How Powerful Is Captain Marvel Exactly? Her 10 Greatest Feats in the MCU, Ranked

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We all know that Captain Marvel has always been regarded as one of the strongest superheroes in the MCU, and many people rank her right at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to the strongest Avengers. Of course, there aren’t many people who know just how strong Captain Marvel is because her appearances in the MCU haven’t been as consistent as guys like Thor and Hulk. So, with that said, let’s look at all of Captain Marvel’s greatest feats in the MCU.

10. Forced Ronan the Accuser to cower in fear

ronan fleet

During the events of the ‘Captain Marvel’ film, Carol Danvers was finally able to tap into her true power after realizing that Yon-Rogg had been holding her back the entire time. But the Kree fleet, led by Ronan the Accuser, arrived on Earth and was about to attack the planet. Thankfully, Captain Marvel was there to destroy the Kree fleet.

Carol appeared in front of Ronan the Accuser, who was on the bridge of his massive ship. Due to her overwhelming powers, Ronan and the other Kree had no choice but to leave Earth all alone. Take note that Ronan himself is a powerful Kree, as he is capable of taking on all of the original members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, even without the use of the Power Stone.

9. Defeated Starforce on her own

danvers vs yon rogg

In connection to the fact that Carol Danvers finally learned more about herself and the truth behind what Yon-Rogg had been doing to her ever since she lost her memories a long time ago, she confronted Yon-Rogg and the rest of his Starforce team, which is an elite group of Kree fighters who are strong enough to take on entire units of Skrulls.


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Carol didn’t even struggle against all of the members of Starforce as she easily defeated all of them, including her mentor, Yon-Rogg, who was a more experienced and better hand-to-hand fighter than her. But because of her overwhelming powers, Yon-Rogg became easy pickings for Captain Marvel.

8. Nick Fury’s backup plan

fury beeper

Nick Fury has faced a lot of different extinction-level events on Earth, and he mostly relied on the Avengers the entire time. In the first ‘Avengers’ movie, the entire city of New York was invaded, but he still believed that the original Avengers could do the job. The same thing happened in relation to Ultron and a few other threats.

Despite that, it was only when he saw that Thanos had succeeded in the Snap that he thought this was a big enough event to call on his big gun. We are talking about Captain Marvel, who left behind a beeper for Nick Fury to use in case he needed her help. Fury waited more than two decades to use the beeper when he saw that the Snap was a problem that only Danvers could help him out with.

7. Kept the universe safe after the Snap


After Fury contacted Carol Danvers, she came to Earth to assist the heroes in relation to the Thanos problem and the Snap. She and the Avengers failed to reverse Thanos’ Snap because he destroyed the Infinity Stones. As such, they decided to live with their losses for the next five years.

In the five years that went by, Captain Marvel decided to roam around the universe to help keep it safe after Thanos’ Snap. Multiple galaxies and planets were in chaos due to the effects of the Snap, and it was up to Carol Danvers to make sure that the people of the different planets all over the universe had a protector they could rely on.


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6. Restrained a weakened Thanos

restraining thanos 1

As mentioned, Danvers went to Earth to assist the Avengers after Thanos’ Snap. They eventually located Thanos living alone on a planet as he decided to retire because his job was done. This Thanos, take note, was a weakened version of the Mad Titan because of the effects of the Snap. But he was still very much a threat.

The Avengers stormed Thanos’ home and decided to force him to give up the Infinity Stones, only for the Mad Titan to tell them that he had destroyed the Stones. Throughout that time, Captain Marvel was restraining him without any problem at all, as she didn’t even have to use Binary Mode.

5. Singlehandedly destroyed Thanos’ ship

danvers vs thanos

During the Battle of Earth, the Avengers faced Thanos’ army head-on and were able to match the strength of the Mad Titan’s forces. Scarlet Witch was about to kill Thanos before the villain decided to use his ship to bombard the entire battlefield. The bombardment changed the tide of the battle as it was likely that the Avengers were going to lose due to the sheer destructive force of Thanos’ ship.

However, Captain Marvel came to the rescue to destroy Thanos’ ship all on her own and without any problem whatsoever. Take note that this ship was so large that it was bigger than the entire Avengers compound. But Danvers didn’t have any trouble destroying it in a matter of a few seconds.

4. Reignited Hala’s Sun

Captain Marvel in the Marvels

The main premise of the recently released ‘The Marvels’ movie was the fact that Kree leader Dar-Benn was tearing the Universe apart with the use of the Quantum Bands. Dar-Benn opted for such a violent approach because the civil war that Captain Marvel indirectly caused completely decimated Hala’s resources, leaving the air unbreathable, the water undrinkable, and, to make matters worse, their sun was also dying.

Dar-Benn used Quantum bands to open dimensional gateways and siphon resources from other planets. She attacked the Skrull planet during their peace treaties and siphoned their air, transferring it to Hala. She targeted Aladna due to the fact that the planet was 90 % water, which was something that Hala desperately needed. Besides, it was also a former home of Captain Marvel. The last place that Dar-Benn targeted, before she was ultimately stopped and defeated was Earth, as she wanted to take out sun.

Following Dar-Benn’s untimely demise, Captain Marvel returned to Hala’s airspace and plunged herself in her binary form deep within the core of their star to restart the nuclear reaction needed for the star to recover. Honestly, I personally consider this to be her greatest feat.

3. Overwhelmed Thanos

danvers vs thanos

The arrival of Captain Marvel during the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ changed the tide of battle because she was able to destroy Thanos’ ship. She even went on to attack Thanos head-on to keep him from using the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. In that encounter, Danvers was so strong that she almost effortlessly prevented Thanos’ fingers from snapping. Not even Thanos’ headbutts affected her while she was in Binary Mode.


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Danvers was likely going to defeat Thanos all on her own in that encounter. However, out of desperation, Thanos used his other hand to take the Power Stone out of the Infinity Gauntlet and use it against Captain Marvel. The fact that Thanos needed the most destructive out of all of the Infinity Stones to push Captain Marvel back is a testament to her strength.

2. Singlehandedly defeated the Kree Empire

the marvels

We know that Captain Marvel eventually decided to do something about the Kree Empire and the different things that they were doing to the different planets all over the universe. While this all happened offscreen, the thing that we do know is that she became known as the biggest threat to the Kree Empire’s history.

In the events of ‘The Marvels,’ it was hinted that Captain Marvel destroyed or, at the very least, weakened the Kree Empire right after the events of her standalone movie. The fact that she defeated the Kree Empire, which was known to conquer different planets all over the universe, all on her own is incredibly impressive.

1. Fought Thor to a standstill

thor danvers

Two of the Avengers members that stand at the top of the list of some of the strongest heroes in the MCU are Thor and Captain Marvel. But we never saw them fight in the MCU. Thankfully, ‘What If…?’ allowed us to see this in one of the episodes wherein Thor was an only child and became an irresponsible douchebag.


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In that episode, Thor ended up going up against Captain Marvel in a fight that allowed fans to see what could have happened if they actually fought in the MCU. They both fought each other to a standstill, but it is possible that Captain Marvel would have defeated the God of Thunder in that fight because it appeared that she had the upper hand.

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