Why Did Captain Marvel Destroy Hala (& the Supreme Intelligence)?

Why Did Captain Marvel Destroy Hala the Supreme Intelligence

‘The Marvels’ was released only recently and it offered us some insight into what Captain Marvel has been up to between the events of ‘Captain Marvel’ and the latest movie. The film also introduced Dar-Benn as a villain who was primarily motivated by vengeance and resurrecting Hala and her planet after the destruction that Captain Marvel wrought on its people. We’ve also learned that Captain Marvel had an unflattering nickname among the Kree- The Annihilator. But why? As far as we know Captain Marvel only did what was right, but it seems that this is what led to the Kree practically being extinct on their own planet. Let’s see why Captain Marvel destroyed Hala and Supreme Intelligence.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Captain Marvel destroyed Supreme Intelligence because she remembered who she was before and how she was manipulated into serving an extremely cruel regime. Her decision was partially made when she figured out the truth behind the Kree-Skurll war and how Skrulls were basically victims and the Kree were being manipulated by fascist artificial intelligence.
  • Captain Marvel didn’t actually destroy Hala, but once Supreme Intelligence was down, effectively leaving the Kree without a leader, a massive civil broke out.
  • The civil war drained Hala of its resources leaving the planet dead after which Dar-Benn managed to take over the rule and seek vengeance for what the Danvers had done and rob other planets of their resources.

Supreme intelligence was destroyed between the movies by Carol Danvers

Let’s get one thing straight, we never actually saw Captain Marvel destroying Supreme Intelligence in the first movie, we’ve only seen her fighting and defeating Yon-Rogg, one of her greatest enemies. Captain Marvel only sends a message to the Supreme Intelligence that she will be back for it, but we never actually see her making good on her promise. But as it turns out, following the events of the film, Carol did not return to Earth to assume her regular Avengers duties, but instead ventured out in space and seemingly destroyed the Kree civilization. But why did Captain Marvel do that?

If you remember the first movie and the Tesseract accident that gave Danvers her powers, you will also remember that she was practically kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming one of the most powerful enforcers of Kree cruelty over the universe. Captain Marvel did not know right from wrong and was guzzling on Kree propaganda just as much as every other Kree did.

Supreme intelligence

The reason for this was Supreme Intelligence – a form of AI composed of the most intelligent Kree minds and it was serving as a leader for the Kree people and managing almost every aspect of their lives. Danvers eventually unlocked all of her powers and managed to break through Kree propaganda and figure out that Supreme Intelligence robbed her of her life, and was pitting her against the Skrulls who were powerless to defend themselves.

Captain Marvel figured that Supreme Intelligence was inherently evil in nature, and it was a manifestation of the worst and conquering side of the Kree and that it ultimately needed to be destroyed because it would eventually grow its appetite to conquer the entire universe.


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How did Captain Marvel destroy Hala?

In ‘The Marvels’ we’ve seen the Kree living in poverty, filth, and darkness. It’s explained over the course of the movie that the air on Hala is too toxic to breathe, its waters are poisoned and the nuclear fusion stops taking place at the heart of Hala’s sun making the celestial source of energy literally stop in its track, unable to provide energy, light and warmth to the Kree. The planet was dying. This is why Dar-Benn sought the Quantum Bands and stole resources from other planets. Dar-Benn stole the atmosphere from Tarnax IV, stole water from Aladna, and aimed to steal the sun from Earth.

Dar benn

Dar-Benn and the rest of the Kree had a nickname for Captain Marvel – the Annihilator and implied that it was Danvers who ruined the planet. The hard truth is something else completely. Captain Marvel did not destroy Hala directly, I guess you could say that she did wreck the place indirectly, however. Once Captain Marvel destroyed the Supreme Intelligence the Kree people were without its leader and massive power struggles began as Kree were for the first time in who knows how long without the malevolent guidance of the massive artificial mind. Massive civil war broke out and Hala’s resources were depleted leaving the planet to die.

dar been stealing water from Aladna

Dar-Benn’s anger was misguided, yes Captain Marvel was the straw that broke the Camel’s back but it was the Kree who destroyed Hala. But I guess it’s easier to unite broken people and factions on Hala against the common enemy, and who better to be the common enemy than the person who stole and dethroned their regime that kept them almost near the top of the cosmic hierarchy for so long?


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What happened to Hala in the end?

Captain Marvel realized what her role in the destruction of Hala had been and decided to do something very human. She realized that the entire race of people cannot be responsible for the evils of the few and she used her awesome powers to re-ignite Hala’s sun.

Captain Marvel saving hala

The planet already had the stolen air and stolen water from other planets, the only thing they were missing was the sun and Danvers gave them that, ultimately making amends. It’s ironic, that Dar-Benn promised her people that she would restore the planet and she did that, indirectly but also paid with her own life.

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