Zawe Ashton (Dar-Benn) Reveals That Captain Marvel Was Supposed To Die in One Ending for ‘The Marvels’

captain marvel was supposed to die

‘The Marvels’ was the latest installment in the MCU franchise and the latest box office flop for Marvel Studios and Disney. The movie was praised for the chemistry between the main trio of Larson, Parris, and Vellani, but pretty much every other aspect of the movie was criticized namely the story and the main villain – Dar-Benn played by Zawe Ashton.

It’s not that Zawe didn’t deliver a phenomenal performance, it’s that her character wasn’t really fleshed out and it had dubious motivations for the goals she was trying to achieve. The fans were also infuriated that Dar-Benn seemingly managed to toss Captain Marvel around with nothing but Quantum Band at her disposal, and we do know that Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU.

During the Phase Zero podcast, Zawe Ashton opened up regarding the ending for Dar-Benn. We know that Dar-Benn died during the latter portion of the movie, her MCU journey ending. Ashton was asked whether that ending was always the plan regarding Dar-Benn and surprisingly Ashton said that it wasn’t.

There was another ending that we did film where Brie and myself are kind of in space still having it out, and they kind of combust together.

Ashton also said that there was one ending that was never filmed as well that was supposed to include a lot of water, but whichever ending was talked about, it was always going to include epic death, at least when it comes to Dar-Benn.


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I’m not sure how fans would react to Captain Marvel dying at the hands of a C-list villain, but it would definitely make for one memorable experience. Despite, Dar-Benn being dead, we’re also hoping to see Ashton in more projects.

Following a month-long cinema run, ‘The Marvels’ tallied $80 million in domestic box office returns and just under $197 million worldwide. This wasn’t enough to cover the approximate $220 million net budget, which is not something the MCU is accustomed to. It was to be expected that ‘The Marvels’ would become the lowest-grossing MCU film to date, especially after opening to $46 million domestically – the lowest opening in MCU history. Then, the next weekend saw almost an 80% drop from that number, which was yet another MCU negative record

‘The Marvels’ is currently streaming on Disney+. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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