50 Best Thanos Quotes From Comics & MCU


Very few antagonists are as iconic as Thanos, having a massive impact on the entire Marvel storyline both in comics and within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Although Thanos is often seen as a classic and powerful Marvel supervillain, he is an incredibly complex, multifaceted character, and he often shares some interesting perspectives with other characters and fans. Below are the best Thanos quotes of all time from Marvel Comics and the MCU.

Best Thanos quotes of all time

Thanos, also known as the Mad Titan, is seen as one of the best-written comic book villains in history – and for many good reasons. He has an incredibly rich and complicated background and has been given a ton of amazing character arcs as the Marvel storyline has progressed.


However, he is also infamous for making statements touching his perspectives, beliefs, and motives – many of which shed light on various sides of his personality. Major spoilers alert for any fan who hasn’t gotten through all of the Marvel titles featuring Thanos just yet, as we will be touching on the events and context surrounding each of these quotes.

50. “You were going to bed hungry, scrounging for scraps. Your planet was on the brink of collapse. I’m the one who stopped that. You know what’s happened since then? The children born have known nothing but full bellies and clear skies. It’s a paradise.”

This statement was made during a heartfelt moment between Gamora and Thanos, as he touches on the positive outcomes of his deeds. While his actions are merciless, he uses this as an example of how much good can come from it later down the line – capturing the essence of his beliefs and the logic that Thanos uses as a basis for his devious plans.


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Although this is set within the Marvel Universe, comic book writers often allude to many complex aspects that we may experience in the real world – in this case, the devastating impact of overpopulation, resource scarcity, and humanity’s modern culture. While this is not a source of justification for his tunnel-visioned plan and extreme actions, some of his views provide some food for thought.

49. “It speaks… and knows of me by Name. Should I be flattered?”

Thanos makes this statement with the release of Thanos Vol. 1 #12, showing how he views himself in comparison to others. He starts off by referring to the individual as “It”, after which he questions if he should feel good about being known.

48. “Many have opposed me: First and foremost the Kree champion Captain Mar-Vell. Long dead against his will while I yet live, against mine. There have always been those who would interfere with my goals. My choices. My dreams. Only one thing has ever remained true. My love and devotion to milady Death. And that thing has now been taken from me. I had accomplished my goals! I was at rest in emptiness and something woke me! I was at peace, and something brought me back to pain! … Again, insects, you ask what am I? What I am is angry. What I am is insane with rage. What I am is…THANOS!”

This quote stems from Thanos Imperative: Ignition Vol. 1 #1, and it covers numerous topics and sides of Thanos all in one. He touches on the challenges he has faced in pursuing his goals, all while reminding fans that his true motive has always been to impress Death in the process.


While it’s easy to overlook this aspect of his motives, especially considering how much he speaks about his cause being pure, this has been a major underlying influence throughout his character development. He has remained devoted to Death in just about everything he has done, and he snaps when this is threatened.

47. “Undying? You should choose your words more carefully.”

Loki’s death at the hands of Thanos hit fans really hard, especially considering that Loki is one of the most loveable antiheroes within the Marvel universe – as well as the fact that Loki died fighting alongside his brother, Thor, and other powerful Marvel heroes. When Loki attempts to trick the Mad Titan and fails, Thanos delivers this line before strangling him, demonstrating how quick-thinking and brutal he is.

46. “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

Thanos makes this statement in Avengers: Age of Ultron, after he realizes that Ultron has failed to complete the given mission. He is ready to tackle the task head-on, believing that only he can get things done as intended.

45. “You’re not the only one cursed with knowledge.”

Thanos makes this statement when Iron Man and Thanos first cross paths, stating that he already knew who Tony Stark was while touching on how he views his own purpose. While he seemed proud to have a shared sense of intelligence and thirst for knowledge, this quote also sheds light on his darker views of knowledge, revealing that he actually feels burdened by what he knows.


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Although Thanos is still responsible for everything he has done, the quote at least allows fans to understand the type of logic that he follows. Thanos truly believes that he cannot back away from his destiny, feeling that he cannot help but follow through with his plan based on the knowledge that he has acquired over time.

44. “All that for a drop of blood.”

While this quote may be short, it’s still seen as one of the most chilling statements within the Marvel world due to the context, and it was definitely one of the most memorable moments for Thanos on screen. He makes this remark after our favorite Marvel superheroes give their all in going up against him – only to find that Thanos has just a tiny scratch to show for it.

