Atlanteans vs. Asgardians: Which Nation Wins in the Comics?


Atlantis and Asgard are some of the most powerful nations in their respective universes. In appearance, they look just like humans, although to some extent, they’re quite different, possessing superhuman capabilities. Considering the fact that both nations have incredible resources, magic, and superhuman populace, if Atlanteans and Asgardians would start a war, who would win?

Asgardians would win against Atlanteans. They’re more skilled combatants and have no limitations on their powers, unlike Atlanteans, who must be underwater for them to be at their peak. The Asgardian army is more experienced, and they have far much more powerful royalty, the likes of Thor, Odin, Hela, and so on.

This article will have an in-depth look at the powers and abilities of both nations as well as a closer look at the compositions of their armies to determine who’d be victorious in a fight. So stay tuned for this and much more.

Atlanteans vs. Asgardians: Powers and Abilities Explained

Let’s have a look at some of the powers and abilities of both nations:


  • Superhuman strength- Atlanteans have incredible strength, which is at its peak underwater. They have a muscle density ten times that of an average human being. This allows their bodies to withstand over half a ton of pressure applied by the water.
  • Super speed- Atlanteans can move, react, run, and swim at incredible speeds faster than any human or sea creature.
  • Super stamina- The musculature of Atlanteans is efficient enough that their muscles produce far fewer fatigue toxins than humans. This allows them to exert themselves for longer periods.
  • Super durability- Atlanteans have muscles and bone tissues that are far denser than those of humans. This grants them an unbelievable degree of invulnerability.
  • Healing factor– Atlanteans have an astounding resistance to injury, but it’s still possible to injure them. However, their physiology grants them the ability to heal at a faster rate than normal humans but only when they’re exposed to water.
  • Enhanced senses- Atlanteans have more acute senses than humans. They have a keen sense of smell, acute hearing, and incredible vision.


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  • Superhuman strength- The average Asgardian is quite strong, being sufficient enough to allow them to battle any being in the Nine Realms. More developed warriors like Heimdall, Warriors Three, Frigga, Sif, and the Valkyrie are a bit more superior in terms of strength. The gods like Thor, Odin, and Hela are far much stronger.
  • Superhuman speed- All Asgardians can run and move at speeds that are greater than even the finest athletes. This usually grants them an advantage in battle.
  • Superhuman stamina-The musculature of Asgardians allows their bodies to produce fewer fatigue toxins during physical exertion.
  • Powerful healing factor and durability- The muscles and tissue fibers of Asgardians are quite dense, which means they can withstand injuries and impact forces that could kill a normal human. They also have an incredible healing factor, and when injured, their advanced metabolism allows them to regenerate faster than an average human.
  • Superhuman longevity- Asgardians can live for extraordinarily long periods, more than an average human.
  • Combat proficiency- Asgardians are exceptional warriors in both armed and unarmed combat.


While their powers and abilities are somewhat similar, we should mention that Asgardians are a bit superior to Atlanteans in this regard. They’re not only a more advanced civilization, but they’ve also honed these skills, powers, and abilities for the many years they’ve been alive, moving them just a bit above the Atlanteans. What’s more, the powers and abilities of Atlanteans reduce greatly when they’re not in water. So the Asgardians win.

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Atlanteans have abilities exceeding those of normal humans, including strength, speed, and durability. The Atlanteans can’t breathe on land if they’re not using specialized suits. They can’t be easily hurt by human weapons. They’re extremely fast underwater and faster on land than a normal human. Their primary weapon is the plasma rifle which can inflict serious damage. The Atlantean navy has numerous ships they used to traverse the seas. In addition to this, Atlantis has a massive flagship that has a large plasma weapon.

What’s more, the Atlanteans have numerous sea creatures they could call to their aid if the battle with Asgardians made its way into the water. These include numerous Great white sharks with twin plasma weapons, dangerous sea dragons, and several Tylosaurs that are incredibly dangerous. Atlantis also has the Karatheon, a massive sea creature under the control of the king of Atlantis.

Atlantis has its fair share of powerful royals with various powers and abilities, which would play a huge part in a battle between the two nations. They include Orm, who is an incredible trident fighter; King Nereus, who is skilled with the trident and can shoot off plasma beams from it, Princess Mera, who is proficient and hypokinesis and can harden water to use it as a weapon. There’s also Vulko, who’s a skilled fighter.

Finally, there’s Aquaman, who is incredibly strong and skilled in combat. He can command the sea with Atlan’s trident.


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On the other hand, we have the Asgardians.

The warriors of Asgard possess near-superhuman abilities, just like the Atlanteans. However, the level of these abilities is a tad above those of Atlanteans. Asgardians are super strong and incredibly fast. They are also far more durable and can withstand blows from even the most powerful of weapons.

Asgardian warriors are highly trained in combat, and since they can live for incredibly long, they have honed their skills to extreme levels, which makes them unbeatable on the battlefield. They are too skilled for the Atlanteans to take them on land and provided with the right breathing apparatus, they may even cause the Atlanteans problems in the water. They mostly use melee weapons such as spears and swords, which they are skilled at wielding.

Asgard uses the Bifrost for transport, and this would be a useful tool aiding them in bringing in even more troops to help out in battle with the Atlanteans. This would be an easy recipe to overwhelm Atlantis by sheer numbers.

One weapon of power that would likely change the course of the battle in the Asgardians’ favor is The Destroyer. Although it is mostly used to protect Odin’s Vault, it can also be used to launch an attack on Atlantis. The Destroyer is powerful enough to almost similar proportions as pre-Ragnarok Thor. It uses powerful Odinforce blasts that would decimate the Atlantean army.

Apart from The Destroyer and the Bifrost, the Asgardians have a host of other weapons that would play a huge advantage.

Asgard relies more on powerful warriors and members of the royal family who are gods than on the Asgardian army, the Einherjar. This is for good reason considering Asgard has some of the most powerful warriors of all time.

Some of them include Odin, who commands the Odinforce. He is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. There’s also Lady Sif, who’s a powerful warrior; Loki, whose scepter with the infinity stone makes him an incredibly skilled fighter; and the Warriors Three, who are some of Asgard’s mightiest warriors. They also have Heimdall, who, apart from being able to see and hear all of the Nine Realms, is a much stronger warrior than the average Asgardian.

Then there’s Thor, who is arguably the most powerful being in all of the Nine Realms. There’s no need to go into details about Thor’s powers because he’s infinitely more powerful than even Atlantis’ Aquaman. Thor is so powerful and invulnerable he’d be able to take on a huge chunk of the Atlantean army, largely thanks to Mjolnir.

Then there’s the Bifrost which is a planet destroyer. Asgard could just use the Bifrost to decimate the whole planet, destroying the Atlanteans in the process. However, Asgard has never been known to wipe out entire worlds with the Bifrost.

Atlanteans vs. Asgardians: Who Wins?

Asgardians would win. Asgardians’ range of superhuman abilities exceeds those of Atlanteans, though not by much. Asgardians are stronger, faster, more durable, and have more stamina than the Atlanteans. The Asgardians are more skilled than their opponents, thanks to numerous experiences in battle, having lived thousands of years. They’ve battled and won against powerful nations, for example, the Frost Giants.


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In addition to this, they have The Destroyer, which would decimate the Atlantean army in a matter of moments. What’s more, they have super powerful deities like Thor, Odin, Hela, Heimdall, and more who could take on Atlantis’ most powerful royals and ultimately win.

There’s also the Bifrost which would destroy the Atlanteans, but the Asgardians wouldn’t really use it unless they had no choice. I should mention that it would be no easy-fought battle, but the Asgardians would ultimately triumph. 

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