‘Ahsoka’ Episode 6 Summary and Ending Explained: The Reunion

ezra sabine reunion

The events of episode 5 of ‘Ahsoka’ got fans excited for what was going to come in the next episode, especially because Ahsoka Tano now had the means to get to Peridea, which was an entirely different galaxy. As such, it was obvious that episode 6 was going to explore the Imperial remnants and their quest to find Thrawn in that new galaxy, as they were successful at leaving the known galaxy in episode 4.

Of course, we didn’t see the Imperial remnants and Sabine back in episode 5, and that means that the focus now shifted on them and their journey to Peridea. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in episode 6 of ‘Ahsoka’ and how the episode ended.

The truth behind the stories

Episode 6 opened up with Ahsoka and Huyang still inside the mouth of the Purrgil as they were on their way to Peridea. They talked about how the Purrgil used to be the only stories that the Jedi Order allowed Huyang to tell the younglings in the Jedi Temple. Nevertheless, there was another truth to another story, as Ahsoka told Huyang that she never told Hera that Sabine willingly gave the starmap to Baylan Skoll. 

huyang ahsoka

While Ahsoka thought that Sabine was selfish in doing so, Huyang told her that this must have been the will of the Force for Sabine and that the Force could only provide insight but not answers to the Jedi. Seemingly accepting her Padawan’s decision, Ahsoka allowed Huyang to tell her one more story that he knew about the history of the Jedi as the scene shifted to Sabine inside the Eye of Sion.

While Sabine was imprisoned in a cell inside the massive hyperspace ring, Baylan arrived to check up on her while still deciding whether he would fulfill his deal of allowing Sabine to find Ezra. Baylan returned to the bridge to find Morgan Elsbeth questioning him about Sabine. But the scene was cut short when the Eye of Sion exited hyperspace and was now just outside of a strange planet called Peridea.

Peridea and the Nightsisters

As they approached Peridea, Elsbeth said that this was the ancient home of her people, the Dathomiri and that it was her people who first harnessed the ability of the Purrgil to travel from one galaxy to another. But Baylan was quick to interject by saying that the Purrgil only went to this planet so that they could die when they were already at the end of their lifespan. As they approached Peridea, the ring surrounding the planet were not made of asteroids but were actually Purrgil bones.


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On the planet, they met up with three Nightsisters called the Great Mothers, who were obviously the same people whom Elsbeth had been in contact with through their shared connection to the Nightsister Magick. The Great Mothers told them that Thrawn would be arriving shortly. However, they sensed that Sabine was a Jedi, so they imprisoned her for the time being.

Baylan’s goals

While they were still awaiting the arrival of Thrawn, Baylan and Shin had a moment as they were discussing the impending fulfillment of their goals. Baylan had yet to make his goals specific and concrete, but he did say that he realized that the entire history of the Jedi involved a never-ending cycle of periods of peace and periods of war. He knew that the destruction of the Jedi Order was inevitable because this was all part of a cycle that had been going on since the first days of the Jedi Order.

shin and baylan

As such, Baylan hinted that he only wanted to find Thrawn to obtain the power he needed to break this never-ending cycle. He wanted to return to the beginning so that the cycle would finally end and that there would no longer be a reason for people to suffer under this never-ending cycle of light and dark clashing with one another for thousands of years. Baylan seems to be hinting at something that’s related to the dawn of the Jedi or something close to it.

The return of Thrawn

Sabine, meanwhile, was trying to find a way to escape her imprisonment. She tried to use the Force, only for her to fail. But as the place trembled, it became clear that this was not her doing because the trembling marked the arrival of the Chimaera, which is Grand Admiral Thrawn’s personal flagship.

The arrival of the Chimaera signaled Thrawn’s return in his first live-action appearance. Captain Enoch ordered his men to assemble as Thrawn made his way through the crowd of Night Troopers to meet Morgan Elsbeth and her allies. The Grand Admiral wasted no time in telling Elsbeth that they were departing as soon as preparations were complete in three rotations. But while that may be true, the Great Mothers also told Thrawn that something unexpected happened.

thrawns forces

They were referring to Sabine Wren being with them as Baylan Skoll brought her along. Thrawn met Baylan for the first time but could recognize him as a Jedi General because Thrawn was familiar with his history lessons and the different Jedi who fought during the Clone Wars. Baylan told him that he brought Sabine along because he thought that she could be useful, to which Thrawn replied in the affirmative.