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It was the moment that Iron Man, Spider-Man, and other heroes realized just how powerful Thanos truly was. It became clear that the Avengers were completely out of their element and league when taking on the Mad Titan, creating a daunting and terrifying atmosphere with impossible odds.

43. “Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now it’s here. Or should I say, I am.”

Thanos makes this statement in Avengers: Infinity War as he stands over the fallen Asgardian soldiers, although he appears to show some compassion towards Thor and Loki. He empathizes with their sense of defeat while sharing insight into the dedication he has toward his cause.

42. “I killed them because I… because I had too much love in my heart, and no place to put it, no one to give it to.”

Fans occasionally get to see Thanos’ softer side, particularly in cases where he loses loved ones or is reminded of his early days. He makes this statement with the release of Thanos Rising Vol. 1 #2 while reflecting on why he killed certain people – claiming that he killed them out of love and had no other choice.

41. “The hardest choices require the strongest wills.”

Many fans consider this one of the best Marvel quotes of all time, being an inspirational piece of wisdom that can be a source of motivation – although it’s grim when coming from someone like Thanos. The context of his motives and decisions paints this quote in an entirely different light, making it far less empowering, but it’s still an amazing line nevertheless.


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Although this statement is based on Thanos’ plans, it’s also revealed that Thanos would have gone down a different path if he believed there was any other way to pursue his dream of ‘peace.’ Deep down, Thanos would have opted for another realistic solution if he could identify one rather than kill half of all life in the universe.

40. “I am a survivor.”

Thanos makes this statement in Avengers: Endgame, following on from the character arc fans had seen from Avengers: Infinity War. There were times when fans may have started empathizing with Thanos to an extent, particularly when he described what had occurred on his home planet, Titan – which was destroyed after they rejected his proposals.

thanos grimmace

It was an incredible moment of transparency for fans and other characters within the Marvel storyline as his underlying issues began to unfold. In truth, Thanos believed that his actions were justified by his cause – he wished to destroy life to create life and ultimately prolong the lifespan of each planet in the process.

39. “I’ve come home. Because I’m tired of running from who I am. From who I was born to be.”

Destiny is often brought up throughout Thanos’ character development as a whole, and he frequently speaks about being burdened with knowledge and purpose. He makes this statement with the release of Thanos Rising Vol. 1 #3, revealing that he returned to pursue his true destiny.

38. “You have my respect, Stark. When I’m done, half of humanity will be alive. I hope they remember you.”

Fans were heartbroken by the death of Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame, but Thanos pushed the knife even deeper with these dark yet oddly respectful and mournful words. Although fans had seen this series of events in Marvel Comics, it’s still an unforgettably tragic moment to see on-screen.

37. “Reality is often disappointing. Now, reality can be whatever I want.”

After Thanos traveled to Knowhere and took the Aether from The Collector, he solidified it into the Reality Stone and added it to the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos makes this statement to Gamora about his new abilities after acquiring the Reality Stone, now being able to bend reality as he pleases.

36. “Perfectly balanced as all things should be.”

Although Thanos’ methods are beyond questionable, he often reminds fans that his motives are pure – at least, from his own perspective. He makes this statement to Gamora before adopting her as his daughter, demonstrating his need for balance between life and death and his ability to overlook destruction and chaos.

35. “I hold the galaxy in my palm — ready to crush it like an eggshell! All who oppose me must die — and the first of these are the Earthian superheroes! Destroy them — with all dispatch!”

Although Thanos may have shown compassion, empathy, and a softer side on several occasions, there’s no denying that his pursuit of ‘peace’ corrupted his views and motives over time. He makes this statement with the release of Marvel Feature Vol. 1 #12, showing that he becomes engrossed by how much power he has, now losing sight of why he began this journey to begin with.

34. “You’ve gone too far, Mar-Vell! Bringing in the Avengers could slow my plans!”

While Thanos is eager to remind other Marvel characters and fans of how powerful he is, there’s no denying that he’s well aware of how tough the Avengers are as well. he makes this statement with the release of Captain Marvel Vol. 1 #31, showing that he would still rather avoid going up against the Avengers, as he knows that they can (and will) cause a ton of trouble for him in the long run.


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33. “My mistress, Death, likes a constant and steady harvest. The balance must be maintained. That is why I have returned.”

Considering how much Thanos speaks about the positive side of his deeds, it’s easy to forget that his obsession with Death constantly influences throughout the entire process. He makes this statement with the release of Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #35, implying that while he has personal motives for what he does, he is extremely focused on trying to impress Death.

