How Fast Is Thanos? Compared to Other Fast Superheroes

How Fast Is Thanos Compared To Other Fast Superheroes

Thanos is one of the most iconic villains in the Marvel Universe, and coincidentally he is also among the most powerful. Thanos is an Eternal with Deviant Syndrome, which provides him with an enhanced body compared to the rest of his race. He is stronger and more durable. His physique is more brutish than we’re used to seeing in Eternals. Due to pretty much every Thanos’ physical aspect being superior, we decided to focus more on his speed. Thanos can fly, teleport, open portals, and utilize various technologies to reach his destination pretty much anywhere in the universe, but today we’re going to analyze his movement speed and compare him with some of the fastest superheroes in Marvel Comics. Let’s see how fast Thanos is.

Thanos is superhumanly fast and can move at speeds up to 700 miles per hour. Even though he is far from being the fastest character in Marvel Comics, he manages fine both when it comes to running and flying and combat speed. Even though Thanos’ speed seems limited, in several instances, he proved that he could enhance it and even potentially reach the speed of light if necessary.

Now that we’ve covered how fast Thanos is, it’s time to explore why. We’re also going to compare Thanos with some fast superheroes, so if you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Thanos has superhuman speed like the rest of the Eternals

If one thing Thanos is most recognizable for, it’s his brutish and large physique. He resembles a massive brawler, and quite frankly, he is, but this is the most powerful aspect of his character. It’s actually his intelligence. But if his wits don’t secure him a win, the rest of his abilities will.

Thanos has unlimited strength technically and vast energy-manipulation powers. He is also deadly in combat, primarily due to his combat speeds. Thanos being primarily Eternal means that his physiology allows him to move at mind-blowing speeds, with incredible agility despite his mass. He can also react, and deal blows much faster than even the finest human athletes and superheroes.

It’s estimated that Thanos, without considering his other options, can move at speeds that can reach up to 700 miles per hour. He can also teleport and open various portals, which opens up the possibility of instantaneous travel for him.

In combat, Thanos was fast enough to dodge some of the most impressive fighters, he was able to grab a charging Ironheart mid-flight, he was fast enough to blast Captain Marvel with his powers point-blank, and in some instances, he was shown flying in space at the speed of light.

The rate at which Thanos is able to process information certainly helps out a lot, both when it comes to movement and when it comes to combat.


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Thanos’ special physiology protects him from all the negative effects that mind-blowing speeds and interstellar travel might have on his body. Now that we’ve covered Thanos’ speed, it’s time to compare him to some fast Superheroes.

Is Thanos faster than Hulk?

hulk jump 1000 miles

This comparison is interesting because Hulk, like Thanos, was never perceived to be fast like he really is due to his bulky physique. The reality is often disappointing, however, and Hulk doesn’t have a limit to his speed because the angrier he gets, the faster he becomes.

Hulk is notable for his leaps, but he is also pretty fast while running as well. It’s all due to his powerful muscles. Hulk’s estimated to move at speeds between 300 and 700 miles per hour. He is also deadly in combat, using his savage reaction times and reflexes. Hulk often avoids running due to the fact that the ground may crumble beneath his feet. But yes, in theory, Hulk is way faster than Thanos simply because his speed potential is uncapped.

How fast is Thanos compared to Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel flies arround the world

This comparison gained popularity because of the MCU, as Captain Marvel was introduced as one of the superheroes that might pose a serious threat to the Mad Titan. In the comics, Captain Marvel is way faster than Thanos. Carol Danvers can move at ultrasonic speeds reaching up to 17 000 miles per hour. This is, of course, while flying, but in combat, it’s much the same story.

It’s difficult to calculate how fast she moves while she lands blows, but we do know that her speeds and reflexes are vastly faster than even most other superhumans. She often resembles a bluer while moving.

Is Thanos faster than Thor?

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Thor, the God of Thunder, often relies on Mjolnir when traveling through space because, with the help of his hammer, he can reach mindblowing speeds and move as fast as 87,738,945 miles per hour. Thor, while running, can reach as much as 224,000 miles per hour.

It’s enough to say that Thor is much faster than Thanos. And if you think that Thor is a slacker when it comes to combat speeds, guess again. Due to his Asgardian physiology, Thor has near-instantaneous reflexes and reaction times and often moves fast enough to be rendered invisible by his opponents. He is often placed in the same tiers as Silver Surfer, who is among the fastest characters in Marvel Comics.


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Who is faster, Thanos or Adam Warlock?

adam warlock powers abilities strength and more

Adam Warlock is one of the rare characters that managed to defeat Thanos in the comics, and while he had Infinity Gauntlet at that. However, we have to disappoint you that it was not due to Warlock’s speed.

Warlock was created to be a perfect representation of humans and, as such, has pretty much all aspects enhanced when compared to humans. Warlock can move at speeds up 770 miles per hour. His speed is superhuman but nothing more. When he is flying in space, Warlock can naturally fly at the speed of light and is also capable of teleporting and opening portals. As you can see, Warlock and Thanos are pretty much evenly matched when it comes to speed.

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