10 Strongest Marvel Characters That Can Defeat Thor


As an Asgardian God of Thunder, Thor is among the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics. He has vast command over lightning, paired with incredible, nearly unlimited strength and deadly combat skills. As such, it’s difficult to find a contender that equals him or even surpasses him in his might.

Still, there are characters in Marvel comics that both managed to defeat Thor in a fight or only surpass him when it comes to their raw powers, and this is why we created this list. Let’s see who are Marvel’s strongest characters that can beat Thor in a fight.

1. Sentry

Sentry Origin

Sentry is rightfully among the most powerful characters in Marvel comics due to the insane fact that one million exploding suns power him due to the Golden Sentry Serum he ingested by accident. As such, the exact limits of his physical abilities, as well as his powers, aren’t exactly known.


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However, The same can be said for Thor as well, which is why it would be a difficult fight for Thor. Even though the God of Thunder has Odinforce on his side and various versatile powers and abilities, Sentry’s absolute molecular control might give him an edge in this fight.

2. Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill Origin

Beta Ray Bill, the fearless Korbinite, has a pretty similar powerset to that of Thor. During their first encounter, he was even able to match Thor’s strength. He is also incredibly durable, has decent combat skills, and has been known to wield, at times, some of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe.

Even though Thor is, with everything taken into account, more powerful than Beta Ray Bill, the cyborg Korbinite certainly stands a good chance at beating the God of Thunder in combat, especially with Odin’s help.

3. Odin

Origin of Odin Marvel Comics

Odin is like his son due to his godly status and extra powers among the most powerful Asgardians. While Thor is younger and holds more vigor, always eager to fight, Odin has the wisdom of the ages and near-complete mastery over cosmic powers.

Due to his extensive experience, there’s no doubt that Odin would have found a way to defeat his physically more powerful son. In fact, he did defeat him numerous times. Besides, Odin makes quite a few other cosmic beings and deities tremble. He demands respect like no other in the cosmic pantheon.

4. Mangog

Mangog Origin

Mangog is one terrifying being associated with Asgardians, and it’s often said that he is the “physical manifestation and sum total of the hatred of a billion beings.” Mangog’s race has been ruthlessly slain by Odin, and this suggests that if an entire race was demolished by Odin, Thor shouldn’t struggle with Mangog, right?

Mangog is proven to be both physically stronger, durable, and angrier than Thor. In addition to his vast physical potential, Mangog also has incredible energy-manipulating powers at his disposal. He can also shapeshift and use “sin-empowerment,” which is by far one of his greatest abilities. Via sin-empowerment, Mangog can utilize every sin committed by deities to make himself stronger.


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5. Red Hulk

Red Hulk, also known as Thunderbolt Ross, is most famous for being one of Hulk’s most bitter enemies. His own powers are derived from the original Hulk, which makes him quite dangerous given that he has almost unlimited strength and a powerset similar to Hulk. However, Red Hulk once managed not only to stand his ground against the God of Thunder but even to defeat him.

Red Hulk took Thor for a space ride and, by studying him prior to the encounter, managed to separate him from his magic hammer and pummel him to dust.

6. Knull

The King in Black often clashes with Earth’s hero, and on one occasion, he almost outright killed the God of Thunder. Knull is a primordial god of darkness. The primordial part makes him more powerful than most other deities that you can encounter in the Marvel Universe. Not only is he a god of symbiotes, but he also has the ability to completely and totally manipulate eldritch darkness. The fact that he likely cannot be killed at all further complicates this fight for the God of Thunder.

7. Kurse

Kurse was once known as a Dark Elf under the name Algrim the Strong. That form was several times weaker than Thor, and the God of Thunder wouldn’t struggle much against him at all. When Beyonder encountered Algrim, he decided to “enhance” him, and as such, Algrim was transformed into “Kurse” and gained the strength that not only matches Thor’s but highly surpasses it.


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Following Beyonder’s meddling, It took the combined strength of Beta Ray Bill and Thor to incapacitate him.

8. Beyonder

Beyonder hails from Beyond, and as a being from outside of reality, he is among the most powerful Marvel Characters, yes, even the post-retcon Beyonder. Beyonder’s main strength lies in the fact that he is not bound by laws of physical nature or even laws of the Marvel Universe. He has nearly total control over reality, molecules, matter, and energy. He also has vast physical strength, and the limits of it aren’t understood or even calculable. As such, Thor would have trouble navigating his way in a fight against Beyonder purely due to his nature.

9. Hercules

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Hercules and Thor are often compared; both are sons of powerful gods, and both have similar physical qualities, with most people willing to call it a “draw” between them. In reality, Thor is more powerful than Hercules, but there has been a fight or two where the son of Zeus managed to gain an upper hand over Thor.

10. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Origin

You shouldn’t be surprised to see Ghost Rider on this list since he is truly one peculiar character whose abilities are often downplayed by the writers. This is due to him being overpowered in the first place when you take into account everything he can. Ghost Rider is a divine being who can be stopped only by god and can likely never be killed completely. He can manipulate vast amounts of Hellfire and other types of energy.

I mean, even his stare is deadly or at least incapacitating to the vast majority of Marvel Characters. Ghost Rider doesn’t only have the potential to defeat Thor. He did succeed in it in the past.

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