32. “A small price to pay for salvation.”

During an interesting conversation between Thanos and Gamora, he shares insight into their complex relationship and dynamic. He tries to convince Gamora that death, damage, and chaos are the sacrifices needed to create a better world – all while painting himself as the universe’s savior.

31. “You should have gone for the head.”

Thanos makes this statement in Avengers: Infinity War, after fans believe that the Avengers have successfully defeated him. After Thor delivers a theoretically fatal blow to Thanos’ chest using his new weapon Stormbreaker, Thanos returns while dropping this line – all while confirming the tragic fate of Wakanda in the process.

30. “I ignored my destiny once. I cannot do that again… Even for you.”

Although it’s clear that Thanos shows no mercy, the MCU still manages to show his sympathetic side on a few occasions. He makes this statement to Gamora before sacrificing her to acquire the Soul Stone, showing fans and other Marvel figures that Thanos truly did love Gamora in his own twisted way.

29. “As long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be. They will resist.”

It’s easy to see why Thanos’ plan was always destined to fail, but Thanos still believed that those who remained on earth would improve and appreciate what they had more than before. However, since humans are unique in many ways, humanity could not move forward due to the sheer sense of loss, grief, and trauma that they experienced at the hands of Thanos.

28. “I will shred this universe down to its last atom and then, with the Stones you’ve collected for me, create a new one teeming with life that knows not what it has lost, but only what it has been given. A grateful universe.”

After Thanos learns that humans did not respond as he anticipated, he starts planning the complete destruction of Earth. It provided further insight into his tyrannical logic and beliefs, with Thanos believing he would become the destroyer of the planet to become the creator of a new world.

27. “You’re strong, but I could snap my fingers and you’d all cease to exist.”

This quote stems from Avengers: Infinity War, and it really captures the massive power gap between Thanos and the Avengers as a whole. He takes a moment to highlight that they are indeed powerful, capable, and strong, after which he quickly reminds them that their strength doesn’t really matter in the presence of his abilities.

26. “Everything…”

One of the most gripping and revealing lines Thanos is ever given is actually this one-worded answer, which he provides in Avengers: Infinity War after a vision of Gamora asks Thanos what it cost him to get what he wanted. The storyline between Thanos and Gamora is one of the most complex within the Marvel universe, and this response following Gamora’s death shows that Thanos can be vulnerable when it comes to those he cares for.

25. “In all my years of conquest, violence, slaughter, it was never personal. But I’ll tell you now, what I’m about to do to your stubborn, annoying little planet, I’m gonna enjoy it. Very, very much.”

Thanos was portrayed as a figure who was set on wiping out only half of the universe throughout Avengers: Infinity War, frequently speaking about the weight of his destiny, the potential benefits of his plan, and the need for balance on each planet. However, this would change after encountering various issues and backlash from heroes on Earth, and he began showing a more sadistic, villainous side by revealing that their destruction would be enjoyable for him.

24. “Your fate will lay heavily on my heart, though by all rights it shouldn’t. I did not force you to fight me. I gave you the chance to surrender the Gem. You forced me into doing what I did. I had to be faithful to my nature. For, after all, I am Thanos.”

In the earlier stage of Thanos’ plans, he shows empathy and compassion for a few of his victims, He makes this statement in Thanos Quest Vol. 1 #1, all while claiming that he should not feel bad for what he’s doing – going onto blame victims for the fate that awaits them while acting like he had no choice.


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23. “Elders are not the only ones capable of cheating.”

Thanos may be a great fighter, but he is known for viewing himself as a god after acquiring more power. He makes this statement with the release of Thanos Quest Vol. 1 #2 in reference to his views on going against the rules.

22. “I know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail nonetheless.”

Thanos makes this statement in Avengers: Infinity War – although it’s made in reference to Marvel superheroes, it’s proven to be one of his most relatable quotes to date. It reiterates a side of Thanos that’s seen in other titles, such as The Death of Captain Marvel or Thanos Rising, all while confirming that Thanos genuinely believes what he’s doing is right.

21. “For I am transformed! I have left the mortal plane behind me! In truth, I have risen above the mantle of godhood! Even celestial status is now below me! The Infinity Gems have given me the power of Supreme Being!”

After Thanos acquires the power of the Infinity Gems, he has a clear shift in character when compared to the personality he exhibited during his search. He goes completely power crazy, viewing himself as someone who is beyond god-like, as seen with this quote from Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #44.