Thrawn met up with Sabine in what was a reunion between the two enemies who fought on opposite sides a decade ago. While he had every opportunity to kill her, Thrawn decided to allow Sabine to leave with her weapons, some provisions, and a Howler mount so that she could search the entire planet for Ezra. 

In that regard, Thrawn was fulfilling Baylan’s end of the deal but was only doing so because he knew that he could use Sabine to get to Ezra and end him once and for all. He asked Baylan and Shin to hunt them down. But Thrawn’s ultimate goal was to leave Peridea and return to the galaxy. He didn’t care whether or not Baylan and Shin would be successful in killing them or even returning in one piece, as he had no use for the former Jedi duo anymore.

Sabine’s search for Ezra

Sabine and her Howler scoured the plains for Ezra, using a device that marked his last known location. However, a few nomads attacked Sabine and forced her Howler to flee. Sabine was able to defend herself using her Mandalorian armor and lightsaber. Ultimately, she defeated the nomads and forced a few of them to flee the premises.


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As she continued her search, Sabine realized that her Howler had returned to her, as the creature was seemingly sorry for leaving her behind. While Sabine was determined to continue without her mount, she realized that this creature’s nose was useful as it could sniff something out. Eventually, they found a Noti, which was a snail-like creature that could hide in plain sight as a rock.

While the Noti feared Sabine’s Howler, the Mandalorian Jedi tried to calm the creature down. She told the Noti that she was not there to hurt him. Of course, the Noti spoke a different language and could not understand Sabine or ascertain whether or not she was a friend. But that changed when she saw the Rebel insignia of the Phoenix Squadron on Sabine’s pauldron, suggesting that he was familiar with this.

Sabine realized that the Noti had seen this before, and that was when she saw it was wearing an accessory with the same insignia. After mentioning Ezra’s name, Sabine saw that the Noti was excited as it called all of its other friends to discuss the matter. The Noti realized that Sabine was friendly, so they took her to their village.

sabine noti

Elsewhere, Baylan and Shin were tailing Sabine. Shin asked him whether or not he missed the Jedi Order, to which Baylan replied that he missed the idea of the Jedi but not the ideals and the things that they stood for. In that regard, it was clear that he was disillusioned by the Jedi’s failures as well, and it was obvious that he was looking to start anew by fulfilling his ultimate goal.

Sabine, meanwhile, was able to get to the Noti village. As she looked around, Sabine heard a familiar voice as Ezra Bridger stood behind her to jokingly tell her that she had taken her sweet time to get there. A happy Sabine jokingly replied that it took her a long time to find him because he never told them where he was going. Not too long after, the friends hugged it out in what was a sweet reunion between the rebels.

ezra and sabine

Ezra, of course, had a lot of questions regarding how Sabine got there. But Sabine was seemingly troubled because she knew that she had sacrificed the entire galaxy’s fate to get to Ezra. That was why she tried to dodge the opportunity to answer Ezra’s questions. And before catching up with one another, Ezra told the Noti to pack up as it was clear that they were about to move their camp somewhere else to evade Thrawn’s eyes.


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Thrawn prepares for Ahsoka

Back on the Chimaera, the Great Mothers arrived to tell Thrawn that the threads of fate had told them that there was a disturbance. They sensed that a Jedi was on their way to Peridea on one of the space whales. And Thrawn realized that this must’ve been Ahsoka Tano, who Elsbeth assured him was already dead.

Thrawn questioned Elsbeth regarding this as she told him that Baylan had assured her that Ahsoka was dead. The Grand Admiral now doubted Baylan’s allegiance as he was once a Jedi. Nevertheless, Thrawn told Elsbeth to begin preparations for Ahsoka’s arrival and ordered her to kill any Purrgil that would enter Peridea. She also ordered her to tell him everything there was to know about Ahsoka’s history and background. And before the episode ended, he told the Great Mothers he needed their Dark Magicks again.

In that regard, it was clear that Thrawn was back to his usual self of learning everything there was to know about his enemy so that he could prepare for them in the best way possible. Considering that he and Ahsoka never crossed paths in ‘Rebels,’ it was clear that he needed to know more about her and her history to find the perfect strategy to defeat her.

As far as the Dark Magicks are concerned, that’s something that we aren’t sure of yet. Thrawn may be looking to use the Nightsisters’ power to defeat Ahsoka or, at the very least, slow her down. And we know what the Nightsisters are capable of as their Magicks are strong enough to bring the dead back to life, as was the case for the undead Marrok.

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