Here’s What Makes Captain Marvel So Strong

Heres What Makes Captain Marvel So Strong

The latest incarnation of Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, rose to huge popularity due to her incredible powers and her inclusion in the MCU. She quickly rose from relative obscurity to the top of the most “strongest” lists, and over the course of the character’s existence, she displayed some incredible feats. We know that Captain Marvel is super strong, super fast, durable, and has enough juice for some serious energy manipulation, but what most recent fans are wondering is why? What makes Captain Marvel so powerful?

Captain Marvel is strong due to her hybrid Kree-Human physiology. Carol Danvers was never an ordinary human, but her powers manifested after she was exposed to the Psyche-Magnitron explosion, which unlocked her latent Kree genetic makeup and caused her powers to manifest. Additionally, Danvers was also experimented upon by the Brood, which caused her powers to rise in potency, unlocking some new ones along the way. 

Now that we’ve covered the most important question, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. Captain Marvel was empowered on several occasions, which caused her to attain a true powerhouse status. If you want to know more about the various ways she got her powers, stay with us and keep reading!

Carol Danvers inherited her Kree genetics from her mother

Before she became Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers was a regular human, or at least she thought she was a regular human. You see, Carol’s mother was not who she thought she was. Mari-Ell was actually a Kree operative sent to Earth with the task of assimilating with humans and conceiving a hybrid child. 

And in one way, she did her task as she procreated with Joe Danvers Sr., a U.S. Navy officer, and a construction worker. As soon as Carol was born, her mother abandoned her Kree mission and cut all contact with the race of warlords. Although Carol was raised as an ordinary human, some remnants of her Kree heritage were present in her life. For starters, she was named Car-Ell, which roughly translates to “champion” in the Kree language. 

Carol’s father was also ever paranoid because he was aware of what both his wife and daughter were, and this paranoia led him to drink excessively and eventually turn abusive toward his family.

Captain Marvel Abuse

Carol wanted to become an astronaut or a pilot, but sadly her father never supported her ambitious dreams since he believed that, as a woman, she was inferior and instead decided to invest what little money he had into the future of her brothers.

Carlo eventually decided to escape the abuse and disrespect and joined Air Force on her own, eventually even attaining a college degree. She managed to distinguish herself as a talented pilot and would go on to lead an accomplished but highly scandalous career. 


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How did Captain Marvel get her powers?

One of the characters most responsible for Captain Marvel getting her powers is the former Captain Marvel himself, Mar-Vell

Danvers worked with Mar-Vell on several assignments, and she quickly became fascinated by his world and his dual life, and this, in turn, led her to fall for him, and the two were romantically involved for some time before Danvers became a target of his enemies, primarily Yon-Rogg

Captain Marvel and Mar Vell

Mar-Vell’s past and his association with the Kree eventually led him to the path that most humanity recognized as betrayal, and even Danvers partially considered him a traitor after his double life was exposed. She was one of the people responsible for placing an arrest warrant on him. 

Still, her obsession with Mar-Vell led her to the path of ruin as Yon-Rogg eventually captured her in his efforts to finally deal some modicum of vengeance to Mar-Vell.  

Danvers was brought to an old outpost where Psyche-Magnitron machine was activated, a powerful piece of machinery capable of synthesizing Kree technology. Mar-Vell, at that moment, empowered by Nega-Bands, showed up to save Danvers once again, and even though he saved her life, he couldn’t stop the fateful detonation of Psyche-Magnitron which activated Danvers’ latent Kree powers. 

Captain Marvel getting powers

So, Captain Marvel got her powers when she was pushed into the Psyche-Magnitron, which caused it to detonate. Mix this with Mar-Vell’s Nega-Bands, Danvers’ latent Kree physiology manifested, and from that day onward, she started transforming into a Kree warrior, one of the most powerful of her kind. 

After all incidents regarding Mar-Vell, Danvers’ career suffered quite a lot, and sometime after, she assumed the identity of Ms. Marvel. 

Captain Marvel’s cosmic powers came from the Brood

Initially, Captain Marvel had only vastly enhanced physiology as the result of her Kree heritage, but that was about to change when she came across The Brood. The Brood are a spacefaring insectoid species that seek hosts to infest with their spawn, representing a specialized race adapted for reproduction and consumption of resources. 

This also makes them quite skilled “scientists,” and they have long been fascinated by Danvers, who was neither human nor Kree but manifested genetics superior to both races. 

The Brood heavily experimented upon Danvers. She managed to hold against this torture with grace and her mental fortitude. But, the resulting experiments transformed Danvers into something else, a nearly cosmic being of great powers. 

Captain Marvel at the hands of Brood

Captain Marvel recognized that she had attained a new form, a Binary form, as she got merged with some of the most fundamental forces of the universe. She gained the power levels of a star and vast energy-manipulation powers that are not limited to cosmic energy alone.  

Carol Danvers Binary form

Danvers was eventually saved by Wolverine, and due to her new powers, she decided that Earth was too confining and gave herself to spacefaring. 


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