All 15 Thor’s Weaknesses Ranked by Severity


Out of all of the Avengers, Thor is often seen as one of the true powerhouse superheroes due to the fact that his strength and durability are able to match Hulk and because he has incredible powers that make him a god for all intents and purposes. This has allowed Thor to make a name for himself as one of the strongest heroes in Marvel.

While it may be true that Thor is a god, he isn’t infallible or indestructible. That’s because even the mightiest Asgardian god has weaknesses of his own, and that means that Thor can still be stopped, depending on certain circumstances. So, with that said, let’s look at all of Thor’s weaknesses ranked by severity.

15. Brotherly love

We know that Thor grew up with an adopted brother named Loki, who ended up becoming the god of mischief. While they grew up together, Loki was always jealous of Thor because he was always seen in a positive light by his father and was set to become the heir to the throne of Asgard. As such, Loki ended up trying to kill Thor a lot of times.


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Despite the fact that Loki has always tried to kill Thor, his brother often struggles to actually try to truly go all-out against Loki because he still loves his brother. In that regard, it made it harder for Thor to go up against a person he always loved despite everything that Loki did to him. Brotherly love always got the better of Thor.

14. Unworthiness

One of the things that we know about Thor is that his hammer, Mjolnir, was enchanted by Odin to make sure that only those who were worthy would be able to wield the power of Thor. As such, Thor could only wield Mjolnir and gain access to his powers as long as he was worthy enough to wield such powers.

So, because there have been plenty of instances wherein Thor was unworthy, he basically became an ordinary human being and lost the use of his powers. There were even instances wherein mere feelings of unworthiness were enough for him to lose his powers, as he always had to be worthy both in terms of his deeds and his beliefs.  

13. Warrior Madness

As goodhearted as Thor is, the fact is that he was always a warrior in every sense of the word because he was raised to be the mightiest Asgardian warrior. He can be short-tempered and find himself getting overwhelmed by his anger in a state that’s called warrior madness. While he is strong and ferocious in this state, he isn’t himself.

Thor’s warrior madness allows him to overwhelm opponents with ferocious and relentless assaults. The problem, however, is that warrior madness can also turn Thor into a mindless warrior who doesn’t think about his actions. This makes him easier to defeat for seasoned fighters who know how to take advantage of an enraged warrior.

12. Thorsleep

Just like Odin, Thor can be susceptible to a long slumber that basically renders him useless. This is called the Thorsleep, which happens whenever he uses too much of the Odin-Force after he gains control over this incredible source of power.


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The Odin-Force is a power that Thor was able to finally use after he became the king of Asgard. However, while he became a lot stronger, using too much of the Odin-Force requires him to sleep for a long period of time to recuperate. As such, he has to make sure that he doesn’t use the Odin-Force too much. 

11. Mjolnir empowerment

As mentioned, there was a point in time when Thor could only gain access to his power as long as he wielded Mjolnir because Odin’s enchantment tied Thor’s powers with this hammer. What that means is that he needed Mjolnir if he wanted to gain access to his godly abilities.

So, during the times that Thor was separated from Mjolnir due to different instances, he couldn’t use his powers and was basically just an ordinary human being. There were also instances wherein, while he was still powerful, he struggled to use his command over thunder without Mjolnir. We saw this in the MCU’s ‘Thor: Ragnarök’ movie

10. Stickler to rules

Thor has always been the nicer of Odin’s children, as he was a true hero in every sense of the word. He was someone who knew how to obey his father’s wishes and even follow the letter of the law despite the fact that he could be a bit defiant. This made him a polar opposite of his brother, who was willing to break the rules.

However, there was a point in the comics wherein Loki tried to take advantage of this because he knew that Thor was never going to try to kill him, as it was forbidden for Asgardians to kill one another. Loki was able to make life difficult for his stronger brother, knowing for a fact that Thor would not break the rules.

9. Unreasonable

The truth about Thor is that he was never the most intelligent superhero in Marvel, and this has led to him focusing more on speaking with his hammer instead of his words. Thor would rather strike than try to reason his way out of a situation or problem, and this became a problem for him a lot of times.


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There were a lot of instances wherein Thor would be too unreasonable that he wasn’t even willing to talk first to resolve an issue or problem. His hot-headed nature, of course, has never been one of his strengths.