20. “Did you truly believe I could be so easily duped, demon?”

One of the most standout traits of Thanos as a character is how wise, cunning, and intelligent he is – something he has shown other Marvel figures and fans on many occasions. He makes this statement in Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #45, reminding others that it’s nearly impossible to fool him with classic strategies and tricks – in most cases, Thanos sees things coming far in advance.

19. “I thought that by eliminating half of life, the other half would thrive. But, you have shown me… that’s impossible.”

After Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half of the universe, he retreated to the peaceful paradise he had created. However, the Avengers tracked him down with the help of Nebula, after which Thanos realized that while his plan had worked on many planets in the past, it did not have the same effect on humans – who were crippled with loss, resistant to change, and were unable to thrive as a result.

18. “I imagine it’s like breathing for you.”

Thanos makes this statement to The Collector after he attempts to trick the Mad Titan out of the Reality Stone. The Collector claims to have sold the stone, after which Thanos states that he is lying.


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Of course, The Collector would deny this accusation by asking why he would lie to Thanos, after which Thanos responds with the quote above. It’s then revealed that The Collector actually did have the stone all along, showing that Thanos is wise, cunning, and can judge one’s character very easily.

17. Destiny waits for no man. Not even one who shall bring the universe to its knees.”

One of the most prominent themes that Thanos’ character is based on concerns the concept of fate, destiny, and purpose, which he speaks about quite often – whether with his own allies or with his opponents. He makes this statement in Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #49, highlighting that even the most powerful figures still need to pursue their fate by the same laws as everyone else.

16. “What care I for the fate of three souls… when the entire universe is mine to control?!”

This quote from Cloak and Dagger Vol. 3 #18 shares insight into the shift that occurred after Thanos gained his godly powers. He may have started off with questionable motives, but he becomes more of a tyrant obsessed with controlling the universe instead of ‘saving’ it, as he initially claimed.

15. “I, alone, have looked into the darkened corners of your soul… and know you for what you truly are.”

While Thanos makes some relatively wise statements on many occasions, many of his later quotes focus more on his own abilities and status. He makes this statement in Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #50, referencing his ability to judge one’s character with surprising accuracy.

14. “Fools taking up arms against omnipotence. They rush head-on into Armageddon. So I shall provide them with a most glorious doomsday! The heavens will run red with blood. But in the end, as always, Thanos will stand triumphant.”

This quote from Infinity Gauntlet Vol. 1 #3 shows fans how Thanos truly views himself. He genuinely believes that he is an untouchable, unstoppable god who does not need to show even a sense of humility for any reason.

While there’s no denying that Thanos is extremely powerful, it’s also clear that he has lost touch with the reason he began this journey. Instead, he becomes obsessed with power and control, losing sight of the arguably ‘positive’ intentions he had in the very beginning.

13. “All work and no fair play. Words to live by.”

Although Thanos is solemn, calm, and cold for the most part, he has occasional moments of comedy – most of which revolve around sarcasm and satire. He makes this statement in Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #59 in reference to his views on life, reiterating that he believes all of his violent deeds are a part of his designated job as opposed to something he does by choice.

12. “Behind each door waits further myriad treasures. The bounty is as diverse as the stars within the heavens. But the gilded goal I seek is the most precious of all. Further enlightenment.”

While Thanos spent most of his time searching for the Infinity Gems and pursuing his dream of ‘peace’ across all universes, one of his most renowned traits has always been his thirst for knowledge. Even though he has also referred to knowledge as a curse or burden, he still continues in the hopes of becoming more enlightened.


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He makes this statement in Warlock and the Infinity Watch Vol. 1 #10, touching on how much he values the process of learning and gaining more knowledge with time. While the quote is beautiful and relatable for anyone who enjoys the journey of further enlightenment, it’s nonetheless dark and grim considering the context within the Marvel universe and how Thanos chooses to use this knowledge.

11. “Then let the gleam be fanned to a roaring flame! Let the battle begin!”

Thanos makes this dramatic and bloodthirsty statement in Infinity Gauntlet Vol. 1 #4. Although Thanos often claims his motives are based on peace and purity, this quote clearly shows how much he enjoys violence, destruction, and bloodshed deep down.

10. “You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.”

Many fans feel this is one of Thanos’ most iconic quotes, alluding to the power disparity between Thanos and the Avengers. This line led to the third MCU phase’s climax and revealed that Thanos believed he could defeat the Avengers multiple times if necessary.

