Blue Beetle vs. Superman: Who Would Win in a Fight?


Only a few characters in the DC universe are as iconic and powerful as Superman, but what happens when we pit the Man of Steel against one hero that relies on alien technology? Blue Beetle doesn’t have any special powers and abilities, except for his high-tech armor that allows him to tackle even the most powerful villains in the DC universe. In a hypothetical scenario, if it ever comes to a battle between Superman and Blue Beetle, who would in a fight? 

Superman is stronger than Blue Beetle and would win a fight against him. Superman is far stronger, more durable, and has abilities potent enough to ensure the imminent destruction of Blue Beetle’s suit. Besides, Superman went up against characters far more powerful than Blue Beetle and lived to tell the tale. He likewise has more experience fighting, while Blue Beetle still sometimes struggles when it comes to controlling his suit. 

Now that we’ve covered that Superman would have issues handling Blue Beetle in a fight, it’s time to analyze why and see how Superman’s Kryptonian physiology measures up against Blue Beetle’s alien technology. 

Powers and abilities

Superman’s Kryptonian physiology allows him to absorb and utilize solar energy. This gives him powers and abilities beyond the scope of your average superhero. With his powerful hands, he can generate shockwaves with great destructive capacity.

Superman can likewise control his molecular structure, allowing for vortex creation and time travel. When it comes to offensive abilities, Superman is most famously known for generating heat beams from his eyes and speaking of his eyes. He has access to several types of vision, allowing him insight into the world unseen by average human eyes. Superman can generate freeze waves with his breath for offensive and defensive purposes. 

Blue Beetle doesn’t have any powers or abilities; instead, he relies on his alien Scarab, which is bound to his central nervous system. Jaime Reyes serves as the Scarab’s host and is the current carrier of the Blue Beetle mantle. This suit is highly advanced and semi-autonomous in nature, which means that it can sometimes make the decision in self-preservation and protect Jaime’s life whether Jaime is aware of the danger. 

Through the suit, Blue Beetle has powerful technomorphic abilities. He can transform pieces of his armor into any weapon that he desires. He can convert environmental energy into powerful pulses, shields, beams, and other offensive projectile-based powers. Blue Beetle can launch nuclear weapons and mind-melting neural scramblers to incapacitate his enemies either permanently or for a short time. 

In terms of offensive abilities, both Superman and Blue Beetle have some series potential, and due to that, the point goes to both. 

Points: Superman (1:1) Blue Beetle


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Strength and Stamina 

The exact limits to Superman’s strength are not known. He can lift up to 2 billion tons. This is a mind-boggling strength afforded to him by the yellow solar radiation and his effective use of it. In terms of stamina, as long as Superman has access to solar energy, he can fight at peak capacity. He likewise doesn’t requires oxygen or food. 

Blue Beetle can lift up to 20 tons which is impressive but nowhere near Superman’s level. Likewise, because the suit does all the work, he can fight for a long time until the energy source runs out. 

In terms of stamina and strength, Blue Beetle seems to be on the losing side. He is strong but nowhere near the levels of the Man of Steel

Points: Superman (2:1) Blue Beetle


Superman can move at speeds as fast as 186,000 miles per second and possibly even beyond that. While he’s running, Superman can slow time around him. His incredible speed translates well in terms of combat, and he has supremely fast reflexes and reactions time that far surpass the limits of an average human.

He can fly, and he can likewise access teleportation through Kryptonian technology, although with speeds like that, he barely needs it. Sometimes, Superman is depicted reaching speeds that far surpass the speed of light. 

Blue Beetle can reach speeds faster than light when wearing the suit. Likewise, the suit is famous for its ability to create a time-dilaton effect for the wearer so he can appear at several places at the same time. The suit automatically reacts fast enough to dodge various projectile-based weapons, energy attacks, and regular punches. 

All things taken into account, Blue Beetle seems to be the faster among the two, but because of the instances where Superman was shown to achieve similar effects, like traveling from one distant corner of the universe to another in a matter of seconds, the point goes to both of them. 

Points: Superman (3:2) Blue Beetle


Superman’s ability to absorb solar radiation is due to his Kryptonian physiology, and this physiology allows him to be virtually indestructible. He is known to tank attacks that are capable of destroying planets. He can probably tank a black hole crashing around him. Even though Superman does have weaknesses, the fact that his skin is harder than the hardest material known to mankind is enough to conclude that Superman is difficult to kill. 

Blue Beetle’s suit absorbs incredible amounts of energy. It can create force fields around him and has enough juice to absorb the damage dealt by a nuclear bomb. While in the suit, likewise, the wearer is protected from the negative effects of even the most inhospitable environments known to mankind. He regularly takes trips into outer space with little to no preparation necessary. The suit does everything in its power to protect the wearer. 

Even though Blue Beetle’s suit is made out of alien material that is capable of resisting massive amounts of damage, Superman is still more durable between the two of them.  

Points: Superman (4:2) Blue Beetle


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Superman has senses that are highly advanced, and his mind alone works at speeds incomprehensible to an average human being. He possesses incredible intellect and vast strategic abilities. But this aspect of his character, his super intelligence, is often overlooked because commonly, it is believed that Batman is the brain in the Justice League while Superman is the brawn. 

Like any advanced suit in the comics, Blue Beetle’s suit comes with artificial intelligence “installed.” This AI reacts to dangers and analyzes surroundings and dangers far faster than any mind could. Through the suit, Blue Beetle can, in large part, interact with other forms of technology. This makes hacking, interrupting radars, robots, levitation, teleportation, and other disruptions possible. 

Because Blue Beetle’s suit utilizes intelligence better, the point goes to him. 

Points: Superman (4:3) Blue Beetle

Combat Skills 

Superman has received extensive training in various forms of combat, including boxing, Jujitsu, Krav-Maga, wrestling, stick-fighting, and swordsmanship, making him an excellent hand-to-hand fighter. Even though he is not considered to be among the best fighters or martial artists in the DC, he is still, due to his biological advantages, hard to defeat. 

Blue Beetle does not have formal training and mostly relies on his suit to make all the decisions for him. He has trouble controlling the suit, and he doesn’t have as much experience in combat as Superman does, and this is what makes Superman the superior combatant. 

Points: Superman (5:3) Blue Beetle


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Superman vs. Blue Beetle: Who wins? 

Superman is stronger and capable of defeating Blue Beetle in combat. When we put the numbers together, the differences don’t seem to be that major between them, but in reality and based on feats, Blue Beetle would likely lose even from the enemies far weaker than Superman. In reality, Superman is far faster, stronger, and more durable than Blue Beetle’s suit and has vast extensive knowledge of what he is going up against and access to some pretty powerful technology as well. All in all, Blue Beetle doesn’t stand a chance against Superman. 

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