is transformed into a form of water. He is useless whenever he transforms into a block of ice or a puddle. But the worst part is that he can’t even use his powers if Jayna isn’t around.

8. J. Pennington Pennypacker

J. Pennington Pennypacker has a pretty silly and ridiculous backstory that we don’t have to dive into because the only thing you need to know about this superhero is that he is one of the worst in his abilities. That’s because he can shoot pennies out of his wrists. That’s all there is to him.

Pennypacker is so useless that he has no superhuman abilities other than shooting pennies from his wrists. To top it all off, he has pretty useless teammates that could very well belong on any other list of the worst superheroes of all time. Take note: one of his teammates uses his stomach as a weapon to add to the ridiculousness of it all.

7. Cypher

Ideally, Cypher has a pretty good power because of the fact that it can be useful in a lot of different situations outside of combat. His abilities aren’t combat-oriented because he can understand any spoken or written language ever created in the universe. This sounds incredibly useful for any superhero team.

But the bad part is that Cypher can’t even speak or write, making his powers quite useless because he can’t even communicate the things he can hear while deciphering different languages. He even struggles with non-verbal and non-written communication that soldiers often use during a battle. This makes him more of a liability than an asset on the superhero teams that he is on. 

6. Friendly Fire

It sounds like a good power whenever you can shoot powerful energy bolts at your opponents. This has always been one of the most common powers in the world of superheroes. But in Friendly Fire’s case, he can’t even fight crime with his powers because his powers don’t work against his enemies.

As his name implies, Friendly Fire can only shoot his energy bolts at his friends, making him completely useless in a fight. At one point, he tried to shoot an energy bolt at an opponent, only for the attack to hit himself, causing his death in the process.

Friendly Fire could be useful if used in an ideal situation, such as when a teammate has the power to absorb an attack and release it to an opponent. But as a solo hero or in any other case, he is basically the worst her to have on your party.

5. Slapstick

Introduced in ‘The Awesome Slapstick 1,’ Slapstick was a character modeled after classic cartoons. Steven Harmon had bizarre powers and an unusual sense of humor that made him quite entertaining. On top of that, his powers weren’t even realistic at all. He got his powers when he stepped into a portal that stretched his molecules across 3,741 dimensions.


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The thing about Slapstick is that, while his powers weren’t bad, his design was bad. Many people regard him as one of the worst superheroes of all time because he simply has a bad design that wasn’t ideal for many comic book readers. His personality and story may be quite interesting, but his design and powers were just a bit too strange.

4. Dogwelder 

You won’t hear the words “dog” and “welding” together in the same sentence or even the same paragraph in most cases, but Dogwelder managed to incorporate those words into his very existence as a pretty useless superhero. And the thing is that he doesn’t have any real powers even though he is a superhero.

What Dogwelder does is he hangs out in dark alleys, catches stray and dead dogs, and then uses the dogs’ bodies against his enemies by wielding them to their faces. This sounds entirely insane and morbid. The man who wrote Dogwelder must have been drunk or under the influence of something strong when he wrote one of the worst characters in history.

3. Bliss

There are a lot of mutants who have strange powers because they can’t really control how their powers manifest. Bliss is one of the strangest and most bizarre mutants of all time. On top of that, this character also has one of the worst designs ever made by Marvel, as she has a very disturbing power that makes her worthy of her place on this list.

Bliss’s power allows her to release an elongated tongue from her mouth. The worst part is that her tongue has another face on it. She uses the face on her tongue to attack her opponents. It’s a disgusting power that makes Bliss worthy of this spot. And to whoever thought of creating Bliss, shame on that guy.

2. Dazzler

Not many people are familiar with Dazzler, but some would say she is the worst hero ever. First of all, she has powers that are just downright terrible because she can turn sound into light. Her powers don’t have any offensive capabilities, which means she isn’t useful in a fight.


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But the second reason why she is one of the worst heroes is that she is just downright boring as a character. She has no interesting personality or story. In fact, in most cases, she is just plain eye candy because she has nothing interesting about her. So, if you add her lack of depth to her insanely useless powers, she becomes one of the worst superheroes of all time.

1. Sixpack

Even though Sixpack can be a very entertaining character, he is a pretty bad superhero because his only power is that he can open beer bottles with his abs. Of course, he is the leader of Section 8, which is the same superhero team two other heroes on this list belong to. And Section 8 is a superhero team with superheroes that have useless powers.

Sixpack, of course, takes the cake when it comes to the worst of the worst in the world of superheroes, as he is mentally unstable and has a costume steeped in urine due to all of his drinking. It is often said that he became so much of an alcoholic that he disappeared from the superhero world and has just been attending AA meetings with no memory of ever fighting crime.

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