9. “I am Thanos. And you… are nothing. I could kill you in an instant… but you have provided me with a moment of amusement and defeated an irritant… so you may leave to enjoy whatever pitiful lifespan still awaits you.”

Despite the fact that Thanos does have the ability to wipe out life and bend reality at his will, there’s no denying that Thanos boasts an ego that’s hard to match. He makes this statement in Infinity Countdown: Champions Vol. 1 #2, again reminding fans and other Marvel characters that he can decide their fate, although this proves to be a rare occasion where he chooses to spare a life.

8. “Concerned? No, only curious. After the Silver Surfer has served his purpose… Thanos of Titan could not care less whether he lives or dies.”

This quote from Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #84 is a stark reminder that Thanos does not usually develop relationships with those he spends time with, even those who work with or for him. Instead, he sees his followers as tools that have limited use – any amount of care or concern that he shows is due to his own needs, and he does not care what happens to his allies once they have served their purpose.

7. “I did not ask for your trust. I demand only your obedience.”

Many fans are aware of how dominating and authoritative Thanos is as a whole, especially after learning about the type of childhood that Gamora and Nebula had under his care. He reminds fans of this fact with this quote from Secret Defenders Vol. 1 #12, showing that he does not care about more emotionally driven aspects such as love, loyalty, or trust – instead, the only thing he values is mindless obedience.


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6. “There are many actors in this grand drama, and I, Thanos, appear to be the only participant with a full grasp on the situation.”

It’s well-known that Thanos views himself as a god of sorts, and this complex is captured well within this quote from Infinity Crusade Vol. 1 #4. While it’s true that Thanos does have a more comprehensive understanding of life, death, and the universe as a whole when compared to many others, this quote also captures how arrogant he is – and, in truth, he does not actually understand universal complexities as well as he believes.

5. “I am Thanos of Titan. I have conquered worlds. I have bent reality around my will. Men cower at the mere mention of my name. And now… now you have imprisoned me… mocked me… disrespected me. And here you stand, ready to take advantage of my condition. Ready to finish me. Well, if I am to fall, I will die showing you all that Thanos will not be disrespected. Thanos is still a conqueror. Thanos is still a warrior. Thanos is still a god. And you will either bow or be broken!”

Many moments of failure have shaped Thanos into the character he would become, although he would show far more compassion and emotion in the beginning stages of his career as a villain. He makes this statement in Thanos Vol. 2 #6, now showing that he would rather spend his last moments defending his title and ego.

4. “The seemingly all-powerful Goddess has recruited to her service some of Earth’s most powerful and noble heroes. Though misguided, they fight for a cause they absolutely believe in. On the other hand, your comrades have Thanos of Titan as an ally. Admittedly a dubious honor, but also a definitive advantage.”

Thanos makes this statement with the release of Infinity Crusade Vol. 1 #5, shedding light on how he views the Avengers in comparison to himself. In a rare moment of transparency, he admits that Marvel superheroes are noble and worthy of respect simply due to the fact that they fight for what they believe in, and they fight with everything they have.


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Out of all the amazing traits that Marvel heroes flaunt, this is by far one of the most relatable for someone like Thanos, who is never willing to back down on his beliefs and ideals. However, he quickly downplays their abilities by painting them in a misguided and foolish light, after which he markets himself as far more of a threat and advantage when compared to others.

3. “I, Thanos, gaze upon the cold vastness of space and muse upon my life. Both, I find, are empty.”

Although Thanos is generally cold, callous, and indifferent toward just about everything, he occasionally grants insight into his true emotional and mental state. This grim and gloomy quote from Cosmic Powers Vol. 1 #1 is undeniably beautiful, albeit in a dark way, but it truly captures what Thanos experiences underneath his power-driven exterior.

2. “Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe. But this…does put a smile on my face.”

Although Thanos only makes this statement in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, it really sheds light on how sinister he becomes over time. He may have started off showing a sense of guilt and sorrow for the tragic events he caused, while constantly wanting to impress Death, but he would later begin enjoying the entire process.

1. “I am… inevitable.”

Many fans view this quote as Thanos’ catchphrase, being one of the most memorable lines associated with the character. It sums up Thanos in a nutshell, reminding Marvel heroes and fans that he will always return.

thanos infinity war

Those are the best Thanos quotes from Marvel Comics and the MCU. While the Mad Titan is well-known for having some complex worldviews and motives and being incredibly powerful, he has given fans tons of iconic, thought-provoking, and memorable lines over the years.

What’s your favorite Thanos quote of all time? Let us know in the comments below!

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