‘Ahsoka’ Episode 7 Summary and Ending Explained: Thrawn’s Tactical Mind at Work


We are now in the penultimate episode of ‘Ahsoka’ as episode 7 is set to make things even more interesting in the upcoming final episode of this show. Of course, we know that Ahsoka Tano and Huyang were on their way to Peridea in the previous episode and that Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger finally reunited after around a decade since the Liberation of Lothal at the end of ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’

Of course, episode 7 followed up on the things that happened in episode 6 as Ahsoka was now in Peridea, all while Ezra and Sabine were still catching up with one another. But the looming presence has always been Grand Admiral Thrawn, who had a grander plan in motion about the Jedi, who he believed would be a thorn at his side. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in ‘Ahsoka’ episode 7 and how it ended.

More politicking in the Senate

The episode opened up with Hera Syndulla’s hearing in front of the Senate Oversight Committee on Coruscant. Of course, it goes without saying that her biggest enemy in the Senate was none other than Senator Hamato, who was the first to question the validity of Hera’s hunches about Thrawn’s return. And Xiono questioned everything that Hera introduced as evidence as nothing more than just fantasy.

Xiono went as far as questioning Captain Carson Teva’s discovery of Moff Gideon’s actions on Mandalore as nothing more than just an Imperial warlord working all on his own. A familiar face arrived just in time as Xiono was about to put the nail on Hera’s coffin.

C-3PO, human-cyborg relations, arrived to present compelling evidence that Senator Leia Organa, the leader of the Defense Council, sanctioned Hera Syndulla’s mission on Seatos. This allowed Hera to get off the hook while also silencing Xiono’s questions about the Imperial remnants and the possible return of Thrawn. And speaking of Thrawn, Hera personally told Chancellor Mon Mothma that they should prepare for the worst regarding Thrawn’s possible return to the galaxy.

Ahsoka’s preparation

Meanwhile, the scene shifted to Ahsoka as she was preparing on her ship while the Purrgil were still going to Peridea. Ahsoka was brushing up on her lightsaber combat forms while following the instructions of Anakin Skywalker’s hologram recording during the Clone Wars. After a few banters between Huyang and Ahsoka regarding the possibility of them ending up in an entirely different destination, they finally exited hyperspace.

But the problem was that trouble was waiting for them because there was a minefield that the Imperial remnants left behind at the exit point of Peridea. Thrawn had prepared for the arrival of Ahsoka Tano, and he made sure to make things difficult for her. Ahsoka navigated the ship out of the minefield as the Purrgil escaped into hyperspace for their own safety. But Thrawn’s forces pursued Ahsoka until she tried to lose them in the debris field around Peridea.


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Thrawn decided to withdraw the starfighters after learning that Ahsoka used to be Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice. He knew that Ahsoka could have the same unpredictable personality that Anakin once had, and that was why Thrawn decided to try to regroup so that he could control all of the variables in his favor while trying to deal with a Jedi who had the same penchant for risky and unpredictable tactics that Anakin once had.

Ezra and Sabine catch up

Elsewhere, Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren were traveling with the Noti’s moving village as they discussed what happened to the galaxy during Ezra’s absence. He was surprised to know that the Empire had been defeated and that Emperor Palpatine had been killed (so they say). They also talked about what the other members of the Spectres had been up to, including Zeb, who has been noticeably absent in the series. Of course, Ezra was shocked to learn that Sabine had been training under Ahsoka as her Padawan.

But while the two were catching up, Baylan Skoll arrived together with his apprentice and a band of mercenaries. Meanwhile, Thrawn used the Great Mothers’ power to pinpoint Ahsoka’s location while she was in the debris field outside of Peridea. 

As the Great Mothers were using their Magick to try to locate Ahsoka, the titular character used her connection with Sabine through the Force to determine her location. On the surface of Peridea, Sabine sensed how Ahsoka was trying to connect with her even though she thought her master had been killed on Seatos.