8. Ragnarök beings

One of the biggest weaknesses of the Asgardians is the fact that they are all tied to the prophecy of Ragnarök. Basically, their lives were already written for them due to Ragnarök, and that means that, in most cases, they can’t do anything about their impending doom as long as it was in the prophecy of Ragnarök.

To that end, even Thor is a slave to Ragnarök and the many different creatures associated with this prophecy, which states that Thor was supposed to die to the World Serpent, Jörmungand. In that regard, Thor can’t do anything about his fate, and it is proven that Jörmungand is indeed strong enough to kill him.

7. Overly determined

In the world of comics, heroes are often blessed with indomitable will and extreme determination, as this allows them to overcome challenges and villains. However, there are certain cases wherein being too determined can be a problem. Just ask Thor, who has been on the short end of being a bit too determined.

Thor has become too determined to a fault, such as when he tries to do things that are beyond his capabilities. At one point, he lost Mjolnir but was still determined to fight a Frost Giant. As such, he lost his arm in the process as his determination got the best of him in that fight with an enemy he wasn’t equipped to deal with.

6. Pride

Growing up as the mightiest Asgardian, Thor was always a proud warrior who never wanted anything or anyone to hurt his pride. That means that he is willing to take on any challenge or do anything that makes him feel prouder of himself, even if he has to do foolish and stupid actions for the sake of his pride.


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During the time when Jane Foster became the Mighty Thor, Thor’s pride got the best of him because he was willing to fight his former love, Jane Foster, all for the sake of his pride because he believed that he was more worthy of Mjolnir. Of course, the inevitable happened when Jane defeated Thor with the same hammer that his pride was tied to.

5. Inability to heal

There was a point in time when Hela cursed Thor by making him incapable of healing his wounds. This made Thor suffer for a very long time because, as invulnerable as he may be, he isn’t indestructible. As such, he can still suffer from wounds.

The problem, however, is that Thor is basically immortal. That means that his wounds wouldn’t be able to kill him. This made life hard for him because he had to live with wounds that wouldn’t heal, but he couldn’t die from them. It’s a fate worse than death because Thor was cursed to suffer for all eternity until he found a way to force Hela to reverse the curse.

4. Magical charm

Asgardians are known for their magical abilities, but that doesn’t mean that they are immune to magic. In fact, Asgardians are actually susceptible to certain types of magical abilities, and that means that certain types of magicians and sorcerers are able to defeat the likes of Thor.

One such type of magic that has proven itself to be quite effective against Thor is magic meant to charm opponents. As such, the Enchantress has been able to defeat Thor quite a few times because her magical abilities are able to charm him, even if he is actually a lot stronger than her.

3. Mjolnir can replicate his powers

We all know that Odin placed an enchantment on Mjolnir so that anyone who was worthy to wield it would be able to have Thor’s powers. While this has allowed worthy people to wield his hammer, it has also given powers to people who are quite obscure and downright silly. This includes a frog who ended up finding a sliver of metal chipped off from Mjolnir as this frog obtained Thor’s powers.


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While the enchantment makes sure that only those who are worthy can wield Thor’s powers, this can also be a weakness because Thor’s powers might end up with a person or creature who might do something crazy with them.

2. Foolishness

Thor may be one of the few true heroes of Marvel due to his good heart, but one of the things that has always been said about him is that he was never the sharpest tool in the shed. That means that Thor isn’t really smart, and this has proven to be a weakness on his part because there have been a lot of instances wherein he did foolish things simply because he wasn’t very smart.

During the 60s, there was even a comic book wherein Thor nuked the entire country of China. Of course, such a storyline is no longer applicable to today’s more modern world. However, both the comics and the MCU have had their fair share of moments wherein Thor was incredibly foolish or stupid. In a lot of cases, his lack of intelligence has become a weakness on his part.

1. Love

There are a lot of instances wherein a person’s love for another person can be a source of strength. But there are also a lot of cases wherein being in love or loving someone can make someone weaker or can lead to a hero being in a difficult situation. Thor has had his fair share of moments wherein his love for another person was a weakness.

In most situations, however, being in love helps Thor become stronger because he has people he needs to protect. But there have been situations wherein this became a weakness, such as when he refuses to kill Loki because he loves him or whenever Jane was in trouble. Nevertheless, while love can be a weakness, Thor has always found a way to turn it into a strength.

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