Once Ahsoka had pinpointed Sabine’s location, the Great Mothers also found out where she was. The Eye of Sion started firing at Ahsoka, who managed to escape so that she could get to Sabine’s location on the surface of the planet.

The mercenaries attack

While that was happening, the Noti observed that Baylan’s forces had arrived. Baylan decided to send Shin to kill Ezra and Sabine, only for the apprentice to question why he wouldn’t help her kill the duo. That was when Baylan told Shin that he had sensed her ambition and that she was looking to become part of the Empire in the known galaxy. Meanwhile, Baylan knew that he had another goal in mind and that Shin’s goals differed.


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Shin sent the mercenaries to attack the Noti caravan. It was up to Sabine and Ezra to protect everyone. Eventually, they needed to stop the caravan, as Ezra wasn’t willing to leave any of the Noti behind. He and Sabine went up against the mercenaries, and Sabine was surprised that Ezra wasn’t willing to use the lightsaber that he had given her years ago.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka’s ship tried its best to evade the starfighters Thrawn had sent after her. Out of desperation, she tried a maneuver that allowed her to jump off the ship without the need for her ship to land. This allowed Ahsoka to face Baylan Skoll while Huyang was trying to keep the starfighters occupied in the air.

Baylan and Ahsoka fought in a rematch that allowed us to see just how strong the fallen Jedi was. Ahsoka may have conceded that she couldn’t defeat Baylan, who was able to find a way to match her strikes with his own. But Huyang interfered with the battle to allow Ahsoka to escape so that she could help Sabine and Ezra. Baylan, meanwhile, left the battlefield to pursue an entirely different goal.

Shin arrived on the battlefield to take on Ezra, who used his Force-based martial arts to match his enemy’s attacks blow for blow, all while Sabine took care of the mercenaries. But Thrawn had ordered two gunships of troops to deploy and surround everyone on the field. Thrawn, however, realized that Baylan was missing as he thought that this was a factor that wasn’t in his favor.

Thrawn’s strategy succeeds

All of the troops arrived to surround Ezra and Sabine. In his usual comedic fashion, Ezra tried to downplay the situation by telling the Night Troopers that they could still talk things over. Shin wasn’t buying it; she ordered the troops to kill the duo.

Ahsoka arrived to mess things up for the Night Troopers as Shin and the Imperial remnants now had to deal with three well-trained Jedi. But Thrawn recalled all his troops back to his ship because he knew he would only waste resources in that fight. Baylan’s absence was something that he didn’t predict, and it proved to be the deciding factor for him to realize that he needed to withdraw his people instead of trying to kill his enemies.

Morgan Elsbeth questioned this decision, only for Thrawn to tell her that they had succeeded. On one side, he learned more about Ahsoka’s habits. Then, on the other hand, Thrawn was able to slow Ahsoka down well enough to deprive her of the one resource that she needed the most—time. As Thrawn’s forces were fighting Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine, the preparations for the Chimaera’s departure were almost complete as Thrawn believed that he won this round because he still had the advantage, which was his ability to exit this galaxy while leaving his enemies stranded on Peridea.


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Ezra wants to go home

Nevertheless, the trio of Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine didn’t even think about what Thrawn was playing at. Shin, who noticed that the troops had abandoned her on the field, realized that she was all alone. Ahsoka tried to convince her to surrender so that they could help her. However, a confused and distraught Shin fled the battlefield alone, realizing she had nowhere else to go. 

After that, the Noti finally realized they were safe and could now exit their homes. Ezra was happy to see that his friends were all safe but was just as happy to learn that Ahsoka was alive and that they could now reunite as old friends. Huyang and the ship also arrived safely.

Seeing that Ahsoka, Sabine, and Huyang were all there safe and sound, Ezra now believed that he could finally go home after about a decade of living on Peridea. Nevertheless, we still don’t know what the future has in store for us because Thrawn is still very much a threat. And as long as Baylan has yet to reveal his goals, none of her heroes, including Ezra, are safe.

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